What is the UK’s leading breakdown provider?

Gareth Herincx

3 days ago
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Start Rescue breakdown provider

Nationwide roadside rescue and recovery provider Start Rescue has been named the UK’s leading breakdown company.

In the annual Which? Recommended Provider customer survey, Start Rescue came out top for the fourth consecutive year, with the highest percentage of customers feeling they get value for money.

The research found that Start Rescue’s full home, roadside and national annual cover was more than £94 cheaper than the most expensive equivalent competitor, with its most affordable policy starting at just £19.75 per year. 

In taking the top spot in the Which? Recommended Provider Breakdown Services Survey, Start Rescue was placed ahead of some of the biggest names in breakdown, including the AA, RAC and Green Flag.

“Recognition by the largest independent consumer body in the UK for the fourth year in a row is a huge achievement for our team,” said Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue. 

“I’m so proud of the fantastic feedback we continue to receive from our customers, which we believe is the mark of the quality and value for money offered by our range of breakdown cover.”

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Top 5 DIY car maintenance tasks for drivers

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Gareth Herincx

2 days ago
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Car maintenance

A new study has revealed the car maintenance jobs motorists feel most and least confident about tackling themselves.

According to an AA-Populus survey, more than 97% of drivers can open the bonnet and top up the windscreen washer fluid. However, checking the power steering and changing the oil are the hardest tasks.

Top 5 tasks that drivers feel most confident doing themselves:

  1. Open the bonnet – 98%
  2. Top up windscreen washer fluid – 97%
  3. Check tyre pressure – 93%
  4. Check engine oil level – 91%
  5. Top-up engine oil – 86%

Top 5 tasks that drivers feel are the hardest:

  1. Change oil and oil filter – 31% confident to do this themselves
  2. Check power steering is working – 46%
  3. Check for safe level of brake fluid – 63%
  4. Change a flat tyre / fit spare wheel – 63%
  5. Change windscreen wiper blade – 75%

Older and wiser

It appears that age is a deciding factor when looking at vehicle maintenance confidence, with an average of 77% of drivers aged over 65 claiming they could carry out the tasks listed in the survey.

Conversely, one in three drivers aged 18-24 weren’t confident tackling the same tasks.

While 97% of the youngest age bracket felt confident opening the bonnet of their vehicle, less than half were comfortable with tasks relating to flat tyres, brake fluid, power steering and oil changes.


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