Toby Price Wins Dakar 2022 Stage 10

Australian KTM rider Toby Price wins Dakar 2022 Stage 10, keeping the two-time winner in contention for the overall victory as Adrien Van Beveren takes over the top of the standings from Matthias Walkner.

The 759km ride between Wadi Ad Dawasir and Bisha included a 375km timed special which saw Price finished ahead of Luciano Benavides and Van Beveren, with Lorenzo Santolino and Andrew Short rounding out the top five. Sam Sunderland finished 17th on the stage, keeping second place overall, with Walkner ending the day in 26th, meaning that it was Honda’s Pablo Quintanilla who moved up to third in the fight for the 2022 Dakar title.

Toby Price Wins Dakar 2022 Stage 10
Toby Price Wins Dakar 2022 Stage 10

Toby Price: “It’s been a really good day for me today. I focused on my roadbook the whole way and did a good job with my navigation with only a couple of small mistakes over the whole stage. I’ve moved nicely up the order overall, but there is still a bit of a gap to the front guys. As we know, anything can happen in rally, so I’ll give it my all for these last two days and we’ll see where we end up.”

Sam Sunderland: “Day 10 is in the books and it was a tough one. Early on, Mason Klein crashed so I stopped to make sure he was ok as it looked like he’d had a big one, but I think he’s ok. I then set off and things were going good. I felt strong on the bike and my pace was solid. But then I ended up in the wrong canyon near the end and lost a bit of time. With two days to go and the times so close, it’s too close to call. It’s wide open so it certainly makes for an exciting race!”

Unfortunately Kevin Benavides was forced to retire due to a technical issue, but the reigning Dakar champion hopes to rejoin, alongside Danilo Petrucci, who continued after he was also forced out of the overall standings early on.

Dakar 2022 Stage 10 results:

  • Toby Price 3:05.22
  • Luciano Benavides 3:07.41
  • Adrien Van Beveren 3:09.07
  • Lorenzo Santolino 3:11.12
  • Andrew Short 3:12.01

Dakar Overall Standings After Stage 10

  • Adrien Van Beveren 33:27.06
  • Sam Sunderland 33:33.05
  • Pablo Quintanilla 33:33.21
  • Matthias Walkner 33:35.30
  • Joan Barreda Bort 33:37.53

British rider David McBride claimed 46th on Stage 10 with team-mate David Mabbs in 102nd, and Simon Hewitt 120th. McBride is now 47th overall, with Mabbs 93rd and Hewitt 113th. The Women’s Trophy looks set for HT Rally raid Husvarna Racing rider Mirjam Pol, who leads by more than three hours from Sandra Gomez. And despite his crash early in Stage 10, Mason Klein now leads the Junior Trophy by 2 hours and 11 minutes. In the Veteran Trophy, McBride is second, lying 39 minutes bheind leader Mario Patrao.

But it’s the overall rankings which are closest during the final stages of the 2022 Dakar, with the top five separated by around 10 minutes after more than 33 hours of riding. And the top 13 riders are all within 50 minutes of the leader in an event where anything can, and often does, happen. Meanwhile 128 riders remain classified, with simply finishing the Dakar being a notable achievement. And this just two stages left, the winner of the Dakar 2022 will soon be decided.

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Danilo Petrucci Wins Stage Five Of The 2022 Dakar Rally

The Italian former MotoGP race winner continues to impress on his rally debut, as Danilo Petrucci wins Stage Five of the 2022 Dakar Rally. Despite injuring himself before the event started, and then retiring due to mechanical problems on his KTM, Petrucci was able to win by just two seconds from Botswana’s Ross Branch.

Danilo Petrucci: “When I started today, speed was not my focus. I was working on my navigation. Then after a while I started to throw down. I eased off again in the dunes because I’m still worried about my ankle.”

Despite the fact he’s ruled out of the overall results, Petrucci almost claimed his first podium on Stage Four, before being demoted by a penalty. But this time the decisions went in his favour as Toby Price was penalised for a speed limit offence on the stage, which was shortened due to the need for medical air support to be mobilised.

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Sunderland Holds Onto The 2022 Dakar Lead After Stage 3

A second win for the British rider was always a good possibility, but it’s looking slightly more likely as Sam Sunderland holds onto the 2022 Dakar Lead after Stage 3.

The GasGas Factory rider lost a little time on the fast third stage after a minor issue locating a waypoint, but was ultimately able to recover and finish in 17th. This keeps him just four seconds ahead of Yamaha’s Adrien Van Beveren, with Matthias Walkner in third overall.

Sam Sunderland: “Today was very sandy, and very fast! I had a little bit of difficulty finding a waypoint, which allowed a few riders to catch up with me, so I knew I’d lost a bit of time there. But overall, it wasn’t too bad. We’re in for a really long stage tomorrow so starting further back is a good thing and I’m excited for a long day on the bike.”

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