New Keis J601RP UltraFlex Heated Jacket For Winter Riding

There are some potential benefits to riding through cold weather, but it’s important to stay warm for your safety as well as comfort. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re shivering, so even if you’re using an old winter hack for commuting, something like the new Keis J601RP UltraFlex heated jacket can be a worthwile investment.

The UltraFlex material has been developed by Keis from 85% Chinlon and 15% Spandex to create a mid-layer which is flexible, comfortable, and not too bulky. And as a bonus, Chinlon also wicks away moisture, which is handy. Plus it’s soft, and combined with the stretchy Spandex, you get a snug fit to make the most of the heating without hampering your movement on the bike, or any uncomfortable rubbing and chafing.

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Custom Sidecar Coffee Shop Built For The Ace Cafe in Switzerland

Combine a love of caffeine and motorcycles with this custom sidecar coffee shop built for the Ace Cafe in Switzerland.

Ace Sidecar Caffeine was the idea of owner Danny Kunz, who started with a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 worked on by Auer Power Moto, a local dealer and bike builder based in nearby Obwalden. And then complimented by the Watsonian Grand Prix sidecar, that then gets a rack carrying a coffee grinder and ECM Espresso machine. It’s also set up to serve Guiness 0.0 non-alcoholic beer if you fancy something else to drink.

And it’s nice to see three brands originally created in the UK, all looking pretty cool with the backdrop of the Swiss mountains. Royal Enfield built their first motorcycle in 1901, Watsonian began building sidecars in 1912, and the Ace Cafe originally opened in 1938.

The custom sidecar coffee shop built for the Ace Cafe in Switzerlandwebsite, if you need more information. As do Auer Power Moto, and Watsonian.

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New Oxford COB LED Auxiliary Lights Launched

If you struggle to see during extreme motorcycle adventures on tarmac or off-road, the new Oxford COB LED Auxiliary Lights could be worth checking out. Each pod puts out a 1150 lumen beam, so it’s equivalent to sticking a pair of good car headlights to the front of your bike.

The new Oxford COB LED Auxiliary lights each put out 1150 lumensNo more struggling in dark or unlit conditions with the Oxford COB LED Auxiliary lights...
No more struggling in dark or unlit conditions with the Oxford COB LED Auxiliary lights…

If you’ve ever found yourself on a trail or unlit road at night, you’ll realise how little standard headlights tend to illuminate, having just one beam from the centre of your fairing or bars. Which can be a real hazard if you don’t know the terrain, or even with wildlife suddenly appearing from the darkness. So there are definitely some practical reasons, alongside looking more like a rugged off-road biker capable of tackling any environment.

The Oxford COB LED Auxiliary Lights cost £229.99 for the pair, including the lights, adaptors, mounting brackets, wiring harness and switch. And you can find their products through a wide range of dealers acrouss the UK and internationally.

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New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

Nothing beats the enjoyment of actually riding a motorcycle. But as most of us probably won’t get to try a Ducati Desmosedici GP23, Honda RC213V or KTM RC16, the new MotoGP 23 videogame gives you a taste of racing against Bagnaia, Miller, Marquez and the rest of the grid.

It’s out now, and you can buy it for the PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch consoles, although it’s worth pointing out that the Switch doesn’t get all of the features added to the other versions.

The new MotoGP 23 videogame lets you live out your racing dreams - virtually at least
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

If you prefer racing real humans, then there’s local two-player split screen mode, a new ranked option to match you against online racers at a similar skill level (both don’t apply on the Switch). Xbox and PlayStation console owners will also be able to race against each other (cross play isn’t for the Switch or PC versions).

And if you’re new to the MotoGP 23 videogame, or want to race against less experienced friends and family, there are new ‘Neural Aids’ to help with acceleration, braking and steering. Obviously you can turn these off as you improve your skills. And if you get really good, there’s always the chance of competing in the MotoGP eSports championship as a virtual racer, part of the actual teams in the MotoGP series.

New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

MotoGP 23 is available as a digital download for the PC via Steam, the PS4 and PS5 via the PlayStation Store, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via the Microsoft Store, or the Switch via the Nintendo eShop. If you prefer a physical copy of your game, then you can find it at various retailers, including Game (including the exclusive Day One Edition with a VIP Multiplier Pack) and Amazon.

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New SW-Motech Luggage For The 2023 Honda Hornet

First launched as a 600cc model in 1998 (the 1996 CB250F was Japan-only), the popular naked middleweight motorcycle has now returned as the cost effective CB750. And as a capable all-rounder, you can increase the carrying capacity and versatility with the new SW-Motech luggage for the 2023 Honda Hornet.

As a former Hornet owner, I used mine for everything from track days to touring trips. So I can appreciate the need for increasing the luggage capacity, and also anything that can be quickly and easily removed at your destination. I liked mine so much, my dad actually bought the same model (the 2007 version with the more angular nose), while friends have owned models dating back all the way to the original.

And the new model is likely to appeal to a range of riders, coming in at £6,999, less than rivals, with a 91 bhp parallel twin cylinder engine, 190kg weight and a low 795mm seat height. All of which should make it good for commuting or longer trips.

Some of the new SW-Motech luggage for the 2023 Honda Hornethere. And you can check out all our news and coverage of Honda motorcycles, here. If you can’t stretch to a new Hornet, then older models are still well worth checking out, and there’s always a wide selection for sale via eBay. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for a secondhand grey import CB250F…