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Gareth Herincx

18 hours ago
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Nextbase near-miss dash cam image

Three quarters of UK drivers have had a ‘near-miss’ accident, according to new research conducted by Nextbase for National Dash Cam Day.

Despite this, 75% of drivers have never reported a road traffic incident to police, with 41% saying they lacked evidence or the knowledge of how to do so.

Nextbase’s National Dash Cam Safety Portal system, which is now used by all but three UK police forces, offers an easy way to submit evidence to police online, already saving a claimed 52 years of police time.

The vast majority (70%) of these reports lead to further action – including fines, warning letters, and court cases.

The study also found that a nearly a half (49%) of the drivers reporting near-misses believed they would have been the victim if the accident had taken place.

What’s more, it would seem motorists see an average of 14 separate instances of illegal driving every week.

Speeding is most common, which 67% of drivers surveyed said they saw on a weekly basis, followed by failing to indicate (60%), tailgating (52%), and dangerous overtaking (52%).

“We created the Portal to make roads safer,” said Bryn Brooker, Head of Road Safety at Nextbase. “Road users can send in video from any device and help to get dangerous drivers off the road. Police aren’t just sitting on these videos – they are using them.”

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Hotspots for car theft across England and Wales

Gareth Herincx

3 days ago
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Car crime vehicle theft

New research has revealed the regions in England and Wales that see the most – and least – vehicle thefts.

Car insurance experts at Uswitch analysed how car thefts have changed over the last five years by analysing ONS crime and vehicle theft statistics, to reveal the regions with the highest rate of vehicle thefts.

London has the highest rate of vehicle crimes per head with 113.0 reported per 10,000 people.

The West Midlands have the second-highest rate of vehicle crime in England and Wales, with 87.0 crimes per 10,000 people in the area, whilst Greater Manchester places third, with 79.6 reported crimes per 10,000 people.

10 police areas with the highest rate of vehicle crime in England & Wales 

Rank Area  Population (2019) No. Offences to March 21 Vehicle Crime Rate per 10,000
1 London (Metropolitan Police) 8,952,300 101,131 113.0
2 West Midlands 2,928,600 25,470 87.0
3 Greater Manchester 2,835,700 22,568 79.6
4 Bedfordshire 675,000 5,079 75.2
5 South Yorkshire 1,409,000 10,266 72.9
6 Hertfordshire 1,189,500 6,959 58.5
7 Essex 1,846,700 10,392 56.3
8 West Yorkshire 2,332,500 13,086 56.1
9 Warwickshire 577,900 3,210 55.5
10 Northamptonshire 753,300 4,134 54.9

Meanwhile, the area covering the Welsh regions of Dyfed and Powys has the lowest rate of vehicle crime in the country, standing at 12.1 crimes per 10,000 people.

Regions in England and Wales that see the lowest rate of vehicle theft

Rank Area Population (2019) No. Offences to March 21 Vehicle Crime Rate per 10,000
1 Dyfed-Powys 519,700 628 12.1
2 Cumbria 500,000 704 14.1
3 North Wales 699,600 1,061 15.2
4 Devon and Cornwall 1,772,500 3,107 17.5
5 North Yorkshire 828,700 1,534 18.5

The Uswitch study also revealed that from 2016 to 2021, national vehicle crime numbers fell by 8.70% from 365,037 to 336,650.

North Wales has seen the biggest reduction in vehicle crime in the last 5 years, with the number of offences falling by 48.3% to 1,061 in the year to March 2021.

The Metropolitan Police saw the biggest increase in vehicle crime anywhere in the country, with numbers rising by as much as 22.1%.

Since Covid-19, vehicle crime has reduced nationwide by 27.13% with over 100,000 fewer crimes being recorded during the first year of the pandemic.

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