Showcasing classic American hot rods, sports cars and Musclecars, and supporting local charities and non-profit support groups, RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA!

RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA!Since 1912 the small seaside city of Carpinteria on California’s Central Coast has promoted its designation as the location of the “World’s Safest Beach” – and since 1997 the city has also been touting its Car Guy credentials as the home of the rad Rods & Roses car show. This popular community event has never been the biggest or baddest California car show, but it has always delivered a soothing blend of chilled vibes and head-turning stock and modified show cars.

This year’s show is the 27th iteration! It was held on July 6, 2024 and drew in over 200 cars plus thousands of show-goers from points near and far. There were hot rods, customs, classics, Musclecars, sports cars, imports, barn-finds, low-riders, and one beastly big machine! Since the show’s inception, one of its goals is to raise money in support of local non-profits like Carpinteria Cares for Youth, The Food Pantry, and Hospice of Santa Barbara.

As Saturday’s show wound down, the fun stayed ratcheted up for the annual Carpinteria Independence Day Parade that featured many of the award-winning show cars cruising slowly down Linden Avenue towards the World’s Safest Beach. One of the Old School hot rods that got my attention and serves as our report’s lead photo, above, is this radically customized ’27 Ford Model T High Roof Coupe. Model Ts were the first automobiles mass-produced on moving assembly lines, using interchangeable parts.

This was one of the sweetest hot rods I saw at Rods & Roses. It’s Jerry Friedrich’s Flathead-powered ’30 Ford Roadster and it’s sitting poised for action on Linden Avenue. You might have to be a bit of a fabrication geek to truly appreciate all the masterfully built components and details – like the rare ELCO finned aluminum Twin-Plug Heads, and numerous examples of engineering perfection. But even the average show-goer in Carpinteria appreciated its esthetic appeal. Well done, Jerry!

La Bestioni No. 8 is Gary Wales’ reimagined 1920 American LaFrance fire truck. This magnificent machine is Gary’s 8th Beast – and like No. 1, it’s a tribute to the famous 1910 Fiat S76 Beast of Turin racecar. No. 8 features a fully restored chassis and a 14-liter, water-cooled 6-cylinder motor. One of Gary’s biggest joys is watching his creations bring smiles to those lucky to encounter his Beasts. Sitting up high on La Bestioni is Gary’s constant companion and spokesperson, Kyra. Nice shirt Gary!

RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA!BREAKING NEWS!: Surf shop employees spot powerful Cyclone near Carpinteria State Beach! Larry Schuss’ 427-powered ’65 Mercury Comet Cyclone charged the atmosphere out in front of Rincon Designs Surf Shop during RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA! This meticulously crafted, hi-performance Merc took the Crown Classics Choice Award!

This pristine ’67 Porsche 911 may look like a nice stock survivor, but owners Mark & Brett Lyons were kind enough to send me a few of their recently completed 911’s specs. Its original 2.0 engine case is fitted with higher compression 2.2 pistons and heads are ported and polished. Plus, high-lift “E” cams, 123 electronic distributor and MSD box, PMO carbs and intakes, and an M&K Stainless steel muffler. Other upgrades include a 901 five-speed trans with J West short shifter, Tarett adjustable front and rear sway bars, MOMO steering wheel, and Scheel-Mann seats.

I wasn’t surprised to discover a Woody within walking distance of the World’s Safest Beach, but I was very impressed with the quality restoration of this stately ’48 Oldsmobile Deluxe Series 68 Station Wagon. Owner Greg Metzgus personally restored his Woody, using his master sheet metal and wood crafter skills to take the pile of weathered original wood parts crammed into the cargo bay of the unrestored wagon and turn it back into the shiny driver that it is today. Olds manufactured only 1,314 of the Deluxe Series 68, eight-cylinder, metal and wood wagons in 1948.

RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA!This Sassy Grass Green (1970 Barracuda FJ6 color) Plymouth Barracuda underwent a rotisserie restoration with the apparent goal of capturing the sex appeal and “street brute” swagger of a legendary 426 Hemi Cuda. This car is a 1973 model with a high-performance, dual quad 472 cubic-inch motor producing 550 horsepower. Matte black fender and door graphics and a Shaker hood provide “Look at Me” contrast to the electric paint scheme. Wheels are noticeably not stock. The car is currently offered for sale in Ventura, CA with an asking price of $179,999.

Bill Pitruzzelli’s low and racy ’56 Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster got a lot of love from showgoers at RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA! – as well as the Classic Award from the judges. Bill’s Outlaw 356 features an aftermarket hard tonneau with an integrated, sweptback headrest fairing.

I had to do a double-take and then a triple-take when I spotted this classic ’55 Corvette adorned with a rare Bubble Top. As the story goes, GM styling chief Harley Earl commissioned approximately 20 plastic bubble canopy tops for the ‘54 Corvette, most of which went to special customers and dealers. A handful of aftermarket companies produced Bubble Tops and, while pretty cool looking, almost all had fitment problems – allowing water and wind to enter the cockpit. Another “small problem” was that the bubble top raised interior temperatures. Not cool!

This Satellite is not from the gang at Space X but rather it’s a mid-size model from our friends at Plymouth. Finished in Snakeskin Green this ’69 Plymouth Satellite gets its propulsion from a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 crate engine mated to a Tremec TKO 600 5-Speed transmission. This car and the ’73 Hemi Cuda were brought to RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA! by the same seller. $119,995 is the Take It Home number.

RODS & ROSES BLOOMS AGAIN IN CARPINTERIA, CA!By today’s standards, Ronald Root’s ’58 Corvette looks somewhat tame and reserved. No carbon fiber chassis, no rear wing, no 800 horsepower motor, and mercifully, no $1,000,000 price tag. Still, 66 years since its appearance on the showroom floors, this C1 Corvette still quickens my pulse, still makes me wonder “Is it for sale?” So, thanks Ronald, and thanks to all of you Car Guys for being the custodians and proponents for these automotive gems!

I want to close this Car Guy Chronicles West Coast report with a little challenge. Now I’m sure many of our readers will get the answer right away – but I’m willing to bet some of us will have to take a minute or two to decode our memorization process and retrieve our stored enthusiast minutiae from behind those massive memory banks of passwords, cousin’s names and mixology formulas. OK, so the question is, “What car’s interior is this a photo of?” Bonus brainiac points if you get the year, make and model correct!

Words & Photos © Jim Palam,

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SINGER CELEBRATES 300th PORSCHE 911 reimagined by Singer and completed in California.


The 1990 Porsche 911 featured here was restored in collaboration with its owner who has named their car the ‘Sotto’ commission. This car is an example of Singer’s personalization services and love affair with the 911. Its specification represents requests made by its owner.

1990 Porsche 911 Targa (Type 964)

  • Presented with carbon fiber bodywork in Resistance Blue with ghosted side stripes
  • Bespoke interior trimmed in orange leather with black stitching
  • Lightweight carbon fiber track seats with woven leather centers and nickel grommets
  • 4.0L, naturally aspirated, air-cooled flat six, paired with a 5-speed manual transmission sending power to the rear wheels
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Titanium sports exhaustThis milestone represents Singer’s careful but steady growth since its founding in 2009. Singer now employs over 600 people across world-class teams in California and the UK. On behalf of its global clientele, Singer brings together beauty, craftsmanship and innovation.
  • SINGER CELEBRATES 300th PORSCHE 911Founded in California in 2009, Singer has become famous for its celebration of the Porsche 911. The company undertakes bespoke restorations for owners of the air-cooled cars.

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The first PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911 from Sacrilege Motors will break cover at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours.


Sacrilege Motors, a bespoke performance, restoration and electric-conversion studio, will reveal its first Porsche 911 commission on the Concept Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Sacrilege Motors is the premier restoration and electric-conversion company devoted to evolving the classic Porsche 911 by preserving its analog driving feel and precise handling, while updating its performance and reducing its environmental impact.

Nicknamed BLACKBIRD by its owner, in honor of the supersonic Lockheed SR-71 aircraft, this  triple-black commission, a ‘92 Porsche 911 America Roadster, is the first to be restored, performance-tuned, and converted to an electric powertrain at Sacrilege Motors’ headquarters in Lakeville, CT. Housed in a former Skip Barber facility, Sacrilege Motors chose the location for its proximity to  the historic Lime Rock Park racing circuit, where the BLACKBIRD PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911 development testing took place. The Porsche 911 America Roadster is a limited-edition, U.S. version of the Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo-look, one of 250 made. Originally equipped with a Tiptronic  transmission, this car now has a single-gear, all-electric powertrain.


“Our passion for Porsche cars is paramount to this project,” said Bobby Singh, Sacrilege Motors’ president and technical lead. “We want to deliver an analog, air-cooled-era 911 with the reliability and instant power of an EV, while preserving an exhilarating driving experience that’s familiar to air-cooled 911 enthusiasts. Retaining the 911’s best handling characteristics, with added performance and up graded components, all while reducing its environmental impact, was our ultimate goal. We’ve kept  the same weight distribution, which is crucial to the car feeling like a Porsche 911 should.”

“Since 1997 I have owned a Porsche 911 993 Turbo…my dream car, maintained by Bobby for almost  30 years.” Sacrilege Motors CEO Phil Wagenheim said. “For this commission, we set out to maintain the soul of a Porsche 911 and familiarity of its driving experience, while adding a low-maintenance, high-performance powerplant. I’m not telling anyone to give up internal combustion…I’m not. What we are doing at Sacrilege is we’re just adding an electric power option to your analog quiver of fun.”

PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911 Blackbird

Model: ‘92 Porsche 911 America Roadster (one of 250 Produced; 1992-1993) 0-60: Under 4 seconds

Power: 500 horsepower

Torque: 369 pound-feet (500 Nm)

Weight: 3,200 pounds

Motor: Tesla Model S (Custom)

Battery Pack: 62 kWh

Range: Approx. 200 miles

Differential: Limited slip

Charging: CCS rapid charging

Suspension Front: Two-way inverted custom Penske race shocks

Suspension Rear: Three-way adjustable remote-reservoir custom Penske race shocks

Brakes: Brembo performance, slotted rotors, front and rear

Wheels: Fiske three-piece custom forged

Tires Front: Michelin PS2 235/40ZR-18

Tires Rear: Michelin PS2 295/35ZR-18

PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911Sacrilege Motors was founded in 2020 by finance entrepreneur and corporate CEO Phil Wagenheim and Porsche expert driver and tuner Bobby Singh, who brings three decades of experience race-tuning and maintaining elite Porsche sports cars, including the 959, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder, and Cup cars.

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For the first time ever, you can view one of the world’s most recognized Porsche collectors, Magnus Walker’s URBAN OUTLAW PORSCHES @ PETERSEN MUSEUM.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Urban Outlaw, the award-winning documentary that detailed Magnus Walker’s journey from the tough streets of Sheffield, England, to lavish Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum is debuting a new exhibit in its Legends of the Vault Gallery surrounding Walker, his journey, and his cars.

Walker is one of the world’s most well-known Porsche builders and collectors. He found fame with his popular clothing brand, Serious, prior to building a career in real estate, cars and filmmaking. The exhibit will include 10 cars and a series of objects personally selected by Walker. Highlights include his iconic red, white, and blue Porsche “277,” his Porsche 993 Art Car, his co-designed Nike SB dunks, and other art and automotive items curated by Walker himself.

Check out Mark Vaughn’s URBAN OUTLAW PORSCHES @ PETERSEN MUSEUM feature @

Watch Magnus Walker’s Garage Tour video @

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Everrati Signature Edition ELECTRIC: PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911 with Performance Pack showcases a 500-horsepower EV powertrain, is capable of sub-4-second 0 to 62-mph sprints with an up to 200-mile range.


Everrati today announces a new strategic partnership with the Aria Group, based in Irvine, CA, experts in low-volume specialist manufacturing and composites, to produce electrified classic sports cars. Aria group has experience creating vehicles for both Singer Vehicle Design, and Radford Motors (with its Type 62-2).

In addition to the electric Porsche 911, Everrati’s plug-in EV portfolio includes:

Land Rover Series IIA.

GT40 in partnership with Superformance, including officially licensed Gulf Edition.

Mercedes-Benz W113 SL Pagoda.

The 911 (964) redefined by Everrati range consists of Coupe, Targa & Cabriolet in narrow body, wide body and officially-licensed Gulf Editions. Its flagship Signature wide body features a 500-horsepower, 500Nm EV powertrain with a high-power state-of-the-art battery pack, capable of delivering an electric, emission-free driving range of up to 200 miles and sub-4-second 0-62-mph acceleration.

Centering on driver engagement and immersive experiences, each Everrati product features unparalleled engineering to OEM standards. Simultaneously, Everrati works meticulously to preserve the original ‘feel’ and character of its redefined icons with the transformation to electric power. Other areas of concentration include the optimization of weight distribution, chassis response and safety to enhance the performance of the original, reinvigorating its soul.

ELECTRIC: PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911According to Justin Lunny, Founder & CEO, Everrati Automotive Limited, “The build of our first car – ELECTRIC: PLUG-IN PORSCHE 911 – in Irvine is already well underway and I cannot wait to deliver it to our Californian customer in the coming months.”

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