What drives British motorists mad?

New survey shows what really drives British motorists mad

Driving, it can be the best of times or the worst of times, but in this modern age of congestion and bad drivers it is becoming more frustrating by the day. A new survey by YourParkingSpace into the driving habits of the British has revealed just what drives motorists mad.

The results showed that people not indicating annoyed British motorists the most, while using a mobile phone and bad parking both featured highly on the list. The survey polled 1,028 drivers throughout the UK asking ‘What annoys you the most about being a car driver in the UK?’ the full results are below:

  1. People not indicating (72%)
  2. Talking on a mobile phone (71%)
  3. Bad parking (56%)
  4. Traffic Jams (52%)
  5. Slow drivers (42%)
  6. Not being able to find a parking space (40%)

The data also showed that men were more likely to get annoyed by slow drivers, but both sexes found not indicating and talking on a mobile phone to be equally as irritating. Furthermore 40% of drivers polled stated that trying to find a suitable parking space was frustrating.

Bad parking- grr!

Bad parking- grr!

YourParkingSpace wanted to find out more about the issue of parking, so asked those participants who had chosen parking as their most frustrating option how they felt about parking charges in their local area.

48% stated that they thought that parking charges were too expensive, while 29% said that they were reasonable in their local area.

What do you think of parking charges in your local area?

  • Parking charges are too expensive – 48%
  • Parking charges are reasonable – 29%
  • Parking is free – 23%

The data show that parking fee opinions varied greatly depending on location with over 40% of drivers in England stating that parking was too expensive, while only 29% of Scottish drivers felt the same. Coincidentally Scotland seemed to have the highest number of free parking spaces with a third of drivers from north of the border indicating they can park for free.

Managing Director of YourParkingSpace, Harrison Woods, commented on the survey:

“It is interesting to look into the psyche of the British driver, to see what they like and what irritates them about driving. People not indicating and using mobile phones when driving are not only irritating to other road users, but also very dangerous, causing accidents and damage as well as breaking the law. “

He added:

“One thing that didn’t surprise us was the fact that 40% of motorists become frustrated when searching for parking spaces and that a large proportion of those questioned felt that parking charges were too expensive. Parking spaces have become a premium commodity in recent years, especially in major cities, and the fact that parking spaces have been getting smaller and cars getting bigger has just exacerbated the situation.”

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How Much Money Can You Make from Renting Your Driveway?

By Permalink

London is a heaving, thriving metropolis, a place where everyone wants to be and be seen. But it is a city short on one thing: space.

Space for people- from housing to pavement space is at a premium. Finding a parking spot is virtually impossible. And when you do, can be cripplingly expensive. Add on to the congestion charge for driving the capital’s streets, and you can see how expensive it can be.

But, you may think, living miles away in the surrounding London suburbs, this may not worry you. You don’t commute into the capital, you have no congestion charge, and therefore, you are not footing this bill.


But that empty driveway space outside your home could be worth money. Commuters park in streets and avenues around stations, blocking driveways and rights of way. We have all seen the issues that householders face. Perhaps it’s time to think differently about this problem and how you could be part of the solution.

Driveway rental = £

If you have space for one or more cars to be parked on your driveway, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Commuters are prepared to pay to park their cars in a secure spot. And you could command a fairly decent price every day of the week too.

There are various factors that affect how much you could earn…

  • Your postcode – some areas closer to the capital and/or major event centres can be lucrative and sought after parking spots
  • Proximity to station – from a 5-minute walk to a 20-minute dash, being within striking distance of a main train line station can also affect how much cash your driveway can generate
  • Driveway or garage? – from secure parking on a driveway behind a gate or, for some drivers this is an absolute must, a garage with a door can all mean big bucks
  • Tea or no tea? – sometimes, a pleasant refreshment break and a chat is also on the cards and if you can provide this, then you may be able to command an even higher price.

Make money – rent your driveway today!

There is a growing need and a pressing demand for secure, cheap off-road parking within a 50-mile radius of the capital. And this demand is set to rise as the capital carries on growing, so if you have a driveway with parking for at least one vehicle, why not sign up with www.spacehopper.com and rent it out?

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