• 666 Ducati Diavel Diesel Models To Be Built

    The Ducati Diavel Diesel is a limited edition model being produced as a collaboration by the two Italian firms. A total of 666 motorcycles will be produced as a result, featuring what the press releases calls ‘a hyperkinteic dynamism of a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic world’. Sounds fancy.

    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel

    To go with the release of the Ducati Diavel Diesel is a small collection of clothing to match from Diesel. On the way in April with the limited edition, will be a leather jacket, two T-shirts and a pair of Jogg Jeans. Which might be why the new bike was actually unveiled at Milan Men’s Fashion Week before heading to the Motor Bike Expo.

    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel and Clothing

    Ducati Diavel Diesel Design:

    So it’s obvious that a motorcycle worked on by Ducati and an Italian clothing brand would need to look good. And the Diavel starts off with a hand-brushed stainless steel superstructure with visible welding and rivets. That approach is kept for the fuel tank cover, front cowl and passenger saddle cover.

    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Tank Cover
    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Tank Cover

    And the saddle itself looks rather lovely, made of real leather, and with a pyramid of three Ds to stand for Ducati, Diesel and Diavel. The mix of leather and visibile steel has that feel of vintage aeroplanes or ships. It’s definitely my favourite part of the bike.

    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Saddle and Passenger Cowl
    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Saddle and Passenger Cowl

    The black anodised lateral air intakes also ave visible welding, and have intake covers in red methacrylate (or bendy plastic as it’s also known). And some Diesel logos on the inside.

    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Intake Cover
    2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel Intake Cover

    There’s a red theme with the LCD dashboard matching the Brembo front brake calipers and even the chain features five red links.

    But the exhaust goes for classic black Zircotec ceramic coating, with black silencers. Both the exhausts end cans and rear-view mirrors are machined from a solid block. You also get a black front mudguard with the DDD pyramid logo on it.

    To show it’s a limited edition, the Ducati Diavel Diesel comes with a numbered plate on the frame. And buyers will be happy to know they get a bike cover and rear stand included in the price – but will have to wait to pick up a matching Diesel T-shirt.

    Mechanically it’s a standard Ducati Diavel, with a 162hp Testastretta engine, with the Ducati Safety Pack (ABS and Traction Control). Which is the point where some people may have lost interest – but as a purely cosmetic limited edition, the Ducati Diavel Diesel has some nice touches to enjoy or possibly emulate.

    There’s no word on price, but we’re sure your local Ducati dealer can find out for you before the bike is released in April. And if you can’t stretch that far, you can always buy a T-shirt instead…


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  • The Rescogs Guide to Winter Biking

    Riding a motorcycle in Winter happens for a variety of reasons. For some of us, the lack of a car or car license makes it a necessity. Scottie went through almost 20 years relying solely on two-wheeled transport, come rain, wind, sleet and snow. For others, it’s still worthwhile to avoid the endless traffic jams and the joys of public transport. But it isn’t all doom and gloom when the days get shorter, especially if you do it right.

    Good Reasons to Ride in Winter:

    • A dry, sunny Winter day is awesome. A dry, sunny Christmas day is even better, as most car drivers (And law enforcement operatives) seem to either be in front of the TV or in the pub. Which means empty roads away from town centres.
    • You’ll still be sharp come Spring, rather than spending the first couple of weeks getting used to being back on a bike.
    • You’ll also build up a good feeling of smug superiority over fair weather riders, and endless tales of Winter riding to bore them with when you speak to them.
    • Winter Hacks: A chance to pick up something different and cheap, and then abuse it.
    • Winter kit: It gets better, and cheaper every year.
    • You might have to be a bit more careful, but you’ll still get there faster without having to worry about traffic jams.

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  • Ikarus C42 microlight price and specifications

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    In one of our previous posts we provided a guide to ‘Buying an Ikarus C42 microlight‘. In this latest post we feature the Ikarus C42 microlight price and specifications for anyone looking to buy a microlight.

    The Ikarus has become one of the most popular microlights in the UK and is often mistaken for a light aircraft. The Ikarus is German built so you know it’s going to be a quality aircraft to fly and own.

    Ikarus C42 microlight specifications

    The C42 comes with:

    • A fuel tank with a capacity of 65 litres
    • Cabin heaters
    • Cabin windows and windshield Makrolon or optional Plexiglas
    • Fresh-air inlets on the left and right windows that are adjustable
    • A reduced weight battery
    • Elevator trim
    • Hydraulic disk brakes with parking brake
    • Easy to remove wings
    • Optional electric trim and landing flap adjustment
    • Optional aerodynamic main gear fairing
    • Optional Carbon fibre winglets cause an elegant visual effect and even better flight characteristics at low speed flight as well as at banner- and aero-tow

    The C42 instruments include:

    • Altimeter (10000 ft), Air speed indicator 250 km/hr with dual scale (kts) and colour indicating, Compass
    • Engine instruments:
      RPM indicator, oil pressure indicator, CHT gauge, oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge.

    Ikarus C42 microlight technical data

    Technical data 80 HP 100 HP
    Cruising speed (IAS) 165 km/h 175 km/h
    Max. airspeed Vmax (IAS) 180 km/h 187 km/h
    Stallspeed 65 km/h 65 km/h
    Rate of clim (472,5 kg) 5,0 m/s 6,5 m/s
    Wing span 9,45 m
    Leigth 6,25 m
    Height 2,20 m
    Wing area 12,5 m²
    Empty weight excl.. recovery system
    C42 UK Competition 256,0 kg 260,0 kg
    C42 UK Champion 251,0 kg 255,0 kg
    MTOW Germany* 472,5 kg
    C42 UK Competition 216,5 kg 212,5 kg
    C42 UK Champion 221,5 kg 217,5 kg
    Fuel tank volume 65 Liter
    Average consumptionof fuel L/h 10-13 10-14
    Range 65 Liters tank ca. 700 km
    Length of takeoff run (Gras) 90-100 m 75-85 m
    Glide ratio 11

    * MTOW and payload may be different according to national law

    State: 10.2010 – Technical changes reserved.
    Technical informations are partially approximate values

    Ikarus C42 engine

    • 4-cylinder-4-stroke liquid-cooled / air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders Rotax 912 UL version, 58 kW/80 HP,or optional Rotax ULS 74kw/100HP with sliding clutch
    • including electrical starter, electronic dual ignition, integrated reduction gearbox, carburetor preheating
    • 2-blade ande 3-blade carbon-fibre propeller groundadjustable resp. in-flight-adjustable
    • Spinner (Glass fibre)
    • Stainless steel exhaust system

    Ikarus C42 microlight price

    The price of a new Ikarus C42 microlight is around £55,000 + VAT. The price of a good used Ikarus C42 will cost around £35,000.

    Ikarus C42 video

    Ikarus have produced a video for the C42, watch it below.

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