Split choices for Monza tyres

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Most drivers have favoured the super-soft tyre in their selections for the upcoming Belgian and Italian Grand Prix weekends.

However Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have made more conservative choices for Spa, opting for more sets of the soft tyres. Rosberg, unlike Hamilton, has taken four sets of the medium rubber. In contrast the Ferrari drivers will have just one set each of the hardest tyres in Belgium.

The super-soft tyre is being even more strongly favoured at Monza, particularly among the Haas drivers, who have chosen nine sets of the most aggressive rubber.

Mercedes go conservative in Belgium tyre selections

Championship leaders Mercedes will have the fewest sets of supersoft tyres available to them of any team at the upcoming 2016 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, with the Silver Arrows having instead opted for what looks like a more conservative selection.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will have just four sets of the red-marked rubber available to them at Spa-Francorchamps, while chief rivals Red Bull and Ferrari have opted to give their drivers six and seven sets of softest compound respectively.

Mercedes are also one of only two teams – the other being Haas – to have differing tyre selections for each of their drivers, with Hamilton having six sets of softs to Rosberg’s five, but the German having one more set of the medium compound rubber.

Ferrari and Red Bull test larger 2017 tyres

Sebastian Buemi testing Pirelli's new-for-2017 tyres in a modified Red Bull RB11 at Mugello, Italy on 3rd August 2016 © Pirelli

Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli continued its testing programme for its new wider, faster 2017 tyres at Mugello on Wednesday, with Red Bull test and reserve driver Sebastien Buemi completing 82 laps of the Italian circuit in a modified RB11.

The two-day Mugello session, which continues on Thursday, comes hot on the heels of Pirelli’s test with Ferrari at Fiorano, during which Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Gutierrez tested wet and intermediate compounds in an adapted SF15-T.

Buemi, who had not driven Formula One machinery for two years, was tasked with running slick tyres, with Pirelli fitting his car, which had been specially set-up to simulate 2017 performance levels, with a variety of compounds and new constructions.

As per the agreed terms of the programme, Red Bull were not given information on what they were testing, and are obliged to share data gathered with the other teams.

Ferrari and Mercedes will take over testing duties for the next stage of the programme, with the former running at Barcelona on September 6-7 and the latter at Paul Ricard on September 6-8.

Tyre choices for German GP

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Pirelli has revealed the tyre combinations each Formula 1 team will take to the German Grand Prix next weekend and has shed some light on 2017 tyre philosophy, when the chassis and tyres will be significantly upgraded.

The Italian company will bring its supersoft, soft and medium tyres to the race at Hockenheim, which returns to the calendar for the first time since 2014.

Mercedes and Ferrari differ slightly in their approach as the German team opts for one set of mediums, four softs and eight supersofts, while the Scuderia has picked one more set of the supersofts over the yellow-striped softs.

Pirelli announce final tyre compounds of 2016 season

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Pirelli have revealed the tyre compound choices for Brazil and Abu Dhabi, the concluding pair of races on the 2016 F1 calendar.

For the Interlagos round, the Italian manufacturer has opted for the combination of soft, medium and hard compounds for the fifth time this season.

The teams will have to keep a set of mediums and a set of hards for the race, one of which must be used, while the soft is the chosen compound for Q3.

For the twilight season finale in Abu Dhabi, meanwhile, Pirelli have chosen the ultrasoft, supersoft and soft compounds – again, the fifth time such a combination has been used.

The two harder compounds are the mandatory tyres that must be kept available for the race, while the ultrasoft will be used for the top-ten shootout in qualifying.

The most common combination used this season was supersoft, soft and medium, which was selected 11 times in total.