Ice Block: Ken Block Hoons Audi Group B Rally Cars

Audi Group B

Want to know how much fun can Ken Block have with a Audi Group B car and a frozen track? Watch and see!

In September of last year, gymkhana legend Ken Block announced that he was partnering with Audi to assist in electric vehicle development. For enthusiasts, this was obviously amazing news, as nobody expected Block to be tapped to help with boring stuff like, say, range or practicality. No way. The Hoonigan-in-Chief is all about performance, going sideways, and having fun. So his input is going to help optimize the driving dynamics of Ingolstadt’s new green machines. For proof, look no further than his new Elektrikhana hero car.

As you’d expect, since Block joined the Four Rings team, we’ve seen loads of great video content. From getting airborne in the history-making RS Q e-tron, to flogging the RS e-tron GT on a runway, to ascending the Knife’s Edge in Swing Arm City, Utah, the ace pilot has been busy delivering the goods. Now, there’s a new clip of him driving some of Audi’s iconic Group B rally machines, and if it doesn’t get your blood pumping? You should probably go to a doctor — because you might be dead.

Here, we get to see Block preparing for the GP Ice Race in Austria, which involves a frozen track, a quattro A2 Group B-spec rally car, and boatloads of oversteer. We also get a peak at all the dazzling cache of hot hardware on display at Munich’s GP Performance, which includes gems like an RS2 Avant, a tuned Toyota Supra, a Ferrari 355, and — almost unbelievably — an R18 Le Mans racer. Talk about a kid in a candy store moment!

After that all-too-brief walk through, Block and GP Performance founder GP Kraemer hop into a custom RS e-tron GT and make their way north to the icy circuit, where the real fun begins. Apparently, the Ice Race used to be held on a frozen lake, but after a competitor plunged through the ice into the frigid water, the organizers wisely decidedly to move it to terra firma. Watch the video to check out all the action, and stay tuned for an updates on the forthcoming Elektrikhana video. It’s certain to be mind blowing!

Photos: YouTube

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