If you can’t buy it – Build it! Turning a 2 pedal A3 quattro into a 3 pedal A3 quattro

If you can't buy it - Build it! Turning a 2 pedal A3 quattro into a 3 pedal A3 quattro

There are many among us who are so set in our ways, that we will only buy a certain thing no matter what. When that thing ends up being discontinued for whatever reason, we are left with 2 options – adapt to the “new” way, or adapt the product to suit our needs and wants.

Such is the case with this video we present today. Our long time friend Carson is a 100% manual transmission guy, he just is not happy with anything having only 2 pedals. So, in line with that, and having a need to own an Audi A3 –  that originally came with the DSG transmission-  Carson did what only any good 3 pedal enthusiast would do – he converted the car to a manual transmission. Right on!

Now keep in mind, Carson is a VW and Audi trained technician – he knows his way around a tool box, AND a parts catalog. This swap may not be for the faint of heart, but Carson got it done, PERFECTLY.

We realize this is not the first piece we’ve presented regarding owners converting their cars to manual – Another friend Pierre converted his B8 A4 to a MT-6… A sad thing that happens when manufacturers stop making what we want…  More manuals please!

We applaud anyone who takes the bull by the horns so to speak, and creates their own perfect car, even if it means combining parts from something that didn’t really exist from the factory.