Torsen differential

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Torsen differential is a unique method of providing differential action and has many patented components. As a trademark of the JTEKT Corporation, it does an excellent job while overcoming the traction difference problem. In addition, its internal components are pretty different from the ones that you’ll find in a conventional differential. Thus, it’s worth checking out.

At the heart of the system of the Torse differential lies a shaped gear pair assembly that’s quite specific. One gear is worm gear and the other is spur gear. Now, this differential works on a very simple principle called worm wheels. This means that the spinning worm gear can rotate the wheel but, on the other hand, the rotating wheel cannot speed that gear. That’s one of the most fascinating things about it. Of course, there are many more things to the Torsen that you’ll find out in the video below.

Torsen differential for the most ingenious differential action so far!
All in all, this differential brings many advantages. The locking action is instantaneous in the Torsen while it other technologies the drive wheel slips for a limited amount of time before getting locked. If the vehicle encounters a traction difference track and it features a Torsen differential, the wheels will lock immediately. Check out the video below!