World’s Best-Sounding Drag Race: 2023 Audi RS3 Squares Off Against Legendary Lexus LFA

best-sounding drag race2023 Audi RS3 with its 5-cylinder turbocharged unit makes a glorious sound. Oftentimes a turbocharged car doesn’t offer a thrilling sound as the turbo muffles the exhaust. But that is not the case with the RS3.

Sound is subjective but speed is objective. And in the speed department the RS3 is also a strong performer. But is it strong enough to take on a legitimate supercar? And is it really that much faster than the less expensive Audi S3? And what about when you throw a highly modified 1991 Audi 200 Quattro in the mix? Where does the RS3 rank in this oddball mix of cars? Jason Cammisa breaks this down in a video posted to the Hagerty YouTube channel. For good measure the video compares the Porsche Carrera GT with the Lexus LFA as well. Let’s consider that a bonus but focus on the Audi models for now.

R You Serious?

Audi RS3

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Audi 200 Delivers Terrifying Ride to the Streets of Fremont

1991 Audi 200

Unassuming 1991 Audi 200 features four tune maps, third of which sends the sedan flying with 640 ponies through stock transmission.

The third-gen Audi 100/200/5000 arrived with smoother, more aerodynamic styling to the three-box design, accented by pin-mounted windows. The result? A drag co-efficient of 0.30 on the base model alone. Thus, the Audi could slip past the gas stations for a while longer. And, once the 2.2-liter, 20-valve turbo-five arrived at the end of the Eighties, it could also slip by the competition.

This Audi 200 in Fremont, California, though, doesn’t just slip by. It straight-up kills them with four tune maps, the third of which is more than enough for the occupants, including Adam Swords of Adam Swords Rough Cuts.

1991 Audi 200

“We’re just about go dyno my Mk 7 Golf,” said Swords, “which is going to Stage 2. And while we’re waiting, [Nick Mercadante is] like, ‘Let me see if I can find something for us to play with. So, he pulls out this.”

As 034Motorsport’s marketing director says, the Audi 200 features a 2.2-liter turbo-five which the owner may have bored out to an unknown displacement. Mercandante says it also sends at least under 640 wheel horsepower on “the higher file maps” to (thankfully) all four corners. But that’s not even its final form.

1991 Audi 200

“So, that’s Map 1,” said Mercandante. “That’s lowest of boost, right around 28 pounds, I think. [The owner] has it wired through this switch right here. When I turn around, I’ll flip her up two maps above to Map 3.”

He says the Audi has four total maps, the third of which contains the aforementioned 640 ponies in the corral. However, the fourth map is where every bit of sanity is decimated in a blaze of turbocharged glory. Though un-dyno’d at the moment, he believes the 35 pounds of boost can take the sedan into the 700-horsepower range. And all on the stock manual transmission and shifter, too. As Swords says, the whole affair “was terrifying.”

1991 Audi 200

“I like fast cars,” said Swords. “I have no issue with going fast in cars. That is insane. That might be one of the fastest-feeling cars I’ve ever been in […] I’m gonna go for a lie-down and change my underwear.”

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