Ken Block Hoons Audi V8 DTM Car & the e-tron Vision GT!

Ken Block drives DTMAudi was going to result in some epic videos. We have seen some already. And now we have another one. This time Block heads to Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. From there he gets to choose two more ridiculous Audi racecars to hoon around in. They are both crazy fast, but they approach their speed in two very different ways. The first car is Hans Stuck’s championship-winning DTM car. The car is powered by a V8 engine that screams to 11,500 rpm. That is not a typo. 11,500 rpm from a V8. Then at Audi’s test track in Neuburg Block gets to drive the e-tron Vision GT. It may not scream like the V8, but it makes some pretty compelling noises of its own. The fun is all captured in a video recently posted on the Block’s YouTube channel.

Before we even get to the driving, we get a peek at some wonderful classic racecars in the Audi Museum. We suggest you have a towel nearby to wipe the drool off your desk. But before long it is time to drive, and Block is as excited as we are to get a turn in the DTM racecar. “I have never driven a high revving V8 Audi before.” Says Block. Somehow, we think he will get the hang of it fairly quickly. And the moment he fires up the V8 the smile on his face just says it all.

Ken Block drives e-tron Vision GT

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