Playing on the Knife Edge: Ken Block in the Audi e-tron

Ken Block Audi e-tron

See what happens when Ken Block takes the Audi e-tron to what he calls a “skatepark for dirt bikes.”

Last month, Ken Block unveiled his custom Audi RS e-tron GT, and along with getting a tour of the vehicle, we got to watch him hoon it on a runway with members of his production team riding shotgun. And to be sure, that was loads of fun. But one thing about runways? They’re flat, meaning there’s only so much abject terror the gymkhana master can inflict on his occupants. So for his latest video, Block took the team to Swing Arm City in Utah, which he describes as a “skatepark for dirt bikes” — and it’s about the furthest thing from flat.

The weapon of choice here is an Audi e-tron, and aside from Rotiform wheels, Toyo all-terrain tires, and a roof rack, the green machine is essentially stock. Of course, that doesn’t stop Block from tackling some of the most gnarly obstacles this gorgeous piece of desert has to offer, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. This time, producer Neil Cole is the only one riding along, and from some of the expressions he makes in the various parts of the clip? He’s as excited as he is terrified, so it seems like the Hoonigan-in-Chief is earning his money.

The highlight of the clip is when Block drives the Audi up Knife Edge, a 40-degree incline that punctuates at a razor-thin summit. Allegedly, the inspiration for this stunt was the original ski jump ad which, back in the 1980s, Ingolstadt used to demonstrate just how amazing its nascent quattro all-wheel drive system was.  But if you asked me? I think Block would have tried this even if he’d never seen that — incredibly effective — bit of promotional material. Just what was is George Mallory said about Mount Everest?

So check out the video below, and if you haven’t watched any of the other videos Block and his crew have done with Audi, make sure to circle back on them. In my opinion, they’re getting more and more intense, which can only suggest that the forthcoming Electrikana video is going to be absolutely bonkers. After all, we haven’t even see Block put on a helmet yet, which means all this hoonage has barely been a warm up!

Photos: YouTube

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