• The Wunderlich Green Hell ISDT Scrambler Kit for the BMW R nineT

    Fancy something a bit different. How about also stylish and retro. But more practical at the same time? Then maybe you need the Wunderlich Green Hell ISDT Scrambler Kit for the BMW R nineT.

    Rather than the typical cafe racer, Wunderlich have used the BMW bikes entered by the factory in the late 1970s for the International Six Days Trial events. And it’s a good choice, judging by how the finished motorcycle looks.Wunderlich Green Hell ISDT Scrambler Kit for the BMW R nineT

    There’s quite a shopping list of bits added. Starting with the ‘TT’ headlight surround and short, yellow fly screen which definitely give the R nineT a more vintage look. With the green paint, it almost looks like a World War 2 military motorcycle. Then there are the Wunderlich Six Days Handlebars, which can be adjusted for height. And the Clear Protect Hand Guards which are definitely important for off-road riding. And being clear, they don’t spoil the lines of the BMW in the way modern, solid plastic hand guards would. Plus fully-adjustable brake and clutch levers to finish switching the controls to something which can be tailored to any rider.

    Wunderlich Green Hell ISDT Scrambler Kit for the BMW R nineT Side

    But the front is just the start. The traditional Spoked Wheels are now covered with shorter Brushed Aluminium Mudguards to stop stones and dirt being flung at you quite so much. There’s also a new vintage-style Tubular Steel Sub-frame at the bike, which has an integrated brake light. And a brushed, aluminium Number Plate Holder.

    You can also fit the side-mounted Aluminium Number Plate, Monza Fuel Filler Cap and three-piece Tank Pad Set to give even more of a competition vibe.

    But there are more than cosmetic changes. There’s a fully-adjustable Rear Suspension Kit, Fork Upgrade Kit and adjustable Paralever Strut. So you can properly tweak your BMW R nineT to cope with whatever terrain you plan on tackling.

    Don’t put the shopping list down yet though. For added crash protection, there are Engine Crash Bars, Dakar Engine Protection plate, Header Pipe Protector and the Oil Cooler Guard. And there are LED Auxiliary Lights for more illumination, and Sidebags available in black or brown to carry your essentials.

    The good news is that you can buy everything separately. Or just pay for the full conversion with the whole Wunderlich Green Hell ISDT Scrambler Kit for the BMW R nineT in one go.

    About the only bit I’m not entirely sure about is the header pipe protector. It’s useful and practical. But perhaps a little bit ornate to be sat on top of the exhaust pipes like some bronze jewellery. The rest of it looks pretty awesome though.

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  • Split choices for Monza tyres

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    Most drivers have favoured the super-soft tyre in their selections for the upcoming Belgian and Italian Grand Prix weekends.

    However Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have made more conservative choices for Spa, opting for more sets of the soft tyres. Rosberg, unlike Hamilton, has taken four sets of the medium rubber. In contrast the Ferrari drivers will have just one set each of the hardest tyres in Belgium.

    The super-soft tyre is being even more strongly favoured at Monza, particularly among the Haas drivers, who have chosen nine sets of the most aggressive rubber.

  • Hamilton all-clear after Rosberg problems

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    Lewis Hamilton’s engine for the Italian GP has been given the green light to race after a problem emerged on Nico Rosberg’s car before qualifying.

    Shortly after final practice an issue with the power unit had been identified on Rosberg’s car but the cause wasn’t known at the time.

    A replacement part was given to the German and he was forced to revert to an older spec engine which is down on power at F1’s most power hungry circuit.

    The older engine meant that not only could Rosberg not challenge Hamilton in qualifying but was also beaten by both Ferrari’s.

    The problem has since been discovered overnight as an issue with the coolant which had leaked into the power unit.

    The team had been concerned that it would find something that might compromise Lewis Hamilton’s race, which could have forced him to switch too. That would have meant a pitlane start.

    However, Mercedes engineers are confident that there will not be a repeat, and nothing is being changed on the world champion’s car as a result of the investigation.

  • Vettel slams possible Monza F1 exit

    Sebastian Vettel, Italian GP 2015
    Boos in previous years have turned into adulation from Ferrari
    fans for Vettel (Source-Autosport)

    After finishing second at the Italian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel slammed the possibility of Monza’s departure from the F1 calendar.

    Organisers of the race have been locked in talks with Bernie Ecclestone over the costs for some time.

    All drivers and teamed voiced their support for the race which has been on the calendar since the F1 championship’s since 1950 and with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi out in force along with Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne and increased ticket sales, organisers and fans are hopeful of a new deal.

    Sebastian Vettel believes the heart would be ripped out of Formula 1 if the Italian Grand Prix was lost from the calendar “for shitty money reasons”.

    “If we take this away from the calendar for any shitty money reasons, you are basically ripping our hearts out.

    “The emotions here are incredible. You stand on the grid and people left and right are happy to be part of it.

    “It makes our day. Thank you for this emotion.”

    Vettel was provided with strong support from Hamilton who said: “This circuit is such a special one for me and all the drivers.