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Gareth Herincx

21 hours ago
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100,000th UK Dacia Duster customer

Dacia has sold its 100,000 Duster SUV since its launch in the UK in 2013.

Gail Hill was the special customer, taking delivery of her Dusty Khaki-finished Journey TCe 150 Auto from Mitchells Dacia in Lowestoft.

Since its launch, the Duster has accounted for 36% of all Dacia sales in the UK and it’s won more than 20 UK industry awards, including ‘Best Small SUV’, ‘Best Off-Roader’ and ‘Best Value Car’.

“I hadn’t considered a Duster before buying my original one, but my son said it was a good car,” said Gail.

“I needed something with a bigger boot and the Duster had plenty of space, plus it was a really good price and felt very solid.

The latest offers made upgrading to a new one more affordable than I thought, and I love the colour and how it drives with the automatic – it does go very well!”

So far, more than 12,500 drivers have already registered their interest in the all-new Dacia Duster ahead of its launch later this year.

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Dacia UK marks its 10th anniversary

Gareth Herincx

3 days ago
Auto News

Dacia celebrates 10 years in the UK

Value-for-money car brand Dacia is celebrating its first decade in the UK.

The first UK-registered Dacia was a Sandero in January 2013. Since then, a total of 240,010 Dacia vehicles have been sold.

The rugged Duster is the UK’s most popular model, recording 88,488 registrations.

Dacia’s success shows no sign of slowing as the brand enters 2023 having achieved an increase in year-on-year sales of 55% last year.

When Dacia launched, David Cameron was the Prime Minister and the last word in tech was the release of the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C.

The year was also be memorable for the birth of Prince George, while Sir Alex Ferguson retired as Manager of Manchester United.

Dacia Sandero Stepway and Dacia Sandero

The Sandero supermini and Sandero Stepway soon complemented the Duster and a decade later the trio still feature in the Dacia range. The Sandero Stepway has notched up 71,236 sales, while 59,987 examples of the Sandero have been sold.

The growing number of accolades the Renault-owned brand has received include several wins at the What Car? Car of the Year Awards, Auto Express New Car Awards and Auto Trader New Car Awards.

Today, Dacia commands an impressive 3.1% retail market share, a remarkable achievement for a brand that has only been in the UK for 10 years.

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Milestone as Dacia makes 10 millionth vehicle

Gareth Herincx

3 days ago
Auto News

Dacia celebrates 10 million vehicles

Dacia is celebrating the production of its 10 millionth vehicle since the value-for-money brand was born in 1968.

The Dacia Duster Extreme SE in Urban Grey was produced at the company’s plant in Romania.

Dacia celebrates 10 millionth vehicle

Dacia assembled its first vehicle, the Dacia 1100, in August 1968. The following year, the popular Dacia 1300 model was introduced. It inspired a whole family of derivatives such as the saloon, station wagon, sports coupe and LCV and remained in production for 35 years.

A new chapter in Dacia’s history was opened following its acquisition by Renault Group in 1999.

With the launch of Logan in 2004, Dacia became a global carmaker and the pace of sales accelerated. In 2005, Dacia opened a production line outside Romania, at the Somaca plant in Casablanca, Morocco.

Dacia launched in the UK in January 2013 and enjoyed the most successful start ever for a new car brand in the UK. So far, more than 220,000 Dacia vehicles have been sold. In all, Dacia vehicles are sold in 44 countries.

Within the 10 million vehicles produced, there have been:

  • 2.6 million Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway, the best-selling vehicle to private customers in Europe since 2017
  • 2.1 million Dacia Duster, the best-selling SUV to private customers in Europe since 2018
  • 1.95 million Dacia Logan and Logan MCV
  • 2.3 million Dacia 1300 (and variants)

“We are very proud to have passed the symbolic milestone of 10 million vehicles produced,” said Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia.

“This result rewards a pragmatic vision of the automobile, focused on what is essential to our customers.

“Building on its experience, Dacia will continue to grow and offer attractive vehicles that are adapted to our customers’ lifestyles.”

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Dacia Jogger review

Dacia Jogger

Every now and again a new car rocks up that takes me by complete surprise. Believe it or not, the Dacia Jogger is one such vehicle.

The headline is that this latest model from Renault’s Romanian budget brand is the cheapest seven-seater on the market – by a long chalk.

The reality is that it’s a remarkably affordable family car that can genuinely seat seven people (I’m just under 6ft and I can fit in the third row), which is more than you can say for some other supposed seven-seaters for more than twice the price.

Dacia Jogger

The cheap and cheerful Jogger range starts at just £14,995 and it’s hard to categorise because it’s the length of an estate car, has the ground clearance some crossovers, and yet boasts the interior versality of a people carrier, or even a LAV (Leisure Activity Vehicle).

There are three trim levels – Essential, Comfort and Extreme SE. The former comes with cruise control, air conditioning, LED lights and rear parking sensors as standard.

Comfort, which is likely to be the most popular option, gets keyless entry, an electronic handbrake, automatic wipers and a rear parking camera, while Extreme SE adds heated front seats, interior floor mats, sat nav and a few rufty-tufty exterior styling tweaks.

Dacia Jogger

Comfort and Extreme get an 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, but you’ll have to use your smartphone for media and navigation duties on an entry-level Essential model.

So, the Jogger follows in the same successful wheel-tracks as its siblings – the Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Duster – which is no-frills motoring at a bargain price.

It shares its attractive front end, complete with straked LED headlights, with the recently launched Sandero, while its profile is certainly distinctive (and long), but it won’t win a rear of the year contest.

Dacia Jogger

That said, it is a clever design because the rear gently rises up, allowing stacks of headroom and visibility inside for passengers in the stadium-style second row of seats, where there’s already impressive legroom.

The huge tailgate opens to reveal just 213 litres of cargo space with the third row of seats in place.  As a five-seater, you get a massive 699 litres of space. Fold these down and remove the third row of seats (easily done) and there’s a van-like 2,085-litre load bay.

The Jogger also features Dacia’s clever roof rails, which swivel around to create a roof rack.

Dacia Jogger

The front cabin will be familiar to Sandero drivers, which means that it’s pretty basic and there’s no shortage of scratchy plastic, but it does the job. My only gripe is that the driving position is a little high for my liking.

The Jogger’s 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine is more refined than I expected and surprisingly punchy at lower speeds. The Eco button dulls the engine response, so best left for longer cruises. The six-speed manual gearbox works just fine – it’s just a shame Dacia sticks with its uncomfortable gear knob.

On paper, the 108bhp turbo petrol engine (TCe 110) can sprint to 62mph in 11.2 seconds and return up to 48.7mpg, while CO2 emissions are 131g/km. From my experience of driving on mixed roads, 45mpg is achievable, and it can nudge 50mpg on a motorway run.

Dacia Jogger

It’s incredibly easily to drive with light steering and good visibility, but things get a little more challenging when its pushed beyond its comfort zone. More spirited drivers will soon realise that it loses its composure on more challenging roads.

Keep it sensible and the lightweight Jogger is nimble and good fun to drive.

So far so good – now the fly in the ointment. The Jogger scored just one out of five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests, which are more rigorous than ever.

It was marked down for its lack of safety kit and driver assistance technology equipment and the testers were unimpressed that it doesn’t have airbags or seatbelt reminders for the third row of seats.

While this safety score is nothing to boast about, it’s worth pointing out that the Jogger isn’t a dangerous car, it’s just not as super safe as many other new vehicles.

Dacia Jogger

For the record, all Jogger models feature six airbags, autonomous emergency braking (AEB), anti-lock brakes (ABS), ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with ASR (Traction control) and Hill Start Assist (HSA), while Comfort trim and above get a blind spot warning system. In other words, it’s still a lot safer than millions of older cars on the roads today.

It’s a shame to end on a negative, because the Jogger is a fantastic all-round package, especially when every penny counts.

Verdict: As the cost of living crisis deepens, the all-new Dacia Jogger is well worth considering because it offers remarkable value for money and is a superbly honest and practical car. A genuine seven-seater, it’s economical, easy to drive and incredibly versatile. Take one for a test drive and prepare to be bowled over.

Dacia UK

Dacia Jogger

Why Dacia owners have reasons to be cheerful

Dacia Sandero Stepway and Dacia Sandero

Dacia models have been praised for their value, comfort and reliability in a major new satisfaction study.

Renault’s Romanian budget brand scored exceptionally well in four satisfaction indexes conducted by readers of consumer motoring website Honest John.

Manufacturers and vehicles were assessed on reliability, build quality, fuel economy, repair costs and performance. Ride comfort, handling, ease of driving, practicality and technology were also considered, as well as safety.

Based on feedback from more than 5,000 owners, the low cost manufacturer was named Most Satisfying Car Brand in the Satisfaction Index 2021, pipping Lexus and Hyundai.

Most Satisfying Car Brand 

Rank Manufacturer Satisfaction Index Rating (%)
1 Dacia 91.6
2 Lexus 90.6
3 Hyundai 89.7
4 Kia 89.6
5 MG 89.4
6 Skoda 89.1
7 Subaru 89.0
8 Toyota 88.8
9 Porsche 88.7
10 Volkswagen 88.4

Dacia, which makes the popular Duster SUV, was just beaten by Japanese premium brand Lexus in the Most Reliable Car Manufacturer index.

Most Reliable Car Manufacturer

Rank Manufacturer Satisfaction out of 10
1 Lexus 9.81
2 Dacia 9.76
3 Mitsubishi 9.64
4 Toyota 9.63
5 Suzuki 9.59
6 Kia 9.54
7 Honda 9.51
8 Subaru 9.50
9 MG 9.48
10 Hyundai 9.48

Meanwhile, while the Dacia Sandero – still the UK’s cheapest new car – finished four in the Most Satisfying Car index, behind the Hyundai Ioniq, Volkswagen T-Roc and Mazda CX-5.

Most Satisfying Car

Rank Manufacturer and Model Satisfaction Index Rating (%)
1 Hyundai Ioniq (2016 – ) 95.7
2 Volkswagen T-Roc (2018 – ) 93.7
3 Mazda CX-5 (2017- ) 93.0
4 Dacia Sandero (2013 – 2021 ) 92.6
5 Skoda Kodiaq (2016 – ) 92.5
6 Honda CR-V (2018 – ) 92.5
7 Skoda Superb Estate (2014 – ) 92.2
8 Volkswagen Tiguan (2016 – ) 92.2
9 BMW 3 Series Touring (2012 – 2019) 91.8
10 Toyota Corolla (2019 – ) 91.6

The Sandero also gained a podium place in the Most Reliable Car category, again beaten by the Hyundai Ioniq and Volkswagen T-Roc.

Most Reliable Car

Rank Manufacturer and Model Satisfaction out of 10
1 Hyundai Ioniq (2016 – ) 9.93
2 Volkswagen T-Roc (2018 – ) 9.90
3 Dacia Sandero (2013 – 2021 ) 9.90
4 SEAT Leon (2013 – 2020 ) 9.86
5 Mazda CX-5 (2017- ) 9.83
6 Volkswagen Tiguan (2016 – ) 9.83
7 Honda Jazz (2014 – 2020 ) 9.82
8 Lexus NX (2014 – ) 9.82
9 Toyota Yaris (2011 – 2020) 9.79
10 Kia Sportage (2016 – ) 9.77

“What a tremendous recognition for Dacia that manufacturing a low cost car doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the things that make your customers happy,” said Dan Powell, Senior Editor of

“Cheap does mean cheerful, with readers praising Dacia models for their value, comfort and reliability. The Romanian manufacturer is part of the Renault family and that quality comes through in its high scores for satisfaction and reliability.

“This is a massive piece of research, a real barometer of what the nation thinks of its cars, with more than 5,000 readers taking part.

“It is also a clear indicator of the rise and rise of electric and hybrid vehicles that the Hyundai Ioniq was crowned the most satisfying car for the second year in a row.”