ABT Power Performance Upgrade Gives Audi RS 3 Supercar-like Acceleration

ABT Power Performance Upgrade
With ABT Sportsline’s new ECU update, the Audi RS 3 Sportback boasts 454hp and can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH in just 3.6 seconds.

ABT Sportsline is responsible for bringing us many high-performance Audi models. The prolific Audi tuner has been on a hiatus for a while. In October 2020, the Kempten Kempten-based tuning company unveiled a high octane version of Audi’s RS Q8 SUV capable of taking on the likes of Lamborghini Urus. ABT Sportsline is back with an exciting reproduction of the Audi RS 3 Sportback. This one comes complete with the ABT Power performance upgrade.

With ABT’s latest performance package, the Audi RS 3 can shame even the most thoroughbred Italian supercars. A new Engine Control Unit update helps ABT Sportline increase the power output of the RS 3 to 454 HP. This is a significant increase over the 394 HP power output of the turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder motor that propels the standard RS 3.

The engine hooks up to a 7-speed automatic transmission. The dual-clutch gearbox sends power to all four corners via Audi’s proprietary quattro all-wheel-drive system. The ABT Power performance upgrade also helps this RS 3 hit the 62 MPH mark from a complete standstill in just 3.6 seconds which is 0.2 seconds faster than the standard car.

ABT Power Performance Upgrade Gives Audi RS 3 Supercar-like Acceleration

So far, we do not have any information regarding the ABT Power performance upgrade’s pricing.

As a result, ABT Sportsline’s RS 3 Sportback can make the 0to 62 MPH run 0.5 seconds faster than the legendary Ferrari Enzo supercar. The German tuning company also offers customers the opportunity to join the exclusive “Club 300”. Therefore, ABT Sportsline will increase the top speed of the RS 3 Sportback to 186 MPH (300 kph) on request. In addition to the increase in power, the car here also gets new entrance lights.

ABT Sportsline’s Managing Partner Hans-Jürgen Abt shared his thoughts on the tuner’s new package. “The software has been specially adapted to the vehicle by our experienced team and tested on the road and on the test bench in countless hours of work,” explains Hans-Jürgen Abt. He further adds, “A comprehensive package of engine protection measures and warranty services ensures driving pleasure without remorse.”

Image Source: ABT Sportsline

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