Readers’ event with Jody Scheckter

Readers’ event with Jody Scheckter

On Saturday May 18, 2013, Jody Scheckter will host a sumptuous banquet, while offering a rare opportunity to hear him speak about his incredible racing career and view his own collection of the cars he drove – as seen in the February issue of Motor Sport.

The evening, held in association with Motor Sport, will take place in the new state-of-the-art Saracens Rugby Stadium. The multi-course feast will be sourced from Jody’s award-winning Laverstoke Park organic farm. Tickets are offered at a discounted rate for subscribers.

reader offers events  Readers event with Jody Scheckter

The Menu:

A selection of Laverstoke Park Farm canapés: “We’ll be offering a selection of biltong,” says Jody. “We make the biltong I always dreamed about – and it does not contain preservatives or colourings. It is cured overnight and then slowly dried, giving its unique flavour. Early South African settlers used these methods to preserve their meats naturally.”

Buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomato and basil: Served with a selection of our home-grown baby salad leaves and vegetable crudités. “The equipment that makes our mozzarella comes from Modena near the Ferrari factory. Michelin star chef Angela Hartnett rated our mozzarella “10 out of 10” saying it was “fresher and creamier than the finest Italian”. It’s so good I took some to Ferrari a couple of years ago and they loved it. My dream is to export my mozzarella to Italy…”

Award winning pan-fried buffalo fillet: “Buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. It beats normal fillet for taste and our dry-aged buffalo fillet was awarded ‘The Best Speciality’ food in England, on top of the highest award of three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards. We have our own herd of more than 2000 water buffalo.”

reader offers events  Readers event with Jody Scheckter

To book your tickets call +44 (0)207 349 8472. For group bookings please contact us. Tickets are priced at £250 for subscribers or £295 for non-subscribers.

For more information email our events team.

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