Vintage Japanese vehicles shine at the 35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSIC, held in the Danish capital of America!


35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSIC You could say that the 35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSIC organizers and participants have a cozy relationship with their host city, Solvang, CA. Allocated just one street in the heart of The Danish Capital of America, 75 vintage Datsun roadsters, sedans, coupes, trucks and Zs performed an early morning ballet of parking precision as they snugged-into their assigned spaces on First Street, right next to Solvang Park.

This popular two-day event attracts participants and fans from all over the world. The itinerary included a “Meet & Greet” dinner on April 28th at Mendenhall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps and Petroliana in Buellton, the outdoor “Show & Shine” on Saturday the 29th in Solvang, and a post-show banquet held at the Solvang Veteran’s Hall. Part of the proceeds from the event are donated to the American Diabetes Association.

As in year’s past, the lion’s share of the entries in the show are not surprisingly Datsun Sports convertibles, which are now better known as Datsun Roadsters – like the three I photographed very early on Saturday morning for our report’s lead image. First released in the 1960s, the Japanese domestic market roadster was badged Fairlady and featured 1500 and then later, 1600cc motors. It was also exported to Australia. In 1967, before the 1968 emissions and design changes, Datsun unveiled one of today’s most sought-after collector models, the 2000 Roadster. In 1952 Datsun had produced a predecessor to the Fairlady, the 20 horsepower DC-3. Only 50 were ever built.

35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSICBeginning in 1969, Datsun unveiled its game-changer 240 Z Series. This 2-door, 2-seat, rear-drive, high-performance “economy” car sold over 160,000 units in the United States in just four years of production. I’m excited about presenting two 240’s here in the show report.

As you scroll down, you’ll discover engineer Rick Johnson standing by his gray ’73 240Z.35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSICThis car may look like a docile Datsun but one look under its hood reveals part of its street and drag strip, built-for-speed secret – a 350-inch, 410 horsepower Chevy small-block.Please enjoy this 35TH ANNUAL SOLVANG DATSUN ROADSTER CLASSIC Gallery. Some of my favorites are the right-hand-drive ‘59 Datsun 1000 sedan sporting fat whitewalls that went on to win the “Pre-’63” category, Larry Knorr’s black ’67 ½ Datsun 2000, Steve Pharr’s time-capsule, custom ’73 Datsun 620 pickup with a ’73 Yamaha 175 Enduro in its bed, and Solvang UPS Store owner Christian Tokchia’s very rare, right-hand-drive ’71 Datsun 1600 SSS “Bluebird” Coupe. That’s Christian in the Datsun hat and sunglasses, standing next to his “I’m leaving everything as is…” pale-yellow Bluebird.




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Ventura Vintage Volkswagens’ Beach Day showcases BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGS at the Ventura (CA) Pier. Our own Jim Palam rarely passes up a great day with cool cars at the beach!


Its mission is clear and simple: Create VW Fun! Ventura Vintage Volkswagens (VVV) is a charter club of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. They meet wherever and whenever they can to not only show off the diverse collection of unique VWs in the member ranks, but to also go camping, help each other with their VW projects, throw a barbecue, attend a parade and, of course, go cruising in their VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGS.

It was by sheer luck that I clicked on an email from Malibu car guy “Fireball Tim” and learned from his blog – http://fireballtim.com/ – that there would be a gathering of cool VWs at the Ventura Pier on February 26th. The meet-up was not heavily promoted as it was not billed as an official “Car Show” – ostensibly to avoid the sometimes laborious and often costly logistics, permitting and insurance requirements.

(Remember VVV just wants to Create VW Fun.) So I noted the date and on the 26th headed down from Solvang to the parking lots by the pier in Ventura, CA where the event took place. It was a clear, crisp morning offering a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands from the soft sand and bike lanes at Ventura City Beach. The two parking lots beyond the parking kiosk were filling up quickly with participant VWs as I parked near the exit, grabbed my camera and went looking for the promised VW fun. I found plenty of it!

You can see from our lead report photo and now this under-the-trunk shot that there are no picnic baskets in Chris Escobar’s nice ‘n nasty ’65 VW Beetle. What you will find in this ready-to-race Bionic Bug is a fuel-injected, 2,180-cc motor fitted with a Garrett “Quick-Boost” turbocharger that delivers 350 horsepower to the rear wheels. Keeping the 2,100-pound Bug behaved on the road and on the track are custom front and rear suspension components from Sway-A-Way.

Variety is the ‘Spice of Life’ and one of the factors that makes Car Guy gatherings like the VVV Beach Day tons of fun. I mean seriously, how often are you going to encounter an 11-Window, Type 2, heavily patinated Split-Window VW bus in the clutches of a giant blue octopus?

VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGSA Family Affair: Many of the vehicles at VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGS were examples of the love and enthusiasm for the brand shared by multiple generations of one family. When Christopher Ramos was growing up, he watched his airplane mechanic Dad Joel build seven show-winning Karmann Ghias. So it wasn’t a surprise when Joel gifted not only this ’70 Ghia to Chris, but also the bright orange Beetle parked next to it. Both of these lovingly-restored by Joel VWs are finished in PPG “Jet-Glow” airplane paint. The Ghia’s interior is finished in supple tan Porsche leather.

His & Hers: “She” is the proud owner of this blush-tone, Type 3 Slant-Nose VW Squareback. Known in some circles as a Variant it is to many the perfect little “Surfwagon” – with its fold-down rear seat creating a convenient nap or short-board stow area. “He” loves his wife and his two-tone Type 2 Microbus. Depending on body type, VW buses have been known as Transporters, Kombis or Microbusses, or, informally, as The Bus in the US, The Camper in the UK – and more deliciously as a Po de Forma (Loaf of Bread) in Portugal!

Some Things are better than others. Frank Walling’s all-original “Acapulco Thing” is an example of this rather rare, Type 181 limited edition. Approximately 400 “Resort Cruisers” were assembled in Puebla, Mexico in 1974 and delivered to two legendary Acapulco resorts to shuttle their jet-setting clientele from the airport to these oceanfront get-aways. They would typically have been outfitted with striped blue and white surrey tops. The original Type 181 was developed to provide NATO members with a light-duty patrol vehicle.

The Wolfsburgs Finest VW Car Club not only brought us our featured car for this report, but also these custom Beetles. On the left is Tim Beatty’s eye-poppin’ ’63 Bug. Finished in Tangerine Orange Flake, it sits low on a hydraulic “Juiced” suspension and rolls on chrome EMPI 5-Spoke wheels. On the right is Javier Simental’s skirted ’66 that gets its low stance thanks to 2″ dropped spindles. This Low-Rider is finished in a soft sand paint with clever and tasty blue accents – including a blue striped Racoon tail!

VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGSWhile you’ll no doubt find most classic VWs heading to highways, beaches, markets, campgrounds and car shows, there are a handful that head off-road to the torturous terrain of the Mexican desert. While the top section of this Type 3 slant-nose Squareback looks like a tame grocery-getter, the modified bottom section is signaling, “I’m ready for some high-riding Baja fun!” Might want to add some Baja bumpers before heading out…

In 1968 American soul singer Jerry Butler released his hit song Only The Strong Survive. Eleven years earlier, in 1957, VW was 19 years into its production cycle of the Type 1 Beetle. Fast-forward to 2022 and the sand-kissed parking lots at the Ventura Pier where I discovered Chemo Ordaz’s still strong and still sexy ’57 Beetle Cabriolet. Its 1,100-cc H4 motor produces a whopping 36 horsepower, enough oomph to propel Chemo and his family to fun destinations in Ventura County. The Foxcraft metal skirts are original to this Almond Green survivor.

VW’s Type 3 was introduced in 1961 at the Frankfort Motor Show. One of the improvements made over the Type 1 Beetle was a front suspension that now incorporated transverse round torsion bars, as opposed to the Type 1’s torsion leaves. The Type 3 was available in three styles – the Squareback, the Fastback, and as shown in this wonderful example on display at VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGS, the very proper 2-door Notchback.

I discovered a number of sharp looking Karmann Ghias at Beach Day, but it was this ’71’s beautifully detailed motor swap that really impressed me. Here are the specs: A Porsche 914 2-liter was modified to 2.8 liters at Powerhaus in Torrance, CA. The lipstick red motor is outfitted with Italian 48 IDA Webers, plus a 911 fan and alternator. The 9.5:1 compression engine breathes-out through a 1 5/8-inch A1 Sidewinder exhaust system and produces 184 (SAE) horsepower and 186 (SAE) pound-feet torque.

How To Sell Insurance: Buy a vintage VW. Restore it, slam it and shine it. Then drive it all over Ventura County making appearances at car shows and community events. In other words, “Build it, and they will call.” Such is the case with Stephanie and Chad Sipe whose State Farm Insurance business has seen an uptick in business since Chad put the finishing touches and their company phone number on their impressive, impossibly low, Tornado Red ’62 Beetle.

The license plate on his beloved VW reads “N D N JOE”. Standing guard in front of this metallic slate-blue Beetle was a big Rottweiler and a little white pig; fortunately, they were made of plaster! I introduced myself to Joe and went on to have a great conversation about fun-inducing German cars, Native Americans, and the California lifestyle. His dad, a Sioux Tribe member, moved the family from South Dakota to Oxnard, CA years ago to create a more promising future for the family.

As I was getting ready to leave this enjoyable VW Beach Day, I heard an amplified rumble of horizontal cylinders. I turned around to catch a colorful caravan of Meyers Manxes rolling into the VVV event area. These were the show-boaters, the hooligans, the desert racers of the larger VW family. This particular Red Manx is a “Manxster” which has a 14.5-inch longer wheelbase than the original Manx and can seat up to four passengers. It is more stable and rigid than its smaller brother – especially at higher speeds – thanks to the carefully-angled roll cage that’s bolted to the body in six places. Bruce Meyers, who designed the original Manx kits to bolt to shortened VW Beetle chassis, passed away a little over a year ago at the age of 94. Like so many in the VW and car enthusiast communities, he was someone who knew how to have fun. Carpe diem!

Many thanks to Heather and Reed Cowan for their tireless efforts in getting the Ventura Vintage Volkswagens events rockin’ & rollin’ – and to Chemo Ordaz and his fellow club members at Wolfsburgs Finest VW Club for giving me all the time I wanted to get the scoop on their wicked rides.

Words & Photos © Jim Palam, https://www.jimpalamphotos.com/

For more information about VW BEETLES, BUSSES, VARIANTS & THINGS and the Ventura Vintage Volkswagens, please visit https://www.facebook.com/VVVolkswagens/


Who doesn’t love a special deal? Perhaps it’s CGC’s Jim Palam’s years in advertising that was behind his idea to give our readers two-reports-in-one, combining two of the Central Coast’s popular car shows – The Solvang Fall Classic & The Montecito Motor Classic – into one feature. It’s a great idea, so here’s CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKEND.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKENDCovid changed the 2020 Car Show scene significantly – pretty much eliminating many if not all of the popular gatherings not only in America, but around the world. It was a year to ponder our priorities and for many a time to get back in the garage and finish projects that were in the works or on-hold. What was a bummer in 2020 turned out to be something of a bonanza in 2021 with many of these unseen or improved projects making their way to re-launched car shows, races and auctions.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKEND started early on Saturday morning in the heart of Solvang, CA with The 2021 Solvang Fall Classic Car Show. By 9 AM there were over 200 pre-1990 classics, hot rods, sports cars, customs and motorcycles. The show was free to spectators and thousands of car enthusiasts, tourists and locals strolled through the show-car-lined streets of “The Danish Capital of America.” Proceeds from the show benefitted local charities including The Rona Barrett Foundation, The Vikings Kids Christmas and The Veggie Rescue Program. In years past this show was held during the summer and promoted as The Wheels & Windmills Car Show. As hoped for, there were many cars there I hadn’t seen before and the cooler October weather was perfect. My vote is to keep holding the show in the Fall.

I started the second day of my “Wheeling Weekend” zipping down Highway 101 along the Pacific Coast in my 914 to the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club for The 2021 Montecito Motor Classic. This was the second year the MMC was held at the Polo Club’s panoramic Carpinteria foothill’s location. This was also the 9th year that the Presenting Sponsor for the MMC was the Armand Hammer Foundation which meant that dedicated Car Guy Michael Armand Hammer would be involved, and that we’d see an exciting mix of exotics, hot rods, customs, classics, concept cars and even famous TV cars – like the first “car” I encountered – the George Barris built Munsters Koach, left. This hopped-up hearse was featured on the iconic 1960’s TV series, The Munsters.

One row over from the Munster Koach I spotted the Backdraft Racing Indigo Blue 427 Cobra, top, that had been wheeling down the 101 next to me on the way to the show. The affable owner is an aerospace executive whose passenger was a large Teddy Bear. Once on the show field he donned a Propeller Beanie Cap and shared his infectious effervescence with showgoers enjoying the perfect weather and exceptional cars on the expansive Polo Field.

There were also a number of side attractions at the MMC including the Avenue of Chalets vendor area and a tribute to show honoree and automotive designer, Mark Stehrenberger. Now I must apologize that I kept my camera focused mostly on the 200-plus cars on the show field and I missed the Fashion Hat Competition sponsored by Silverhorn Jewelers!

A trophy winner at The Solvang Fall Classic Car Show and a standout at any show it’s entered in was Keith & Lynne Raphael’s jaw-dropping ’61 MGA Roadster. This ‘lil beast sports a supercharged Chevy 350 tucked neatly into the radically-modified, all-steel MGA body that sits snugly on an altered ’78 Corvette chassis. This red racer is no Trailer Queen and gets driven often for joy-rides and to shows by Keith and Lynne.

This man is not only on the step-up to his “La Bestioni No. 8 ~ Beast of Turin” but on a mission to wow and entertain as many people as he, and his oversize creations, can. Some of you may recognize Gary Wales from his many appearances on Jay Leno’s Garage. Gary’s “Beasts” (he has built 8 so far) are tributes to the original Beast of Turin, a 1911 Fiat S76 that was powered by a massive 28-liter inline-4 engine. To create his “Beasts” he starts with pre-1930s American La France fire trucks and from there let’s his creativity flow. Many of the mechanical chores – such as rebuilding the 14-liter Simplex motor – are handled by his ace mechanic, Andres Aranda. It was one of the most popular exhibits of CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKEND.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKENDIn conspicuous contrast to Gary’s “Beast” is Don Nichos’ ‘56 Messerschmitt KR200 Kabineroller (Cabin Scooter) which buzzed into the Solvang show with a BMW Isetta in hot pursuit. This head-turning 3-wheel microcar was designed by Fritz Fend for German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt. While spotting one of these on the road is about as rare as spotting Warren Buffet at the 7-11, they actually manufactured approximately 40,000 of them between 1955 and 1964. Capable of reaching a top speed of 56 mph, the 507-pound KR200 is powered by a 191 cc Fichtel & Sachs 2-stroke engine. If you close your eyes as one passes by you might think you’re hearing a classic Vespa scooter!

It was the very first car I spotted at The Solvang Fall Classic Car Show and I knew immediately that it was special. While over 21 million Volkswagen Beetles were manufactured between 1938 and 2003, this little, unpretentious Pastel Green Bug was one of the last split-window Zwitter Beetles manufactured in 1952. And here it sat, like an obedient and patient Dachshund, perhaps waiting for its owner to come out of one of the Danish pastries shops on Copenhagen Drive. This iconic, concours condition ’52 VW is proudly owned by Randy Maskell of Burbank who purchased it over 35 years ago. Everything works in this all-original survivor including the dash clock that you wind-up by reaching into the right-side glove compartment, and the delicate, flip-out style semaphore turn signals. Open the front trunk and you’ll find all the original tools.

What a difference a day makes! In striking contrast to Saturday’s Solvang show’s humble ’52 Zwitter Bug was this brutish Baja Bug on display at Sunday’s Montecito Motor Classic. Sitting mean and nasty on meaty BFGoodrich Baja T/As, this desert destroyer is powered by a high-revving, deep-breathing 700 horsepower LS7 Chevy. Configuration and Fabrication of the car’s complex suspension and chassis was handled by Bradley Nipper. The Bug’s concept was by Stephan Sutton and the assembly by EWR Racing. Oh, by the way, the car is air-conditioned!

Hi-yo, Silver! OK, I know this ’59 Corvette is painted Roman Red, but that’s Dawn Moore holding a photo of her father, Clayton Moore. If you’re a Boomer like me you probably watched Clayton on TV in his role as The Lone Ranger. He bought this Vette new in 1959 and it’s been in the Moore family ever since. Dawn is the latest family caretaker; she brought this classic up from Beverly Hills to proudly show it at The Montecito Motor Classic.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKENDThere are some bad ideas that are fabulous – like John Lynch’s awesome ’51 Kaiser Henry J Gasser! So, the story goes that when John told his buddies that he was going to stuff a blown 392-inch Chrysler Hemi into his diminutive Henry J, they all agreed – that was a really bad idea. When John completed the build – which included details like the Ford 9-inch rear, ladder-bar suspension and Turbo 400 transmission, his friends were speechless. This glowing example of a classic 1960s period Gasser is finished in John’s home-brewed “Evil Orange” paint, with its name Bad Idea boldly displayed on both doors!

Speaking of big motors in small cars – Jeff Jones of RatRod Jeff Fabrications brought customer Roger Regen’s wild & wicked ’29 Model A Tudor Ratrod to the manicured Polo field to tear up not divots, but perceptions of what a show-worthy automotive head-turner could be. Jeff’s intricate tube chassis connects all the rod’s components, serving as a sturdy base for the massive 540-inch, 850 horsepower Mooneyham-blown Hemi, Turbo 350 trans, and also a roll cage in the smashed, 32-inch to the roofline Tudor body. This attention getter drew in many admirers including this lovely lady from Ojai and her taller-than-the-car Great Dane. That’s Jeff enjoying the canine and lovely chapeaued company.

I met British motorcycle and car restoration expert Phil Honer years ago while I still owned my ’74 Triumph TR6. I never knew he owned this stunning Jaguar E-Type Coupe and was excited to see him and his meticulously-restored Opalescent Blue ’67 XKE on Copenhagen Drive for The 2021 Solvang Fall Classic Car Show. I grabbed this photo early on Saturday morning as the first arrivals were positioning their show cars in their assigned display areas. A native of Birmingham, England, Phil boosted his E-Type’s performance with high-lift cams, an aluminum flywheel, improved brakes and an improved cooling system.

Green: The color of money and envy! If you’re planning on putting a plug-in e-hybrid 918 Porsche Spyder in your garage, get ready for a considerable investment of time and money as they are near impossible to find. Touted as one of Porsche’s most advanced models when introduced in 2013, this hybrid features a 608 horsepower 4.6-Liter gas powered engine, paired with a 129 horsepower front electric motor and a 156 horsepower rear electric motor, fueled by a 6.8-kWh lithium-ion battery. Doing the power-curve math reveals a jaw-dropping 0 to 60 sprint in 2.5 seconds! Priced around $845,000 for a base model in 2013 you can expect asking prices from $1.3 million and way-way up today.

There’s nothing like a classic Tri-Five Chevy to bring us back down to earth and to Solvang, after our lofty visit with the 918 Spyder. GM produced over 1.5 million Chevys in 1957 and the odds of finding one at your local car show are very high. I was surprised to learn that even with these impressive sales numbers it was in 1957 that Ford outsold Chevy for the first time since 1935. Chevrolet recovered quickly and Ford spent the 1960s unsuccessfully trying to make a comeback!

Introduced back in 1946, Dodge’s Power Wagon was essentially a civilian version of the Dodge WC Series 4×4 military truck. Many were put to hard work as utility vehicles on farms and work sites and if serious mechanical problems were encountered far too many were left to slowly rust right where they quit running. Over the last 10 years Power Wagon aficionados have resurrected and restored the ones they could find and specialized restoration facilities, like Legacy Classic Trucks, have created growing businesses building Power Wagon conversions that feature high-performance drivetrains and custom interiors. This big orange wagon on the Polo Field was a favorite of the many kids who attended the show with their families.

Another early arrival in Solvang was this 5th generation Plum Crazy ’73 Dodge Dart 340 Sport. Its Chrysler small-block V-8 produced approximately 240 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. With a curb weight of just over 3,200 pounds these cars offered above-average performance. Plum Crazy paint wasn’t actually offered in 1973, but this Dart looked ready to command the intersection outside the Solvang Shoe Store!

Although both the 2021 Solvang Fall Classic and the Montecito Motor Classic’s advertised motorcycles in the mix of show vehicles over my Wheeling Weekend adventure, I only saw two motorcycles on the Polo Field and less than a dozen on the grass at Solvang Park. Even though there was a nicely restored Brough Superior at the MMC, the bike that caught my eye and camera lens was Ron Curtis’ quintessential 1960’s chopper, a beautifully scalloped ’64 BSA. It of course had radically extended forks, “ape hanger” handlebars and a tall “sissy-bar” seat. What it didn’t have was a hardtail frame, the builder opting to retain its original coil spring set.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKENDOne of the fun things about these local shows is you will often discover interesting vehicles parked within the vicinity of the show. One such giddy discovery was this authentic Japanese firetruck. To navigate the narrow and twisting streets in Japan smaller vehicles are often chosen as utility and emergency vehicles – such as Bear Erickson and Adriana Ortiz’s red-and-ready Nissan Safari firetruck. I happen to know Bear and Adriana and they have always walked to the beat of their own drummer. Instead of an engagement ring Adriana asked if Bear would get her the firetruck – for no other reason than it would put a smile on her face!

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For more information, please visit the CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: CENTRAL COAST WHEELING WEEKEND show websites: https://wheelsnwindmills.com/ https://montecitomotorclassic.com/