New Record for Youngest Round The World Motorcycle Rider

Kane Avellano has set a new record for youngest round the world motorcycle rider. Or more formally, he has achieved an official Guinness World Record for the Youngest Circumnavigation by Motorcycle, at the age of 23 years and 365 days.

He managed a total of 32,000 miles and 37 countries in just under eight months, and raised more than £2,200 for UNICEF in the process. Which means there is now an extremely well-travelled 2008 Triumph Bonneville back in Newcastle, England.

New Record for Youngest Round The World Motorcycle Rider Kane Avellano

If you want some inspiration, apparently Kane describes himself as an appalling motorcycle rider to start with. But he managed a 5 week, 7,000 mile European tour not long after passing his test and completing a university degree. And that was merely a warm-up to the global circumnavigation.

After his first Bonneville was stolen, he replaced it with this 2008 model with 2,000 miles originally on the clock. And some changes were made, including the aluminium panniers, replacing the rear suspension, and adding a fly screen, new indicators and rev counter.

New Record for Youngest Round The World Motorcycle Rider Kane Avellano

The challenges included torrential monsoons in India, desert rides in Australia, and powerful storms in South America. But in addition to the help of the people he met during the trip, he also had some support from the thousands following his adventure via social media.

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“The past eight months have been the most exciting in my life. I had the chance to discover what the world really has to offer, to meet many different people along the way and explore their cultures, religions and behaviours, while having an incredible time,” said Kane.

New Record for Youngest Round The World Motorcycle Rider Kane Avellano

And after all of that travelling, and a new record for youngest round the world motorcycle rider, it appears Triumph then made Kane experience the delights of Hinckley to get some photos.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Kane on his record and fundraising. And it’s always good to see a variety of different motorcycles being used for trips like these. Even though the internet and social media makes it feel more normal to see pictures, watch video and read about riders going on foreign adventures, it’s important to remember that it’s still a challenge to actually complete a global circumnavigation by land.

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Want to Win a 2017 KTM RC 390 for Free?

KTM would like you to sign up for their monthly newsletter. In fact, they really, really want you to sign up. So much so, that you can win a 2017 KTM RC 390 if you do.

And it’s probably worth doing. Not only has the RC 390 received a range of updates for this year, but it’s also worth £5,099. Improvements to the bike include a new ride-by-wire throttle which aims to give smoother and more efficient power. You also get a larger front disc with a radial four-piston caliper and ABS. Plus a new power-assisted slipper clutch (PASC). The single-cylinder KTM also has a side-mounted exhaust from this year, we’re not sure that’s necessarily better than the underbelly version on previous bikes.

Win a 2017 KTM RC 390

The other changes include span-adjustable levers, wider rear view mirrors and a more comfortable race-style passenger seat.

OK, so they’ll probably get quite a few people signing up to their monthly email when there’s an RC 390 as a potental reward. And you won’t get the chance to be selected until sometime after the competition closes on 26th November 2017. By which time, the model for next year will probably be on stands at various motorcycle shows. But it’s still the chance to win a free bike.

2017 KTM RC 390

To enter, you need to sign up at You’ll also need to be 18 or over, and have a full A, A1 or A2 motorcycle licence and be responsible for sorting your own insurance etc once the bike gets sent to your nearest dealer.

You’ll also need to remember to check your email after the closing date. Which means using a fake email address you never check probably isn’t the best idea. But given the number of UK motorcyclists who haven’t already signed up, the odds are still better than the lottery. And who wouldn’t want to win a 2107 KTM RC 390 for nothing?

As cynical as we are, we certainly wouldn’t complain. Although the fact we know the KTM PR people probably means they’ll spot our email address.

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KTM Boss Elected To Lead European Motorcycle Association

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has been elected as the new President of the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers.

Stefan Pierer was previously elected in 2004, and will replace BMW Motorrad’s Stephan Schaller from July 1st, 2017. Schaller will become Vice President of the ACEM, alongside Michele Colaninno, a member of the board of directors at Paiggio and C. SpA, who will also serve as a Vice President.

KTM Boss Elected President of ACEM
Incoming ACEM President and KTM CEO Stefan Pierer with BMW Motorrad President Stephan Schaller, who he replaces

The Brussels-based ACEM holds a roster with at least fourteen principal motorcycle manufacturers as members (21 brands) as well as a number of other companies, and works closely with EU institutions, as well as with a wide range of stakeholders, in different policy areas. These include type-approval of L-category vehicles, environmental legislation, road safety and transport policies, international trade negotiations and so on. Over 156,000 jobs depend on the motorcycle, moped, tricycle and quadricycle industry in Europe. European registrations of motorcycles and mopeds increased by 9.1% last year – over 1.3 million units with significant increases in all of the largest European markets – compared to 2015.

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2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Heads to Mongolia

The 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will take place in Mongolia in a little over two years time. But the regional qualifies are open this year for men and women to compete to represent their country.

The GS Trophy is open to any non-professional BMW rider. Teams of three compete, judged on their riding, adventure and teamwork skills. And even if you don’t win the overall trophy, you’ll get to spend time riding in Mongolia with bikes and equipment provided. To be in with a chance, you’ll need to try out in a regional qualifier, which generally replicates the main event over a couple of days.

2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy
The 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy heads to Mongolia

In addition to the top three overall riders from each country being selected, there’s also an International GS Trophy Female Team. The best two women from each regional event who haven’t made the top three anyway will be sent to an International GS Trophy Female Qualifier, with the top three from that going on to Mongolia.

2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Confirmed Teams:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • UK
  • USA

Want to give it a try and be in with a chance of competing in the 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy? You’ll need to head to the GS Trophy website for the entry details. Or check out our previous coverage of the BMW all-female team, and how BMW shipped 114 BMW R1200 GS bikes to Thailand for the 2016 event.

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The Rescogs Guide to Winter Biking

Riding a motorcycle in Winter happens for a variety of reasons. For some of us, the lack of a car or car license makes it a necessity. Scottie went through almost 20 years relying solely on two-wheeled transport, come rain, wind, sleet and snow. For others, it’s still worthwhile to avoid the endless traffic jams and the joys of public transport. But it isn’t all doom and gloom when the days get shorter, especially if you do it right.

Good Reasons to Ride in Winter:

  • A dry, sunny Winter day is awesome. A dry, sunny Christmas day is even better, as most car drivers (And law enforcement operatives) seem to either be in front of the TV or in the pub. Which means empty roads away from town centres.
  • You’ll still be sharp come Spring, rather than spending the first couple of weeks getting used to being back on a bike.
  • You’ll also build up a good feeling of smug superiority over fair weather riders, and endless tales of Winter riding to bore them with when you speak to them.
  • Winter Hacks: A chance to pick up something different and cheap, and then abuse it.
  • Winter kit: It gets better, and cheaper every year.
  • You might have to be a bit more careful, but you’ll still get there faster without having to worry about traffic jams.

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