Ken Block Hoons RS e-tron GT, Teases ‘Electrickhana’ Video

Ken Block Electrikhana

A new gymkhana-style video from Ken Block is in the works. But first, we get to watch him drive Audis old and new.

Last week, I wrote about how Ken Block’s new partnership with Audi means lots of cool videos are on the way — and the relationship is already paying dividends. According to the clip released this week, the first big project between Ingolstadt and Block will be a video titled Electrickhana, which unless I’m completely delusional, will be a gymkhana-style video using Audi’s latest all-electric hardware, like the RS Q e-tron. But that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait to see Block flogging some Audis.

Here, we get to see the American rally driver get behind the wheel of the iconic Sport Quattro, and even for someone as accomplished as Block, it’s clear that’s a big deal for him. He’s previously said that watching that car dominate the competition was one of the reasons he became interested in motorsport in the first place, so getting to drive a literal museum piece is about as cool as it gets. Honestly? I’m surprised that we get to see him driving a gas-powered Audi at all, given that his day job is racing for Subaru. Sponsors can get prickly about that kind of thing, you know.

That said, as cool as the old rally machine weapon is, Block babies it a bit — and watching him rip around in the e-tron is more fun. He’s obviously having a blast, and even this little taste proves that if Audi was looking for an ambassador to convince people that going electric doesn’t mean swearing off driving pleasure? It did a great job. Given how choreographed Block’s previous videos were, I’m expecting greatness when Electrickhana drops, and I’m sure that it’ll break the internet.

The behind the scenes stuff is sure to be fascinating too, and I’m looking forward to learning about how the electric vehicles will have to be modified to accommodate Block’s precision, slide-happy style. I’m particularly curious as to how many of the driver aids mere mortals — like yours truly — will be able to defeat on the production models. Not because I think I’d be better without them, of course, but because doing donuts in a closed-off parking lot is one of life’s great joys. Keep your fingers crossed for a rowdy “drift mode” setting…

Photos: Audi

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