The Best Used Audi for (Almost) Any Budget in 2023

The Best Used Audi for Almost Any Budget!

Are you in the market for the best used Audi, and want the most bang for your buck? This buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect Audis.

With continued supply chain issues it is still a challenge to buy a new Audi in 2023. The good news is that Audi has been building cars and selling them in the U.S. for decades. So, there are plenty of used models to choose from. In fact, there may be a few too many used models to choose from. So how does one find the best used Audi?

This helpful buyer’s guide, of course!

We scoured for sale listings to find some of the most interesting choices for every budget. If you are shopping for something practical, we got you covered. Want something sporty? We got you there as well. We start at under $10K and increase our budget by $10K increments until we hit $60K. Above that amount, you can buy many new Audi models.

Audi for Under $10K

Audi A4Under $10K
$10K to $20K
$20K to $30K
$30K to $40K
$40K to $50K
$50K to $60K

Audi Sport: R8 Successor is ‘Biggest Wish,’ Performance Plug-in Hybrids Are Coming

Audi R8 Coupé V10 GT RWD

Audi engineers really want to build an R8 successor, but before that, we’re bound to see some performance plug-in hybrids.

At the moment, Audi has just begun pivoting to its all-electric future, which means legendary models like the R8 — and its glorious V10 — are headed into the sunset. Fortunately, the internal-combustion party isn’t over just yet. There are still faster versions of the RS6 Avant on the way, and in a new interview with our friends at Autocar, Audi Sport managing director Sebastian Grams says enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to, including why building an R8 successor is his “biggest wish.”

In the piece, he touches on loads of interesting points, from how important noise is to enthusiasts, to Formula 1 cost caps, to the possibility of an electric TT. But here’s what really jumped out from Ingolstadt’s performance wing:

We are going in the direction of performance plug-in hybrid systems. This is what we are going for and I can tell you, this will be no less amazing than what you’re driving today. I personally believe that you will also have more opportunities to design the driving performance to be even cooler for the customer. 

Now obviously, I love the idea of a cooler driving experience, just like every enthusiast with a pulse. And to be brutally honest? My experience with electric performance cars has demonstrated that when you have wicked instant thrust, even things like the lack of a manual transmission and a wicked engine note can be forgiven. So I’d be happy to skip the whole plug-in hybrid step and go straight to weapons-grade green machines.

Where Should Audi Performance Go Next? (AudiWorld’s Take)

While the interview with Grams was informative, there wasn’t any discussion of the performance Audi I’d most like to see. Because I want to see a road-legal car derived from the history-making RS Q e-tron — and the timing is perfect for it. Seriously, just think about how crazy people went giving Porsche 911s the safari treatment. It got so popular that Stuttgart actually responded with a factory version. Even Lamborghini is making an off-road-focused supercar, in the form of the Huracán Sterrato. I’m telling you, there’s gold in them there hills.

And of all the companies making high-end sports cars today, which ones have a legacy that even approaches Audi when it comes to getting dirty? I mean, Group B anyone? Just imagine something built using what the engineers at Audi Sport learned running the RS Q e-tron in the Dakar Rally, and how cool that would be. If they could style it so it looked like the Quattro S1, I don’t believe they’d be able to make them fast enough. Porsche and Lamborghini might have beaten Audi to the market, sure. But going fully electric would be a game changer. Suddenly, every other manufacturer would be playing catch up.

Of course, there’s a reason that I’m a writer and not a product planner, and it’s easy to spend someone else’s money on research and development from the comfort of your keyboard. That said, I really think I’m on to something here. So what do you think? Would it be a good move for Audi to lead the charge when it comes to off-road-focused electric cars? Hit me up and let me know!

Image Source: Audi

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RIP Ken Block, Dakar or Bust, R8 vs R8, Roadtripping an e-tron 5K Miles & More! | AudiWorld Driven

Audi Newslost a motorsports legend. But there were some bright spots as well such as Audi competing in the Dakar rally. It was a lot to try to keep track of in only one week, so we handpicked just for you some of the top Audi news items to keep you up to date. End your week by catching up with all the hot Audi news that you may have missed as we charged into a brand-new year.

Ken Block Tragically Killed

Ken BlockHERE.

Dakar Power Boost


Audi F1 Driver Search

Audi NewsHERE. 

Must Watch Video: Trading a Porsche 911 for an Audi S8

Matt Watson from Carwow was cruising around in a Porsche 911 Turbo S as his daily driver. But with a growing family he needed a bit more room than the 911 could provide. So how do you replace a rocket ship like a Turbo S? With an Audi S8 of course! Watson can choose just about any car he wants so him deciding that the S8 would be best speaks volumes about the car itself.

Must Watch Video: Final R8 vs First R8

Sadly the Audi R8 days are coming to a close. With R8 production ending the folks at Top Gear thought it would be the perfect time to look at the very first R8 and compare it to the final R8 V10 GT. Can the first R8 hold a candle to the latest, greatest and final version? Check out the video to find out.

Forum Thread of the Week: 5,000 Mile e-tron Road Trip

RIP Ken Block, Dakar or Bust, R8 vs R8, Roadtripping an e-tron 5K Miles & More! | AudiWorld DrivenHERE.

Images: Audi; Audi World forums; DirtFish

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It’s the Perfect Time to Buy a Manual Audi R8 (Hagerty Bull Market 2023)

Hagerty Bull Listmanual transmission may allow you to do just that. The Hagerty Bull Market 2023 list just came out. In it they call out the 2007 – 2015 Audi R8 V8 and V10 with a manual transmission as a car that could see future price growth. Buy it for the driving thrill and keep it for the financial appreciation. Not a bad deal.

For those not already familiar each year Hagerty selects ten cars (and one motorcycle) that it feels has the greatest potential to increase in value. And for 2023 one of our all-time favorite Audi models made the list. The engine doesn’t even matter. V8 or V10, they are both great. But just be sure you find one with the manual transmission. Not that the automatic is bad, but you buy a car like this for the engagement. And the engagement you get with the gated manual transmission is tough to beat. But you might want to act fast. This video hit the Hagerty YouTube channel, so the secret is out.

R8 Manual Transmission

manual transmission

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Saying Auf Wiedersehen to the Audi R8 V10

Audi R8 GTAudi R8 V10’s days were numbered. The march towards electrification, recent high gas prices, and environmental legislation sealed its fate. It had a good run. Debuting in 2006, the R8 was an exotic supercar. It was the closest you could get to an F1 car or Audi’s LeMans dominating prototypes. It shared parts and engineering with Lamborghini. But it was better than a Gallardo for less money.

Audi’s secret sauce for the R8 was to combine the ferocity of the Lamborghini with the civility of an A6. The R8 has always been an approachable car and easy to drive. It’s not a car you’d park outside the grocery store, but it’s still far more useable than a weekend toy. It’s more exotic than a Porsche 911 or the Corvette C8 but just as practical. And if Porsche and Chevrolet can find a way to keep their flagship sportscars going, Audi could have found a way to keep building the R8.

Audi R8 GTgone full electric, but it wouldn’t be the same car.

The phenomenal V10 engine is the heart of the R8. It’s a weird engine configuration. Ten cylinders are not as smooth as a V12 but make for a more compact engine with less mass. It’s not as economical as a V8, but it revs faster and is capable of producing more power. The R8’s V10 produces 562 hp and has a wonderfully feral exhaust note. The roar is not as lumpy as a V8 and only slightly coarser than a V12. It’s the perfect sound in the R8. That’s why Audi wasn’t about to let the R8’s last year pass quietly. So they produced the R8 GT, and with a 602 horsepower version of the V10, it’s the most powerful rear-wheel drive car in Audi history.

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