New Weise Nomad Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Even hardened bikers accustomed to riding through cold weather tend to avoid it where possible. But if you’re planning on heading out all year round, or need something for essential short trips when it’s chilly, then you might want to check our the new Weise Nomad winter motorcycle gloves.

They’re a cost-effective way to keep your hands warm and dry, with a Hipora membrane to combat wind-chill and rain, but without making your palms and digits clammy. And you also get a two-layer storm cuff with an elasticated inner, and a hook-and-eye-secured outer layer to stop water trickling down your arm and wrists.

The new Weise Nomad Winter Motorcycle GlovesThe Weise Nomad gloves offer affordable comfort and protection for cold weather
The Weise Nomad gloves offer affordable comfort and protection for cold weather

Typical winter motorcycle kit isn’t always the most dynamically designed, but the Weise Nomad winter motorcycle gloves do have 3M Scotchlite piping on the outside to help your visibility in dark conditions. And while they may not look particularly exciting, you do get full grain leather and textile consruction with TPU knuckle armour for protection.

The palms feature Chamude for grip, and pads for using touchscreen devices
The palms feature Chamude for grip, and pads for using touchscreen devices

Even nipping out for a quick trip can be painful in cold weather if you’re not kitted out properly. And if you’re distracted by being uncomfortable or chilly, it’s much harder to pay attention and spot hazards. In our limited experience of Weise kit, it tends to last a while, so it’s perfect for those practical, no-nonsense investments in riding gear. If you want to opt for more features, then alternatives in the Weise range include the Montana 150 gloves for £99.99.

So it’s good that the Nomad gloves are pretty affordable at £59.99 in sizes S-3XL for men, or XS-XL for women. Online shops selling Weise products include Halfords, or you can find your local retailer on this map. And you can check out all of our coverage of motorcycle gloves here, or everything we’ve written about the whole Weise collection, here.


Low-Price New Duchinni D977 Helmet Released

While we’d always recommend investing as much as you can in motorcycle protection, there are a number of good reasons for picking up a more affordable lid like the new Duchinni D977 helmet.

You might be on a tight budget, or need a backup crash helmet for winter commuting on a smaller capacity bike or scooter. It’s also handy for occasional pillions, and we’ve even known people who rely solely on motorcycling for their transport to nominate a ‘haircut helmet’ so they don’t end up itching for a week after having their monthly trim. And starting at £69.99, the Duchinni D977 is certainly affordable.

The affordable new Duchinni D977 helmet
  • Duchinni D977 HelmetDuchinni D977 Helmet
  • Duchinni D977 HelmetDuchinni D977 HelmetHalfords. Looking for the latest motorcycle helmets? Check out our latest helmet coverage, here. Or all the products in the Duchinni range we’ve featured, here.


  • New LS2 MX701 Explorer Dual Sports Helmet

    If you like mixing road riding and escaping down trails and dirt tracks, then you might also enjoy the new LS2 MX701 Explorer Dual Sports helmet.

    It’s fairly lightweight at 1460g, with an outer shell in LS2’s High Performance Fiberglass Composite in three sizes so you don’t just end up with masses of padding as the difference between an extra small or large version. Or end up with a 2XL lid making you look like a bobblehead.

     and remove peak
    The LS2 Explorer features an adjustable and remove peak

    You also geta micrometric metal buckle and reinforced chin strap, along with an emergency release system to remove the cheek pads after an accident.

    Pick your new LS2 Explorer MX701 Dual Sports Helmet from two solid colour options, or three colours for the Alter graphics
    Pick your LS2 Explorer from two solid colour options, or three colours for the Alter graphics

    The new LS2 MX701 Explorer dual sports helmet is ECE 22.05 certified for road use and comes in XS-2XL in solid white or black for £199.99. Or the Alter graphics design is available in black with high vis yellow, fluo orange, or white for £219.99. A carbon shell version of the Explorer is also available for around £100 more. Or there’s the LS2 Pioneer Evo, which has some new graphics for 2021 at a lower price point than the Explorer.

    You can order LS2 helmets online from GhostBikes (or RevZilla in the U.S), including some good discounts and deals. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, why not check out our other Helmet news and articles, or our previous coverage of the LS2 range?


    New Weise Vertex Jacket For All Seasons

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