SLC Cops Mistake Audi Timing Belt Tensioner for Bomb

Audi Bomb

While it might vaguely resemble a grenade, the incident-provoking bit was just an important Audi part.

Late last month, officers from the Salt Lake City Police Department responded to a report of a possible explosive device at an apartment complex just south of the downtown core. In a move done out of what the department called “an abundance of caution,” portions of the building were evacuated while members of the SLCP’s Hazardous Devices Unit came to inspect the offending piece of equipment. Fortunately,  residents ultimately had nothing to be afraid of — because the “explosive device” was just an Audi timing belt tensioner.

For what it’s worth, while the offending mechanical bit only measures around four or five inches long, the cylindrical shape and pin at the top do make it vaguely resemble a grenade. So while savvy gearheads might have immediately recognized the piece for what it was, it’s somewhat reasonable to understand how — an obviously paranoid — person could mistake it for malicious, especially given the waves of violence that have shaken communities across the country. In the SLCPD’s press release, it doesn’t sound like any charges will be filed in relation to the incident, and the owner of the part hasn’t been identified.

In an interesting twist, on Reddit an Audi enthusiast grifrowl noted that while the timing belt tensioner of interest will get the job done, it’s not an OEM part. And given that most Audi engines are interference engines — meaning if the timing belt goes, the valves will collide with the pistons — the potential for this little unit to cause massive damage is quite real indeed. Which is exactly what made grifrowl’s headline, “Well it’s not OEM so I guess that headline is accurate,” so funny. That said, here’s hoping that the shadetree mechanic gets their part back, and that this incident was the most stress-inducing part of a stressful operation!

Photos: Salt Lake City Police Department

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400 HP Audi TT RS Reminds Us Why We Love This Automotive Icon

400 HP Audi TT RS

In a recent Auditography video, the YouTube channel bids farewell to a legendary nameplate. This 400 HP Audi TT RS can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH in 3.48 seconds.

It was a sad day for Audi fans when the Ingolstadt automaker announced that it would discontinue Audi TT RS after the 2022 model year. The company gave its lauded nameplate a well-deserved send-off with the 2022 TT RS Heritage Edition in December 2021. In a recent Auditography video, the YouTube channel offers an in-depth look at a 400 HP Audi TT RS, which flaunts an Audi exclusive paint job.

The new video bids goodbye to the legendary sports car, which might soon become a modern automotive icon. The video kicks off with cinematic shots of the Audi TT RS with the backdrop of Markdorf, Germany’s beautiful landscapes. The car sports an eye-catching Urban Green color scheme offset by black accents.

A prominent black spoiler dominates the rear end and sits atop the OLED tail lights of the TT RS. This particular car can hit the 62 MPH mark from a complete standstill in just 3.48 seconds which is almost 0.2 seconds quicker than Audi’s official estimate for the TT RS. Furthermore, this sports car can accelerate from 0 to 124 MPH or 200 km/h in 12.3 seconds.

400 HP Audi TT RS

Lastly, this 400 HP Audi TT RS is a pocket rocket and can achieve a top speed of 175 MPH.

The cabin of this Audi TT RS is also a sporty space with its all-black interiors. In the video, we see plush leather adorning almost every surface inside the cabin. There are also carbon fiber panels that offer a tasteful contrast to the rest of the interior. Under the hood of this sports car, we find a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo motor. The engine sends power to all four corners thanks to Audi’s proprietary quattro all-wheel-drive system.

As it only weighs 3175 lbs, the car is also quite agile. Autography also reveals that this TT RS comes complete with an OPF filter and a soft limiter. Throughout the video, we are greeted by gorgeous visuals of the sports car as it blasts through Markdorf countryside while making an intoxicating racket. Overall this autography video is an exciting albeit emotional farewell to a motoring icon.

Image source: Auditography

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Matte Color Options Coming for 2022 Audi TT and Q3

2022 Audi TT, 2022 Audi Q3

Audi says demand for unique colors is on the rise, and just released photos of some trick matte hues.

While there are plenty of differences between Germany and the United States, when it comes to car color, our friends overseas have similar preferences. According to Audi, 75 percent of their customers choose black, white, or gray for their vehicle’s exterior finish, which basically mirrors what we see here in the States. Fortunately, for folks don’t want to blend into the crowd, Ingolstadt also offers a host of more interesting hues — and the latest additions to the company’s paint box look particularly trick.

For 2022, buyers of the TT, TTS, TT RS, Q3, and RS Q3 will get some killer matte paint options. The TT line will be available in Daytona Gray, Florett Silver, and Python Yellow, and the Q3 will be available in Daytona Gray, Florett Silver, and the model exclusive Dew Silver. These pictures show the TT rendered in Python Yellow, and the Q3 in the Dew Silver, and while I think they both look pretty hot, I can’t imagine these photos do either color justice. Because as cool as it is, matte finishes — by design — don’t really pop in pictures, and how the light plays off a color is a huge component of its appeal.

Now, there’s an obvious joke here about how a press release about new colors is about as interesting as watching paint dry. But I’m not going to make it, because I actually found it to be pretty interesting reading. For example, did you know that the five layers that compose a finish are no thicker than a human hair? Or that it can take up to five years to design a new color? Because I didn’t! Plus it was also interesting to learn that the appetite for more creative color choices, is on the rise. And as someone who thinks that there should be a moratorium on black, white, and silver cars, that’s great to hear. A few years back, I had a R8 press car in Sepang Blue — and I still think about that killer matte finish.

Matte colors are slightly more tricky to care for, in that you’ll want to wash a matte finish more often, and you’ll want to be extra careful not to leave any swirl marks, because traditional paint corrections won’t work to fix minor blemishes. On the upside, you obviously don’t have to worry about waxing a matte car. How popular choices like Python Yellow and Dew Gray will be with buyers is anyone’s guess. But matte finishes have been the “next big thing” for what seems like a decade, so it feels like their due for a breakout year.

If you happen to catch one of these new hues in the wild, make sure to post a pic, as I’m sure all the members here would love to see how they look outside of a studio setting!

Photos: Audi

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2022 TT RS Heritage Edition Limited to 50 Units

Audi TT RS Heritage Edition

The 2022 model year marks the end of the TT RS in the States, and if you want one of the last examples, you better act quick.

The Audi TT has been a fixture of the company’s lineup for nearly 25 years, and the sporty coupe is often cited as a modern design classic. Since 2009, there’s also been an RS version on the books — but all good things must come to an end. The 2022 model year will mark the end of the TT RS on our shores, and if you want one of the last examples, you’re going to have to act quick. Only 50 versions of the top-spec model are headed for the States, and they’re sure to be snapped up before they leave the production line.

The 50 units will be composed of five unique color schemes, and for the math-challenged folks out there, that means there will be ten of each. The choices will be Malachite Green with Cognac Brown leather and black stitching, Alpine White with Ocean Blue leather and Diamond Silver stitching, Helios Blue with Diamond Silver leather and Ocean Blue stitching, Tizian Red with Havana Brown leather and Jet Gray stitching, and Stone Gray with Crimson Red leather and Jet Gray stitching. Fans will note those are all color combos sported by the iconic UR-Quattro

Under the hood, all the RS models will have the turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder good for 394 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of twist, and send power to all four corners via a seven -speed dual clutch transmission. But while there won’t be any more power on the menu, the Heritage Edition TTs will get unique 20-inch wheels, a sport exhaust, OLED lighting, and lose the rear wing. Along with the distinctive colorways, these models will also have “Heritage Edition” and the I5’s firing order — 1-2-4-5-3 — etched into the rear quarter windows.

At this point, there’s no word on when the standard TT and TTS models will be put out to pasture. But given Ingolstadt’s rapid push toward electrification, it’s a safe bet it won’t be too long. Maybe the brass will decide to stick it out until 2023, and let the model mark its 25th anniversary? Regardless, the TT Heritage Edition will arrive in showrooms in early 2022, and list for $82,495. If you manage to score one, make sure to upload some photos!

Image Source: Audi

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Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

With the help of a pair of GTX 35 turbochargers and a slew of other performance upgrades, Alex Collins’ Audi R8 can achieve a top speed north of 210 MPH.

We recently reported that the Audi Sport Division will soon make the switch to all-electric mobility. However, even today the Audi R8 with its internal combustion engine is one of the best high-performance machines in the German automaker’s product portfolio. As it turns out, the 5.2-liter motor of the R8 possesses unfathomable performance potential. A recent video from the YouTube channel LivingLife Fast reveals what tremendous power one can harness by tweaking the V10 power plant of an R8.

The car in question is currently the ownership of Alex Collins from QS Tuning, which is a leading German tuning and maintenance company based in West Sussex, UK. The Audi R8 seen in the video is the fifth car to receive a twin-turbo treatment by QS Tuning. The British outfit offers AMS and Boost Logic kits for Audi R8s, and the former is responsible for the performance of Alex’s ride. With some minor tweaks, the 5.2-liter V10 motor now generates 1276 HP of power thanks to a pair of GTX 35 turbochargers.

Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

The breath-taking Audi R8 sports a cool white paint job, which is offset by the 20-inch Vossen MX2 forged wheels that flaunt a polished Brickell bronze finish.

Collin also offers his insights on the sports car in the video. “It’s essentially a pretty much stock car, just with a turbo kit on it. It’s got an in-tank fuel pump upgrade, but it’s still stock injectors, stock rails, stock clutches, stock box, stock driveshafts” said Collins. He further adds,” So, on the dyno, on pump fuel, it makes just under 1100 horsepower that’s it. Then on Renegade 109, it makes 1276 horsepower, so we’re capping the mid-range torque on it just where it’s got the stock clutches.”

According to the owner, this Audi R8 with its twin turbocharger kit can complete a quarter-mile with an exit speed of 159.7 MPH. Alex also claims that the top speed of his R8 is somewhere north of 210 MPH. The car rides on a set of 20-inch Vossen MX2 forged wheels, which flaunt a polished Brickell bronze finish. In its most capable tune, the supercar can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in around 2.3 seconds and uses vibrant yellow Ferrari brake calipers for the stopping power.

Image Source: LivingLifeFast, alex_collins98

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