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Audi conceptAudiWorld Driven series to get you caught up. As always, we rounded up the hottest Audi news, reviews, videos, and AudiWorld forum discussions from the past week just for you. This week incudes at a brazen car thief that drives a stolen Audi A4 through a mall. AudiWorld forum members discuss how to get rid of that pesky start/stop feature. Audi takes a significant step towards Formula 1 entry. Audi design boss says that interiors of new models will take priority over everything else. There is a lot to cover this week so let’s get to it.

Audi Design to Focus on Interior


Must Watch Video: Listen to Awesome Audi Racecars from the 1980s

This is a must listen to video. Seeing these old Audi racecars tear around a track is certainly cool. But it can’t compare to listening to them tear around a racetrack. Soon we will be left with silent EVs or EVs that generate fake sound with speakers and software. But these old warriors make noise the old-fashioned way. It is glorious.

Forum Thread of the Week: How to Ditch Stop/Start

stop/startHERE to find out how courtesy of some helpful AudiWorld forum members.

Thief Drives Stolen Audi A4 Through a Mall in Canada

Stolen AudiHERE.

Must Watch Video: Does the S4 Avant Deserve Poor Reliability Reputation?

The 2007 Audi S4 Avant is a wonderful sporty wagon. But it doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to reliability. Is that reputation justified? Or, like so many things, has the internet blown it all out of proportion? Well, the best way to find out is to talk to the owner of one. And this one is special as it is painted Imola Yellow and has a manual transmission. That combination alone would make us grant it some leeway in the reliability department. Watch the video to see how the owner has faired with this special little car.

Audi Buys Minority Stake in Sauber

Formula OneHERE.

Images: Audi; Carscoops

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Audi 2022 Sales Down, Dakar Disaster, Driving an S1 Rally Car & More! | AudiWorld Driven

Audi e-tronAudiWorld Driven series. Just in case you missed it last week this is our new feature where we round up the hottest Audi news, reviews, videos, and AudiWorld forum discussions from the past week just for you. Last week we featured a story about what it is like to take an e-tron on a long road trip. This week we have a similar road trip story but this time it is in an old-fashioned gasoline powered A8. There is some rather unfortunate news coming from the Audi Dakar rally team. A test of the most iconic five-cylinder Audis in history. And virtual reality will become your new in-car entertainment. A lot happened this week so let’s get into it.

Audi BEV Sales Soar by 47 Percent in 2022

Audi SalesHERE.

Must Watch Video: Audi Quattro MEGA Test, Flat Out in S1 Group B Monster

If you watch just one video this week, make it this one. One of the most iconic Audi cars in history is the Walter Rohl Group B rally car. And any chance to see it rip around a racetrack is a treat. That is exactly what we get with this video posted recently on the Auto Express YouTube channel. And as amazing as that is, there is much more to this video as it walks through the history of the five-cylinder Audi’s. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Forum Thread of the Week: 2,200 Mile A8 Road Trip

Audi A8HERE.

Carlos Sainz Receives Medical Treatment After Crashing Out of Dakar Rally

Dakar CrashHERE for the story as reported by Autosport.

Must Watch Video: Audi RS 3 Owns BMW M240i in Drag Race

In our first video above, you got to see a glimpse of the mighty RS 3. In this video the RS 3 is the star of the show as it goes up against the BMW M240i xDrive in a drag race. The Audi runs the quarter mile in 12 seconds flat. The BMW is .4 seconds behind. Although to be fair it was less than a stellar start by the BMW driver. However, the BMW driver had no impact on the RS 3 time and 12 seconds flat is a solid performance. For some perspective a first generation R8 took about a half second longer.

Holoride Brings Virtual Reality to your Audi


Images: Audi; CoinDesk; Autosport; AudiWorld forum

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RIP Ken Block, Dakar or Bust, R8 vs R8, Roadtripping an e-tron 5K Miles & More! | AudiWorld Driven

Audi Newslost a motorsports legend. But there were some bright spots as well such as Audi competing in the Dakar rally. It was a lot to try to keep track of in only one week, so we handpicked just for you some of the top Audi news items to keep you up to date. End your week by catching up with all the hot Audi news that you may have missed as we charged into a brand-new year.

Ken Block Tragically Killed

Ken BlockHERE.

Dakar Power Boost


Audi F1 Driver Search

Audi NewsHERE. 

Must Watch Video: Trading a Porsche 911 for an Audi S8

Matt Watson from Carwow was cruising around in a Porsche 911 Turbo S as his daily driver. But with a growing family he needed a bit more room than the 911 could provide. So how do you replace a rocket ship like a Turbo S? With an Audi S8 of course! Watson can choose just about any car he wants so him deciding that the S8 would be best speaks volumes about the car itself.

Must Watch Video: Final R8 vs First R8

Sadly the Audi R8 days are coming to a close. With R8 production ending the folks at Top Gear thought it would be the perfect time to look at the very first R8 and compare it to the final R8 V10 GT. Can the first R8 hold a candle to the latest, greatest and final version? Check out the video to find out.

Forum Thread of the Week: 5,000 Mile e-tron Road Trip

RIP Ken Block, Dakar or Bust, R8 vs R8, Roadtripping an e-tron 5K Miles & More! | AudiWorld DrivenHERE.

Images: Audi; Audi World forums; DirtFish

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Audi Plans to Convert All Factories to Produce EVs and Confirms Q6 e-tron for 2023

Q6 e-tron EV productionfantastic internal combustion cars over the years. However, those days are coming to an end. In roughly ten years from now the only new Audi you will be able to buy will be an electrified one. In a recent press release Audi confirmed that not only is the Q6 e-tron coming in 2023 but an A4 and A5 EV may not be far behind. Also, the company plans to launch only all-electric models by 2026. Audi is working on converting all factories to manufacturer EVs. And by the year 2033 the company looks to reduce factory costs by half.

There is a lot to unpack here. But it is safe to say that if you are a die-hard Audi fan that would never consider buying an EV you need to either change your attitude or look at another brand. Audi does not seem to be wavering in their commitment to become an all-electric vehicle manufacturer. By the end of the decade, Audi will be making electric-drive models at all of its production sites worldwide. “Step by step, we are bringing all our sites into the future,” says Audi Board Member for Production and Logistics Gerd Walker. “We don’t want any standalone lighthouse projects on greenfield sites. Instead, we are investing in our existing plants, so they end up being just as efficient and flexible as newly built production sites or greenfield plants.”

Q6 e-tron

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Q8 e-tron & SQ8 e-tron: Audi’s Got a New Top of the Line Electric SUV

Q8 e-trone-tron line about four years ago and has since sold about 150,000 units. The automaker currently has eight electric models and by 2026 they expect that number to be over 20. By 2030 Audi is expected to be a fully electric brand. The new Audi Q8 e-tron is another significant step towards that new reality. “The new Audi Q8 e-tron, with its improved efficiency and range and refined design, is another important component in our electric portfolio to get people excited about electromobility with emotional models that are suitable for everyday use.” Said Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi AG.

With the Q8 e-tron Audi is going with a new face, new name and new corporate identity. The Audi Q8 e-tron and SQ8 e-tron will be the top rung electric SUV models for the brand. The new models will instantly be recognizable as not just an Audi product. But as an all-electric Audi product. These models will be the first to usher in a new two-dimensional design of the four rings on the exterior. The new model will also feature Audi lettering on the B-pillar. But this newest e-tron is about much more than badges and lettering.

More Range

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