Report: Faster Audi RS6 Avant Versions On the Way

Report: Faster Audi RS6 Avant Versions On the Way

American Audi fans got lucky with the RS6 Avant. And it sounds like Ingolstadt has even more goodness in store.

When it was announced that the Audi RS6 Avant was actually coming to America, Four Rings fans rejoiced. Now sure, there’s no lack of high-horsepower hardware available on our shores. But when it comes to fast wagons? Domestic enthusiasts have too often gotten the shaft. So this was far from a sure thing. Fortunately, Ingolstadt delivered — and a new report from our friends at Australia’s Wheels says even hotter versions are on the way.

Better still, the info isn’t credited to an unnamed source, like so much other reportage on automotive news. Rather, vague as it may be, this tidbit comes straight from A6 and R8 spokesperson Eva Stania. Because when Wheels asked about the possibility of a weapons-grade RS6 Avant, Stania replied:  “You drove the RS6 C7 as a Performance. We recently launched the R8 RWD as a Performance, so you can be pretty sure that we will follow up the Performance strategy.”

Of course, any specifics about timing and specs are still murky. But other — yup, unnamed — sources seemed to indicate there will be more than one hot rod variant of the lust-worthy longroof for well-heeled enthusiasts to choose from. We could see the first version by the end of the year, and the range-topping model will arrive closer to 2025, toward the end of this generation’s production run. All of which tracks, given Audi’s history with models like the R8 Performance.

As for how much power each model will make? I think it’s reasonable to expect that both models will make more than Mercedes’ 603-horsepower E63 AMG wagon, and less that the 690-horsepower Panamera Sport Turismo from corporate cousin Porsche. So if I was forced to make a guess? I’d say 620 for Performance model A, and 675 from Performance model B. Sound reasonable? Hit me up and let me know!

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