Sam Sunderland Wins The 2022 Dakar Rally

It’s a second victory for the British rider, and a first for GASGAS, as Sam Sunderland wins the 2022 Dakar Rally. The 32-year-old finished Stage 11 in eighth place, giving him the overall win by just under 3 minutes. After almost 40 hours of racing, the top three in the overall standings were separated by a little under seven minutes, with Stage 12 winner Pablo Quintanilla taking second, and Matthias Walkner in third.

The 32-year-old has consistently been near the top of the rankings throughout the 2022 event, and his consistency has been rewarded. And it’s a 19th win in 22 years for KTM, as the parent company of GASGAS.

Sam Sunderland Wins The 2022 Dakar Rally
Sam Sunderland Wins The 2022 Dakar Rally

Sam Sunderland: “Wow. What a feeling! That 10-minute period waiting at the end of the final stage to see if I’d won felt like a lifetime. But this feeling, knowing I’ve won a second Dakar, will stay in my memory forever. This win feels better than the first as this victory was anything but easy. The times were so close this year and there was no time to let off the gas, it was a really close race, right to the end. All of the hard work, the sacrifices, and everything that the GASGAS team has done for me makes it all worthwhile. It’s been five years since my first Dakar win, and it’s been a long time to wait! I’m super happy to get another win and claim the first one for GASGAS. Everyone on the team has worked so hard to achieve this and it’s a true team effort – together we got the job done. Amazing.”

Dakar Stage 12 Results:

  • Pablo Quintanilla 1:40.00
  • Toby Price 1:40.18
  • Jose Ignacio Conrejo Flamino 1:40.29
  • Joan Barreda Bort 1:41.13
  • Mason Klein 1:41.23

FInal 2022 Dakar Results:

  • Sam Sunderland 38:47.30
  • Pablo Quintanilla 38:50.57
  • Matthias Walkner 38:54.17
  • Adrien Van Beveren 39:06.11
  • Joan Barreda Bort 39:13.12

Fellow Brits David McBridge and David Mabbs finished Stage 11 in 56th and 103rd place respectively for the Vendetta Racing team, while Simon Hewitt completed the final stage in 116th. This puts McBridge 47th in the final standings, with David Mabbs in 92nd, and Simon Hewitt in 111th from a total field of 125 riders classified. After retiring earlier in the event due to a mechanical issue, Danilo Petrucci ended 93rd overall, one place behind Mabbs.

Sam Sunderland with Pablo Quintanilla and Matthias Walkner, who finished second and third overall
Dakar 2022 winner Sam Sunderland with Pablo Quintanilla and Matthias Walkner, who finished second and third overall

Mirjam Pol finished 49th overall and secured the Women’s Trophy by a comfortable margin from Sandra Gomez and Sara Garcia. The Original by Motul standings were topped by Arunuas Gelazninkas from Milan Engel and Benjamin Melot, while the Junior Trophy went to Mason Klein (who also finished 9th in the overall standings) ahead of team-mate Bradley Cox and Konrad Dabrowski. The Veterans Trophy went to Mario Patrao, from David McBridge and Mikael Despontin. The Rally2 class for non-professional riders also went to Mason Klein, from French riders Camille Chapeliere and Romain Dumontier.

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Ducati Achieved Record Sales in 2021, Selling 59,447 Bikes

The last 24 months have been chaotic, but the Italian motorcycle manufacturer will be celebrating as Ducati achieved record sales in 2021. The company sold 59,447 motorcycles globally, growing by a massive 24% from 20202, and 12% up from 2019.

Leading the charge is the Multistrada V4, which made up 9,957 of the bikes sold, followed by the Scrambler 800 range (9,059), and the Monster (8,734). And all of this was achieved despite disruption to supply chains and the available workforce, with nine new models set to appear in 2022 including the DesertX off-roader

Ducati achieved record sales in 2021, led by the Multistrada V4Will the new Ducati DesertX be one of the big sellers in 2022?
Will the new Ducati DesertX be one of the big sellers in 2022?

The biggest market for Ducati is the United States, with sales of 9,007 up 32% from last year. Italy is the second biggest with 8,707 bikes, followed by Germany which saw 6,107 new Ducatis sold. The Chinese market is also increasing in importance, recording 4,901 sales, and gorwing faster than Germany and France (4,352 bikes). In the UK, sales were up 30% on 2020, with motorcyclists buying 2,941 new Ducatis.

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Wunderlich Front Mudguard Extender for the BMW F900 XR

Launched in 2020 as a new middleweight adventure bike with a fairly short front mudguard, owners can now protect their engine casing and front brake calipers with the new Wunderlich Front Mudguard Extender for the BMW F900 XR.

It might be popular to shorten mudguards on cafe racer bikes, but if you’re riding on off-road adventures, commuting or just getting through the winter months, it can be painful to see the damage and corrosion caused by water, grime and rubbish being flung up by the front wheel of your motorcycle. Especially if you’re not able to clean it straight away, or stone chips become a problem.

So Wunderlich now provide a sturdy thermoplastic extender for the front mudguard of the BMW F900 XR to compliment the particularly short standard example. Measuring 14.9 x 21.6cm, you get extra length with a specially flared lip on the bottom edge to help keep everything away from the front brake calipers. Which is handy.

The new Wunderlich Front Mudguard Extender for the BMW F900 XR
The new Wunderlich Front Mudguard Extender for the BMW F900 XR

And the black colour matches the design of the original parts, so it won’t look odd or be particularly noticeable beyond cutting down the time spent cleaning your engine casing.

The Wunderlich Xtreme Front Extender for the F900 XR is quick and easy to fit, doesn’t require any drilling, and comes with instructions and fittings for £94. You can find it in the UK via Nippy Normans.

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New Keis S302 Heated Socks For Winter Motorcycling

Riding in cold weather doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, but it’s generally your fingers and toes which feel everything first. You can save your feet from freezing on, or even off your bike, with the new Keis S302 heated socks for winter motorcycling or keeping warm wherever you are.

Thick wooly socks are fine most of the time, but can’t do much if you’re travelling at speed. And they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable inside a pair of normal bike boots. So the thin, lightweight and breathable soft-shell Keis heated versions are designed to go over a normal pair of socks when you’re riding. Or keeping your toes warm in the pub without fighting to get near an open fire.

The new Keis S302 Heated Socks for Winter Motorcycling
The new Keis S302 Heated Socks for Winter Motorcycling

Each pair of the Keis S302 Heated Socks features Micro Alloy Element Technology which draws a modest 0.6Amps for instant warmth, and can be powered directly from your motorcycle battery, or from either a Keis Heated Jacket or Vest (all the necessary leads are included). Which means they don’t have to only be used for motorcycling, so you can be smug if you’re out and about in cold weather. And you don’t have to get cold feet as soon as you get off your bike, which is great for Winter motorcycle meets.

If you want to be able to switch the heated socks on and off, or change between low, medium and high settings, then you can invest in a Light Duty Power Controller, available separately. And despite the technology included, they’re fully machine washable, with a Lifetime Warranty for the heating elements. So there’s no excuse for stinky feet, even if you’re riding all Winter.

The new Keis S302 Heated Socks cost £85 and are available in Uk shoe sizes 4-10 (EU 37-44 ).

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A Mint 2016 Honda RC213V-S Has Broken Auction Records

Normally it’s vintage bikes which cause bidding to get out of control, but a mint 2016 Honda RC213V-S has broken auction records after selling for a whopping £182,500.

It’s become the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever sold at auction. But the price is more understandable when you remember that the RC213V-S was built as a MotoGP bike for the road, with a limited number hand-built by specially-trained Honda engineers. And this example has never been ridden, and it’s still in the original flight case with just one mile on the clock.

The listing by included details such as the fact the bike has been registered, and kept on a trickle charger despite never being unboxed.

This mint 2016 Honda RC213V-S has broken auction recordsoriginal list price in Europe was €188,000.

Honda debuted the Honda RC213V in MotoGP in 2012 with Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa, and the model has taken a total of seven constructors championships, along with six world titles for Marc Marquez. So you’d imagine the road version is pretty special, especially as it shares around 80% of its parts with the MotoGP bike.

It features a hand-fabricated aluminium frame with carbon-fibre body panels and titanium fasteners for a small, lightweight chassis which feels like a 400cc sportsbike in size and the 170kg weight as standard. Power comes from the 999cc four-stroke V4 engine putting out 159bhp as standard, and you get MotoGP accessiroies including the full-adjustable Ohlins TTX25 gas forks at the front and TTX36 suspension at the rear, forged Marchesini magnesium 17″ wheels and a host of rider aids. The slightly larger wheels (the MotoGP bike used 16.5inch rims) are some of the main differences from the Honda race machines, along with stainless steel brakes, a sequential manual gearbox and a bigger steering angle.

This particular example has already been fitted with the full HRC Race Kit supplied for the Honda RC213V-S, which boosts power to 215hp and shaves 10kg from the weight to reach a featherlight 160kg, with extras including a recalibrated ECU, a titanium exhaust system, a front ram duct, a race-pattern quickshifter, a data logger and a remote control cable for the front brake lever.

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