Fake It Till You Make It: Would You Buy an EV With a Fake Manual Transmission?

Audi e-tron GTmodern EVs have single speed transmissions. Audi and Porsche have models that use a two-speed transmission. But there is nothing out there yet with say 6-speeds. And even the two-speed transmissions in EVs are automatics. But if you are a car enthusiast you likely enjoy shifting gears on your own. Just like you enjoy racy engine sounds. An EV eliminates both. Technology might bring them both back.

Jason Fenske recently posted a video on his Engineering Explained YouTube channel. In the video he explains why most EVs currently don’t have multi-speed transmissions. And he goes further to explain how a fake manual transmission could possibly work in an EV. Would you buy one? Would having a manual transmission, even if it was fake, make you more willing to buy an EV? Let’s start by hearing what Fenske has to say.

Audi e-tronfiled a patent application for a manual transmission in an electric car. This car will have three pedals, including a clutch. It will have a 6-speed gear shifter. So, it will look and in theory perform just like a traditional manual transmission. But it is not real. The clutch, shifter, torque, and rpms. Fake, fake, fake, fake. The fake manual transmission will artificially limit torque in each gear. It will artificially prevent you from accelerating with the clutch pushed in. It is all smoke and mirrors.

fake manual transmission Audi World forums and let us know what you think. Would a fake manual transmission appeal to you? Would you take the Taycan over the e-tron? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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