Win a Nissan Skyline driving experience

How would you like to get behind the wheel of a GTR Nissan Skyline? As cool cars go, it’s up there with the best of them!

Thanks to UCCC we’re giving you the chance to drive this high performance car for three adrenaline fuelled laps.

The Nissan Skyline was featured in the Fast and Furious films and has a twin turbo engine making it every motor enthusiasts dream to get behind the wheel.

Your experience will start with a briefing. Afterwards you’ll be guided by an experienced instructor who’ll give you expert tips so you get the most from your driving experience. You’ll then take the car around a track of your choice selected from one of four UK locations.

This is a must for all petrol heads so enter now! Best of luck!
How to Enter?

To enter, simply leave a comment with your name of who you’d like to win this prize here on our Facebook page:

WIN A NISSAN SKYLINE DRIVING EXPERIENCESimply comment below with your name to be in with a chance of winning this amazing driving experience. Winner picked at random. Closes 1st Nov.
Posted by Cool Cars and Girls on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Closing Date – Nov 1st 2015

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5 Most Desirable Lease Cars In The UK

The roads in the UK seem to be busier than ever and you may be surprised to find out that almost ¼ of the cars out there are not bought in the traditional manner. Whatever the reason why you are looking into leasing a car, you may be curious as to what kind of cars other people are choosing. In the following article we look at 5 of the most popular cars for leasing in the UK.
The popularity of leasing has increased over the last few years. Why? It is likely that it is often because of either people do not have enough money to buy outright and therefore need to look to bad credit car leasing or do not want to lock in to a long contract on a car that will be outdated in a few years time.
The constant demand for the latest models, and most up to date technology is also driving consumers away from being tied to a single vehicle for 10 years with the hassle of resale at the end of it.
Unsurprisingly, in many parts of the UK people are choosing to take out leases for cars with the latest technology, that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.
Mercedes Benz A Class (Throughout UK)
Overall in the UK it would appear, based on internet search data, that Mercedes-Benz A Class is the most popular and desired lease car. Around 24% of all searches are this particular car and when you take into consideration the quality of the interior, manufacturing and technology used under the bonnet as well on the dash, it is not hard to understand why.

Range Rover Evoque (In London)
Although the most popular car throughout the UK is the Mercedes-Benz mentioned above; it is a different story when you look at the data for particularly areas. In London, for example, the Range Rover Evoque is very popular. It is not only a bit of a head turner,but it is available in both 3 door and 5 door versions. Despite it costing a bit more than most, the luxury you get for the price tag is second to none and as it is fitted with a 2 litre turbo engine and 9 speed automatic transmission, it is one very powerful car.
BMW X5 (In Cardiff)
In Cardiff, the most desired car is the BMW X5. As well as being in its third generation it also said to offer a more car-like driving experience than a lot of other SUVs and has a powerful engine and offers great handling and control on the road. BMW cars are also synonymous when it comes to luxury. BMW also appear to have done something a lot of other SUV manufacturers haven’t and prioritised on road performance rather than off road performance.
Toyota Yaris (In Belfast)
Compared to London and Cardiff, in Northern Ireland and Belfast, interest in leased cars is more toned down and the Toyota Yaris is the most sought after. Although the Yaris is not as flashy as the other cars mentioned above, it is extremely reliable and has comfortably roomy interior. It is also best suited to urban driving as it is nippy and able to manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces.
Audi A3 (In Edinburgh)
In Edinburgh the number one car leased out is the Audi A3. This particular car is distinguished by great handling and has a collection of value-enhancing luxury interiors and a very pleasing on the eye interior. With a front wheel drive, a 6 speed automatic transmission and a 1.8 litre turbo engine capable of 170 break horsepower; there is no question why such a powerful car is sought after.

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Personalised License Plates & What To Do With Your Old Numbers

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Personalised license plates are everywhere. From street to street and city to city, anywhere there are cars there are those willing to take their love of automobiles to a new level. No doubt you will have spotted a number in your daily life, and even more online, reacting with chuckles or admiration.

The custom license plate is seen as something of a statement item. Your choice of letters and numbers is as individual as your haircut, giving passers by a window into who you are. Unique plates, like car mods, are treats for car enthusiasts. But how to do you pick a plate that doesn’t make someone cringe and what do you do with your old one once you upgrade?
Pick a vanity plate that doesn’t look tacky

There are three different kinds of custom plates: name, car make/model and dateless. For the average motorist the license plate means little more than how you car is identified. However, they’ll have an idea of how each license plate shows its own time of creation – the third and fourth number being the age of the vehicle.

Car enthusiasts, however, appreciate the more intricate details of their cars. The license plate may be a tool for the DVLA to identify your vehicle, but its also a potential place to put your personal stamp. Unfortunately, not everyone who decides to upgrade their number plate knows the difference between a cool and a tacky custom plate.

You’ll have seen them on the internet, the horrid “DA B3ST” number plates, which elicit groans from onlookers and costs more than a pretty penny. Avoid these at all costs by looking instead for a plate more in tune with who you are, such as initials or favourite numbers.

Look for matching make or model license plates

Personal registration specialists, Click4Reg suggest that “for those who love their cars but prefer to avoid using their names or initials we suggest checking out some of the affordable make or model plates, ones that end in SLK or BMW are desirable but not extortionate”.

If you have multiple cars or a higher end collection, co-ordinating your vanity plates with your vehicles could be a great finishing touch.

Alternatively, if you’re really keen to get your initials on your pride and joy then its worth doing some research or speaking to a specialist about the popularity of your initials. Chances are that, in the UK, there won’t be someone else with the same initials as you wanting custom plates.

If your initials are popular then the cost of the plate can rise considerably. In this instance, you might want to mix in your initials with numbers, like your year of birth. If you do this though, watch out for misrepresenting the age of your car should you be planning to sell one day. Remember the age of your car is typically in the 3rd and 4th number position and you don’t want to make your car look older than it is.

Sell on your old plate to make money

Once you have your personalised license, what do you do with your old number plate? One of the simplest solutions is to transfer it to another vehicle that you own. But if you just want to get rid of the extra plate, consider selling it on.

License plates, notably personalised ones, come with a value and can be sold on. You license plate might not mean anything to you but the combination of letters and number may be significant to someone else. Something they are willing to pay for.

This is also something to bear in mind when purchasing your personalised license plates. Going for a more desirable plate is an investment and there are many people around the world who collect the most wanted plate. For example, in November 2014, a registration plate sold for £500,000 in Wales.

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A history of porpoising

Skirted ground-effect Formula 1 cars of the late 1970s and early 1980s were occasionally afflicted by a type of instability referred to as ‘porpoising’. Many cars suffered, but the phenomenon is nicely described in Peter Wright in relation to the development of the Lotus T80:

“The car was so sensitive that, above a certain critical speed, it became aerodynamically unstable in pitch. One test day at Silverstone, Mario Andretti coined the term ‘porpoising’ to describe the phenomenon when he observed daylight under the front wheels while at speed on the straight.

“Since 1977 I had been working with David Williams, Head of the Flight Instrumentation Department at the Cranfield College of Aeronautics. He had designed and built a digital data system for use on the T78 when it had become apparent that it would be absolutely essential to gather data from the chassis in order to progress with the development of ground effect. When the T80 porpoising started, I discussed the phenomenon with him, and he offered to model it and validate the results with the data we had. He established that it was an aero-elasticity problem, akin to flutter in an aircraft wing. The changing aerodynamic loads, as the car bounced and pitched, excited the pitch and heave modes of the sprung mass on its springs and tires.” (Formula 1 Technology, p36 and p308.)

However, pace Wright, the same phenomenon had already been identified and named at least as early as the 1940s, albeit in the field of seaplane hydrodynamics; specifically, during the take-off and landing of such craft. A Wartime Report issued by NACA in June 1943, begins:

“Porpoising is a self-sustaining oscillatory motion in the vertical longitudinal plane…Observations of porpoising show that there are two principal oscillatory motions (1) a vertical oscillation of the center of gravity and (2) an angular oscillation about the center of gravity. These two motions are seen to have the same period but to differ in phase.” (Some systematic model experiments on the porpoising characteristics of flying-boat hulls, Kenneth S.M. Davidson and F.W.S. Locke Jr, p7).

The British were also heavily involved in the early study of porpoising, an Aeronautical Research Council report in 1954 defining the phenomenon as follows:

“Porpoising, basically, consists of a combination of oscillations in pitch and heave. It includes both stable and unstable oscillations, a stable oscillation being one which damps out. (A review of porpoising instability of seaplanes, A.G.Smith and H.G.White, p5).

All of which is an important reminder that ground-effect was of crucial importance to hydroplanes long before Formula 1 happened upon the phenomenon.


Cool Bizarre Cars From Around The World

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A collection of cool and very unusual cars from around the world showcasing creations that car lovers have created. Some of these cars and works of art! All these cool cars must have had a lot of love from their owners and get a lot of attention when they drive around.

Camera Car

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