3D Gel Number Plates

The 3D gel number plates are used by motorists to enhance the car appearance. Motorists with 3D plates in the front and rear of the car become the centre of attention on the highway. In a world where the majority prefer to use standard number plates, the 3D gel number plates are exactly what you need to stand out.  It is no doubt that these plates are favourite, especially among luxury car owners. Any vehicle spotted with a unique number plate on the road turns heads but is also an expression of the owner’s identity. Contrary to popular opinion,  these plates are permitted by the law. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the traffic officers or the DVLA.

What are 3D Gel Number Plates?

The 3D gel number plates are different from the standard number plates because of the material used. Unlike the standard number plates, number plate makers use gel resin which produces a 3D effect. The 3D effect creates an outlay on the letters so that they are clearly visible. Most showrooms like to use 3D gel number plates due to the clarity. The plates are associated with the top vehicle brands although they create the same high-quality effect on other models. You can never regret the decision the 3D gel number plates on your car.

Are 3D gel number plates legal?

Yes, you can personalise your car with the 3D gel number plates but you must adhere to the regulations governing the construction and display of the plates. The revised rules governing the display and construction of number plates is straightforward on 3D modifications on the front and rear of a car. Motorists are permitted to put 3D effects on the letters as long as the mandatory font is maintained. The current law allows for reflective finishes and different colours on the number plates compared to the 1990s when the law took a hard line stand on these matters.

Advantages of a 3D gel number plates

Compared to the standard number plates, there are many advantages of placing 3D gel number plates on your car. These advantages include:

  1. Ability to use different lighting and artistic flourishes
  2. Produces clear letters and visible lines on the number plate
  3. Permitted within the law so you won’t get into trouble with the DVLA

Why 3D gel Plates from a registered DVLA Supplier?

With a registered DVLA supplier, you get high-quality 3D gel number plates at the best rates in the market. Most of these suppliers design and manufacture the plates within a short time so that when you order on a day such as today, the number plate will be ready tomorrow. With a fully licenced operator, you are assured that you have a quality product that meets the qualifications of being road worthy. In case there is a problem with your plates, there are higher chances of a registered supplier helping you sort it out compared to a rogue dealer.

Additionally, the wide range of options that legal suppliers provide give you a chance to express your identity as an individual. You can choose any effects and any colour finishes will be up to standard. One common and well-loved finish among motorists is the high gloss piano glass look. The special gel resin that most manufacturers use is left to dry until the dome effect is created to help achieve a premium number plate. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you get your plate from a registered supplier as they assure quality and help to keep you safe when it comes to the law.