Revealed: TikTok’s most popular cars

Gareth Herincx

10 hours ago
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Ford Mustang

TikTok is best known for its viral dances and challenges, but did you know that there are also thousands of car videos on the app too?

These videos have racked up billions of views, but which makes and models are the most popular on TikTok?

Researchers at comparison and switching service have been analysing the number of views on TikTok videos using hashtags mentioned to reveal the most popular cars and brands.

BMW 1 Series review

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, more commonly known as BMW, is the most popular car brand on TikTok, seeing over 17.6 billion views across the app.

The BMW brand has been quick to embrace the social media platform, creating its own hashtag challenges to promote its vehicles.

Top 10 most popular vehicle brands on TikTok 

Rank Brand Views
1 BMW 17,600,000,000
2 Mercedes-Benz 9,100,000,000
3 Lamborghini 8,300,000,000
4 Tesla 7,200,000,000
5 Audi 7,000,000,000
6 Ford 6,500,000,000
7 Honda 6,300,000,000
8 KTM 5,500,000,000
9 Ferrari 4,900,000,000
10 Jeep 4,300,000,000

Looking at the specific models which have received the most views on TikTok, there was a clear winner – the iconic Ford Mustang.

Tied for second place, the Nissan GT-R and the Toyota Supra both received 2.8 billion views.

Top 10 most popular vehicle models on TikTok 

Rank Model Views
1 Ford Mustang 3,900,000,000
2 Nissan GT-R 2,800,000,000
2 Toyota Supra 2,800,000,000
4 Chevrolet Camaro 1,500,000,000
4 Range Rover 1,500,000,000
6 Honda Civic 1,300,000,000
7 Lamborghini Huracan 916,700,000
8 Subaru WRX 851,600,000
9 Lamborghini Aventador 808,800,000
10 Tesla Model 3 760,600,000

“TikTok is no longer just a space for Gen-Z to share viral dances and challenges,” said Joel Kempson, car insurance expert at “The app is now home to many viral car videos, racking up billions of views from car lovers all over the world.” 

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How a bad credit score can cost drivers dear

Gareth Herincx

6 days ago
Auto News

Used MINIs

Having a poor credit score could end up costing you as much as £8,000 extra when financing one of the UK’s most popular cars, according to new research by

For instance, the best-selling Ford Fiesta costs £16,645 to buy outright. However, when bought on finance with a four-year repayment period, the total for someone with an excellent credit rating is £20,014 – or a staggering £7,059 more (£27,073 total) for a driver with a bad credit score.

The data was obtained by the comparison and switching service using a car finance calculator to determine the cost of 10 cars bought on finance for motorists with different levels of credit score.

Cost to finance the UK’s 10 most popular cars

Popularity rank Car Model List Price Finance cost with excellent credit rating Finance cost with fair credit rating Finance cost with bad credit rating Difference between excellent and bad credit score
1 Ford Fiesta £16,645 £20,014 £23,673 £27,073 £7,059
2 Ford Focus £22,215 £26,778 £31,672 £36,221 £9,443
3 Vauxhall Corsa £16,815 £20,269 £23,974 £27,417 £7,149
4 Volkswagen Golf £23,360 £28,158 £33,305 £38,089 £9,931
5 Vauxhall Astra £19,185 £23,125 £27,352 £31,281 £8,156
6 Volkswagen Polo £17,355 £20,920 £24,743 £28,298 £7,378
7 BMW 3 Series £32,595 £39,290 £46,471 £53,147 £13,857
8 Nissan Qashqai £23,555 £28,393 £33,583 £38,407 £10,014
9 Toyota Yaris £19,915 £24,005 £28,393 £32,472 £8,466
10 Mini Cooper £27,115 £32,684 £38,658 £44,211 £11,527
Source: – All prices correct as of April 2021

Plan ahead for a better credit score

James Andrews, personal finance expert at, reveals how to improve your credit score to help you get the best deal when purchasing a car on finance: “Registering to vote, having bills in your name, keeping to 30% or less of your total available credit (per account) and not having a credit history can all impact your credit score.

“When financing a car, first check your credit report to see what your score is. Secondly, check what’s in there and that the information is accurate. Lastly, start taking steps to improve your score.

“Providing you make your payments on time, don’t apply for many new products in a short period (e.g six months), and keep a stable address, your credit rating should improve. In as little as four months you should see your scores start to improve and after a year you should be in a far stronger position.”

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Close to extinction: the humble Austin Montego

Home / Auto Blog / Close to extinction: the humble Austin Montego

Gareth Herincx

2 weeks ago
Auto Blog

MG Austin Montego

The Austin Montego is the UK’s most endangered car, according to new research., the comparison and switching service, analysed Department for Transport and DVLA data to find out which vehicles have seen their numbers drop the most in the last 25 years.

The Montego, which was launched in 1984 and was also available as a sporty MG-badged version, was a regular feature on our roads and driveways during the ’80s and ’90s.

More than 200,000 models were registered in 1995, compared to 2020 when just 34 remained, meaning 99.98% of Montegos have vanished in the last quarter of a century. reckons one of the big reasons for this decline is that pre-1989 models can only run on leaded petrol, which stopped being sold in the UK in 1999.

UK’s most endangered cars

Rank Model 2020 1995 Decrease
1 Austin Montego 34 205,283 -99.98%
1 Fiat Regata 3 14,549 -99.98%
1 Lada Samara 11 44,982 -99.98%
4 Hyundai Pony 7 26,888 -99.97%
4 Vauxhall Belmont 16 47,298 -99.97%
6 Austin Maestro 90 231,824 -99.96%
6 Datsun Stanza 5 12,570 -99.96%
6 Zastava Yugo 11 27,123 -99.96%
6 Nissan Stanza 5 11,957 -99.96%
10 Austin Metro 289 572,974 -99.95%



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