Audi Issues A3 Seatbelt Recall for 2022 Sedans

Audi S3

Audi just announced an A3 seatbelt recall for the 2022 A3 and S3 sedan.

Audi is recalling the 2022 A3 and S3 due to seatbelt tensioner issues. According to the NHTSA website, the recall affects approximately 3,000 cars where the front seat belt tensioners may not adequately restrain occupants during a crash.

“The seat belt tensioner in the affected vehicles serve the purpose of holding the passenger in his position in the seat,” Audi said in its defect report to NHTSA. “In the event of a crash, the retention force of the seat belt may not reach the intended level. As a result, the position of the body can be further to the front of the seat, which leads to a negative influence on the whole restraint system, increasing the risk of injury.”

This is not the first time Audi has issued a recall for seatbelt tensioner issues. Last August, Volkswagen issued a recall for approximately 45,500 cars and SUVs, primarily from Audi but also including the ID.4. In that instance, the rear seat belt automatic locking retractors could potentially deactivate early. This issue could prevent a child restraint system from securing properly.

Audi S3

Audi discovered the problem while crash testing cars for the South Korean market and is unaware of any related injuries. The NHTSA filing indicates the problem affects 2,221 A3 sedans and 363 S3 sedans for the 2022 model year. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed before September 16, 2022. These notices will provide information on the issue and how to schedule an appointment for the repair. Dealers will replace the driver and front passenger seat belt assemblies free of charge.

If you own a 2022 Audi A3 or S3 and think you might be affected, contact Audi’s customer service at 1-800-253-2834. Audi’s number for this recall is 68i2.

Photos: Audi USA

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