Prior Design Audi RS Q8 Widebody Kit Gives SUV Lambo Looks

Prior Design Audi RS Q8 Widebody Kit

The new RS800 widebody kit for the Audi RS Q8 gives the SUV a far more exotic appearance for far less coin than the Urus.

As keen enthusiasts are already well aware, the Audi RS Q8 is essentially just a slightly less powerful and less audacious version of the Lamborghini Urus with a more attractive price tag. This makes is a bargain of sorts with a starting MSRP of around $127k versus $230k for the Lamborghini, even though it gives up a bit not only in terms of its more subdued looks, but also 50 horsepower – though that sort of thing can be fixed with little more than a tune. In the styling department, those that want to make their Audi RS Q8 look more exotic can also do so courtesy of this new widebody kit from Prior Design, too.

Prior Design originally debuted its RS800 widebody kit for the Audi RS Q8 at the 2022 Essen Motor Show, and now, it’s available for purchase. The kit is quite comprehensive, consisting of front air intake frames, a front lip, a “power bulge” hood, side skirt extensions, fender arches, a rear roof spoiler, and a trunk spoiler. These parts are sold either individually or as a kit, with the entire array stickering for around $18,200 USD.

Prior Design Audi RS Q8 Widebody Kit

All of these goodies are made from high quality fiberglass certified by TÜV Rheinland that’s reportedly both flexible and stable, and require no additional modifications to install, with great fitment right out of the box – save for the fender extensions, which require some cutting, as one might imagine. Regardless, the results pretty much speak for themselves, transforming the Audi RS Q8 from a handsome crossover to a head-turning exotic machine in one fell swoop.

Of course, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to install a widebody kit on the RS Q8 and call it a day, so in this case, Prior Design has also stuffed a larger set of wheels and fat tires on this example, as well as an Akrapovic exhaust system to unleash more of its glorious twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 sounds. Given the fact that it’s still far cheaper than buying a Urus, those that desire its exotic looks without the exotic price tag will certainly find this combination appealing, we imagine.

Photos: Prior Design

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Supercharged Audi A6 Uses Some Unusual Parts to Produce 430 Wheel Horsepower

Supercharged Audi A6

This unassuming, sleeper of an Audi A6 is quite quick, but it’s also stock-looking and supremely comfortable.

The Audi A6 has long been a popular choice in the luxury sedan segment, offering up plenty of technology, performance, and comfort in a stylish package. Of course, those that crave more performance can opt for the S6 or RS6, while the A6 is more of a plush, soft-riding alternative. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the Audi A6 a serious boost in that regard, and that’s precisely what the owner of this one did – leaving quite an impression on David Patterson of the YouTube channel, That Dude In Blue.

Patterson has driven all kinds of modified rides in his years on the social media platform, but he admits that he has a special place in his heart for sleepers – a category that this Audi A6 certainly falls in. On the outside, it looks like a bone stock example with zero obvious modifications  – not even a clue that this car has been upgraded in significant and in some cases, strange ways underneath its unassuming skin.

Supercharged Audi A6

This particular car has the optional supercharged 3.0-liter V6 that made a respectable 333 horsepower in factory form, but that wasn’t quite enough for its owner, Nate. Thus, he added a smaller supercharger pulley to up the boost, a stage 2 APR ECU upgrade with an E85 tune, and strangely enough, a cold-air intake designed for a Ford F-150. Regardless, the results are indeed impressive – this A6 now makes 430 horsepower at the wheels, and is capable of ripping off quarter-mile passes of 11.8 seconds. It’s truly a fantastic example of a sleeper, as well as a proper S4 clone in many regards.

The beauty of this combination is that Nate isn’t giving up his car’s comfortable ride or relaxed nature while also gaining that performance. Given the fact that he routinely drives long distances as a competitive golfer, that’s important, but at the same time, he can also enjoy a spirited drive when he wants to – making this modified A6 the perfect all-round daily driver.

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Repaired with Rice: Flooded Audi e-tron GT Given Clean Bill of Health

donutsAudi e-tron GT is an impressive all-electric sports sedan. And even though it undercuts the price of its Porsche Taycan sibling the Audi is not exactly cheap. In fact, the one you see here stickered at $110K. So, even if one is damaged in a flood, you really don’t want to give up on it. It is worth trying everything to get it running and driving again. And that is exactly what YouTuber Rich Benoit from the Rich Rebuilds channel has done. We have shown you previously that he was miraculously able to get the flooded e-tron GT running again by using the old-fashioned rice trick. After submerging the car in thousands of pounds of rice the e-tron GT started and moved under its own power. Truly an impressive result.

However, starting and rolling forward 6 inches is one thing. To prove that the rice trick is truly viable the car has to actually behave like a car. Benoit still paid $56K at auction to get this car. And while that is far less than the original MSRP, it is still a serious chunk of change. And for that kind of money the car still needs to do all the things that an e-tron GT is capable of doing. That means driving at highway speeds, acceleration runs, and most importantly donuts in an empty parking lot. Once that road test is complete it is taken to an Audi dealer for inspection. Is the Audi really free of defects now? Let’s find out.

Clean Up in Aisle Four

Audi e-tron GT rice cleanup

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Flood Damaged Audi e-tron Brought Back to Life After It Was Submerged in Rice

Flood Damaged Audi e-tron

The ages-old rice trick doesn’t just work for smartphones, apparently – it also helped get this flooded Audi e-tron running again.

For many years now, an old wive’s tale has existed that suggests submerging a flooded electronic device – such as a smartphone – in rice will help suck the moisture out of it and make it good as new again. There are many that will tell you that this isn’t true, but also instances where it has worked, with some even saying that the dust from the rice can do more damage than good. Regardless, that didn’t stop YouTuber Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds fame from trying this ages-old trick on an entire car – a flood damaged Audi e-tron, to be specific.

Benoit purchased his Audi e-tron from a Copart auction just a few weeks ago with grand plans of restoring it back to new, a tall task – even for someone that’s already done precisely the same with with a flooded Tesla Model S (which he daily drove for years) and a Model X. But ripping those cars apart and spending countless hours bringing them back to life was one heck of a chore. And thus, Benoit figured, perhaps submerging the e-tron in 4.200 pounds of rice might actually speed up this process.

While some would wonder why anyone would buy such a heavily damaged vehicle in the first place, well, it’s all about value. Benoit paid a mere $56,000 for this 2,600-mile “gem,” which is roughly half its original MSRP of $110k. What he got, however, was a total wreck – a car that isn’t running or driving, and features water stains everywhere, along with a heaping helping of salt from the ocean waters that once filled every crack and crevice following a hurricane.

Once Benoit and his crew managed to get the e-tron powered up, it lit up like a literal Christmas tree, with the most concerning faults related to the car’s high-voltage battery system and pretty much everything else that makes it tick. Thus, before Benoit set out to spend a ton of money and replace all of these faulty components – or, at the very least, clean them up – he figured why not capture the attention of the internet and try the old fashioned rice trick?

Benoit and his team built a giant box to park the Audi in, wrapped it in a tarp, dumped rice on top of it, and waited for a few days to see what might happen. When some time had passed, they had to vacuum all of that rice out, but the results of all that work were simply amazing – the car actually ran and drove after the rice was removed, albeit with many fault codes still flashing on the gauge cluster. Regardless, it’s a pretty incredible result, and one that we would have never imagined could work on an entire car – not that we’re about to try and replicate this little science experiment ourselves.

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Eliminating the Annoying Stop/Start Feature, Audi Buys Minority Stake in Sauber, Audi Interiors Take Top Priority & More! | AudiWorld Driven

Audi conceptAudiWorld Driven series to get you caught up. As always, we rounded up the hottest Audi news, reviews, videos, and AudiWorld forum discussions from the past week just for you. This week incudes at a brazen car thief that drives a stolen Audi A4 through a mall. AudiWorld forum members discuss how to get rid of that pesky start/stop feature. Audi takes a significant step towards Formula 1 entry. Audi design boss says that interiors of new models will take priority over everything else. There is a lot to cover this week so let’s get to it.

Audi Design to Focus on Interior


Must Watch Video: Listen to Awesome Audi Racecars from the 1980s

This is a must listen to video. Seeing these old Audi racecars tear around a track is certainly cool. But it can’t compare to listening to them tear around a racetrack. Soon we will be left with silent EVs or EVs that generate fake sound with speakers and software. But these old warriors make noise the old-fashioned way. It is glorious.

Forum Thread of the Week: How to Ditch Stop/Start

stop/startHERE to find out how courtesy of some helpful AudiWorld forum members.

Thief Drives Stolen Audi A4 Through a Mall in Canada

Stolen AudiHERE.

Must Watch Video: Does the S4 Avant Deserve Poor Reliability Reputation?

The 2007 Audi S4 Avant is a wonderful sporty wagon. But it doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to reliability. Is that reputation justified? Or, like so many things, has the internet blown it all out of proportion? Well, the best way to find out is to talk to the owner of one. And this one is special as it is painted Imola Yellow and has a manual transmission. That combination alone would make us grant it some leeway in the reliability department. Watch the video to see how the owner has faired with this special little car.

Audi Buys Minority Stake in Sauber

Formula OneHERE.

Images: Audi; Carscoops

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