4 Things to consider before leasing your first car

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Thinking about leasing a new car? Knowing what you are getting into financially is an important part of leasing a vehicle and so here are some top tips taken from CarLease UK who suggest customers should be sure you think about these 4 important things before leasing your new car online!

Budget Limitations…

Setting a budget for leasing a car is just like setting a budget for buying a new car. Knowing which car you can afford to lease is a very important part of leasing but, don’t be swayed by on screen prices, there are additional cost considerations to consider when taking out a lease car agreement… Find out more below!

Annual Mileage…

If you are a personal leasing customer then the process of working out how many miles you drive a year can involve a little maths and some averages. If you consider your daily commute, weekly obligations and family outings as well as any particular long distances you can always come up with an estimate, or you can use the Government MOT checking website to see how many miles you do each year between MOT tests. Take an average of these readings and then use this as your basis for leasing a car. Be sure you check out any over mileage penalties which may occur if you go over the agreed mileage.

Servicing, Insurance and Maintenance…

Once you know more about your annual mileage you can then start to think about the length of the lease car agreement and as such any servicing obligations and insurance premiums which you will have to pay on top of the monthly premiums.

Vehicle Practicality…

A car which is fit for purpose is by far the best vehicle which anyone could lease. Choosing between petrol or diesel, electric or hybrid, estate, saloon, SUV or 4×4, even convertibles and city cars can all become factors in choosing the right lease car for you, your families and lifestyle needs. Ultimately choosing the best lease car deal possible at a time in which you want your lease to begin can mean that some cars are more appealing than others when weighing up affordability and user-ship.

Leasing a car for the first time can sometimes involve playing with numbers and most importantly working out monthly budgets, for some people this can be a bit of confusing.  Check out the CarLease UK Blogs to learn more about leasing.


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