Three EPIC Audi Drag Races to Get Your Heart Pumping!

epic Audi drag racesgood drag race to lift yourself out of the doldrums. But if you really want to get your heart pumping you might need a bit more. And for those folks we got you covered. We pulled three epic Audi drag races that are sure to get the blood flowing. Between the three races there is a little bit of everything. An overachieving 5-cylinder RS3 going against a massive V12-powered Aventador. An Audi vs. Audi battle with a V10 going against an EV. And finally, a fully built Audi TT RS facing off against a tuned McLaren 720S.

We will get to the specific videos in a moment but collectively they show us something about drag racing. And that is you really never know what the heck is going to happen. Engine size doesn’t matter, price tag doesn’t matter, and tires don’t matter. OK, well maybe those things do matter a little bit, but they alone can not predict the outcome of a drag race. The other thing we learn by watching these videos is that Audi has some damn quick cars, and they can be modified to go a lot quicker. Let’s get to the racing.

RS3 vs. Aventador

Drag raceWheels Plus YouTube channel.

V10 vs. Electric

R8 vs. RS e-tron GTMichal Karpat – Autožurnál TV YouTube channel to see for yourself.

TT RS vs. 720S

TT RSOfficially Gassed YouTube channel to see the little Audi mix it up with the mighty McLaren.

Fake It Till You Make It: Would You Buy an EV With a Fake Manual Transmission?

Audi e-tron GTmodern EVs have single speed transmissions. Audi and Porsche have models that use a two-speed transmission. But there is nothing out there yet with say 6-speeds. And even the two-speed transmissions in EVs are automatics. But if you are a car enthusiast you likely enjoy shifting gears on your own. Just like you enjoy racy engine sounds. An EV eliminates both. Technology might bring them both back.

Jason Fenske recently posted a video on his Engineering Explained YouTube channel. In the video he explains why most EVs currently don’t have multi-speed transmissions. And he goes further to explain how a fake manual transmission could possibly work in an EV. Would you buy one? Would having a manual transmission, even if it was fake, make you more willing to buy an EV? Let’s start by hearing what Fenske has to say.

Audi e-tronfiled a patent application for a manual transmission in an electric car. This car will have three pedals, including a clutch. It will have a 6-speed gear shifter. So, it will look and in theory perform just like a traditional manual transmission. But it is not real. The clutch, shifter, torque, and rpms. Fake, fake, fake, fake. The fake manual transmission will artificially limit torque in each gear. It will artificially prevent you from accelerating with the clutch pushed in. It is all smoke and mirrors.

fake manual transmission Audi World forums and let us know what you think. Would a fake manual transmission appeal to you? Would you take the Taycan over the e-tron? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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10 Facts Facts You NEED to Know: 2022 Audi RS e-tron GT

2022 Audi RS e-tron GTRS e-tron GT.

It’s not Audi’s first rodeo with EVs, as Ingolstadt already entered the game with the e-tron crossover back in 2018. Yet, the grand touring version is perfect for those looking for a slick sedan, with the RS e-tron GT taking things up to 11. Here are 10 facts about this newest conqueror of the cult.

10. It Shares a Platform with the Porsche Taycan

2022 Audi RS e-tron GTRS e-tron GT. Specifically, the platform, electric motors and battery pack. Forty percent of the parts the Audi uses come from Stuttgart’s tidy parts bin. Yet, there are enough tweaks here and there to give Audi fans the Audi driving experience they know and love.

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