Milestone as 100,000th UK customer takes delivery of a Dacia Duster

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Gareth Herincx

21 hours ago
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100,000th UK Dacia Duster customer

Dacia has sold its 100,000 Duster SUV since its launch in the UK in 2013.

Gail Hill was the special customer, taking delivery of her Dusty Khaki-finished Journey TCe 150 Auto from Mitchells Dacia in Lowestoft.

Since its launch, the Duster has accounted for 36% of all Dacia sales in the UK and it’s won more than 20 UK industry awards, including ‘Best Small SUV’, ‘Best Off-Roader’ and ‘Best Value Car’.

“I hadn’t considered a Duster before buying my original one, but my son said it was a good car,” said Gail.

“I needed something with a bigger boot and the Duster had plenty of space, plus it was a really good price and felt very solid.

The latest offers made upgrading to a new one more affordable than I thought, and I love the colour and how it drives with the automatic – it does go very well!”

So far, more than 12,500 drivers have already registered their interest in the all-new Dacia Duster ahead of its launch later this year.

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