Bryce Menzies Sets World Record

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Who is Bryce Menzies?

At 27 years old, Bryce Menzies has quickly risen to elite status in off road truck racing as one of the most seasoned and accomplished champions in the sport.

2011 was the first year of many championships to come for Menzies Motorsports when Bryce won the TORC Pro2 class as well as his first SCORE Baja 500 Championship. In 2012 Bryce accomplished a feat never done before when he defended his TORC Pro2 Championship after dominating most of the 2012 season. Jumping back into his Trophy Truck, Bryce ran the number 1 plate during the SCORE Baja 500 and 1000 while also debuting as a Rally Cross driver for Travis Pastrana’s rally cross program in the Global Rally Cross series at X Games Los Angeles.

The 2013 season was just as busy for Bryce Menzies. He campaigned a full desert racing program in his Trophy Truck, successfully defended his Pro2 title in the TORC series, and raced an almost full season in Global Rally Cross for Travis Pastrana’s GRC team which saw him criss-crossing the globe competing in all the Global X Games events and earning his reputation as a versatile driver of anything on four wheels.

Having not raced in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series since 2010, 2014 saw a return to the LOORRS for the Menzies Motorsports team. Despite multiple race wins, some early season mechanical gremlins with a new truck cost them the championship. They found more success in the desert by way of another Baja 500 victory, making it three Baja 500 wins in 4 years, a feat that hadn’t been achieved in over 20 years.

For the 2015 season, Bryce made his return to the LOORRS series not only in the Pro2 Championship, but he also made his debut in the Pro4 class, piloting the all new Menzies Motorsports Pro4 truck. Clocking in a stellar year in both classes, Bryce finished out the Pro2 series with eight wins, the most out of any other driver in the class, two 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish for a close 2nd place in championship points.

Playing double-duty, Bryce was a podium contender each weekend and closed out his 1st season in the Pro4 class with one win, six 2nd place finishes, and three 3rd place finishes for a final 3rd overall in championship points. Never satisfied with anything except the best, Bryce looks to put his Menzies Motorsports team on the top step in 2016 and is now the 2016 Red Bull Frozen Rush Champion.

FordPass: A Day With Park And Pay | Innovation | Ford

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Stop circling the block. Find, reserve and pay for your parking before you even leave. Parking marked with a white flag is even reservable and you can pay for it right from the app.

The app is called FordPass, and after a quick registration of your email and address, you’ll be presented with a map screen not unlike what you find in Apple or Google map programs. Provided that you’ve allowed it to use your location, it will automatically show the area where you are and look for parking garages. Those garages will be displayed on the map, and perhaps most helpfully, each garage shows its price as well. Considering how expensive garages can be, being able to compare prices at a glance without driving in circles is wonderful. Plus, once you’ve found a place to park, the app will give you an option to get directions and it will automatically load the address into your preferred map app to guide you there.

In general, the app works quite well, though it isn’t completely perfect. It seems that you can only pay for reserved parking through the app, meaning you’ll still have to pay at the parking gate for normal garages. The app only shows parking in 160 cities so far, but more areas could be added in time. The app also only shows garage parking, and, though this may be a nitpick, doesn’t seem to show available street parking. Google developed a program that would show open street parking, but it was dependent on people submitting that information to the app for others to use. It would be fantastic to see a similar feature in a later iteration of FordPass.

Even with these very minor quibbles, the app is still very helpful for either the big city dweller or visitor for finding parking and avoiding high prices. So for that ability alone, it’s definitely worth the low, low price of nothing.

FordPass offers additional features for people dealing with a short supply of parking and want to claim a space ahead of time. Provided there are garages nearby that support the feature, it is possible to reserve a parking space using the app. We weren’t able to try this out as there don’t seem to be any garages that allow reserved spaces near our office. If you do find one, though, the app allows you to pay for the space, and it will store your billing info for future reservations.

The Ferrari Enzo

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Ken Okuyama is a talented designer with a prestigious portfolio. He spent 12 years at the famed Italian design house Pininfarina after a stint with GM’s Advanced Design Studio, where he worked on the C5 Corvette. He also styled the Boxster and 996-generation 911 atPorsche. His first Ferrari design was the Rossa concept car, though his most famous creation is the Enzo.

Another reason is that just like horses were a means of transport 100 or so years ago, up until Henry Fordmass-produced the Model T. Now, maybe sports cars are becoming like horses. Now, horses are a great object for hobby, sports, and part of the Olympics and everything. Cars are going to be like that also. Dr. Porsche [was asked what type of] automobile is going to last for the longest time. He said, “the sports car.” I really believe in that, because with sports cars, you never lose a sense of ownership.


Ken Okuyama: It is a really fantastic time for designers because of two reasons. One is that the public and private transport have been two separate, completely different industries up until now. Now, when you think about the future of autonomy, that really brings the automobiles into something more of a public transportation. You really have to think about the total experience of the customers from buying the ticket to the paying mechanism. That’s just hardware, actually. It is a huge challenge for engineers and designers, and I really love that. That’s one reason.


Autonomous vehicles are things you don’t have to own. You have to design a total experience and the whole operation. A car, you want to own it. It’s part of you. Your mechanical watches, do you borrow them from somebody? You want to own it. Your suits, your favorite shirts, you want to borrow them from somebody for your experience? No, you want to own it. Ownership is a core part of human beings. I’m really excited.


Now Okuyama runs a design studio that not only is responsible for the new Kode57 supercar that debuted inMonterey this past weekend, but also eye glasses, civic planning, and even Japanese bullet trains. We caught up with Okuyama at the Concorso Italiano car show, plopped down on a couple of plush leather chairs right in front of his brand new Kode57, and chatted about what the future holds for car design.