Audi RS 3: Born for the Track, Fun in the Snow

Audi RS 3 Snow

YouTubers set out to get the Audi RS 3 stuck in the snow… But it turns out Audi’s compact track weapon still has a lot of rally car capability in its DNA!

 TFL Studios recently snagged the Audi RS 3 for review, which is pretty standard for YouTubers and other Auto Journalists. But unlike our track day and drifting adventures in the new RS 3 last year, mother nature had a different plan for Tommy Mica and the TFL team. Nine inches of Rocky Mountain snow. So how does one then properly test and review a 401-horsepower sports sedan with only 4.9-inches of ground clearance?

You try to get it stuck in the snow, of course.

But the RS 3 isn’t just any sports sedan. It descends from a long line of quattro Audis built for Rallycross Championships. And what happens next (which you can watch below) looks like a LOT of fun. Shoed with a fresh set of Pirelli snow tires, the RS3 powers through the snow without issue. Even starting from a stop, the combination of the new all-wheel-drive system and proper rubber made for an unstoppable WRX-in-the-snow rival.

“Dare I say it, [Colorado] feels like the natural home of the Audi brand,” says Roman Mica from behind the camera. “For a few years now, the marketing has been all about the Quattro system, and for a long time, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive was only for unique vehicles like Jeeps and pickup trucks, but it really became a thing of luxury.”

Behind the wheel, Tommy talks about the different drive modes. For him, what worked for the snow was putting it in Dynamic mode and enabling the traction control to a lower threshold to allow a little bit of wheel spin. He notes that the previous Haldex system did promote a lot more understeer from the front, making it not very confidence-inspiring in low traction conditions. But, the new system makes the RS3 feel like it’s now a “rally beast.”

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World’s Best-Sounding Drag Race: 2023 Audi RS3 Squares Off Against Legendary Lexus LFA

best-sounding drag race2023 Audi RS3 with its 5-cylinder turbocharged unit makes a glorious sound. Oftentimes a turbocharged car doesn’t offer a thrilling sound as the turbo muffles the exhaust. But that is not the case with the RS3.

Sound is subjective but speed is objective. And in the speed department the RS3 is also a strong performer. But is it strong enough to take on a legitimate supercar? And is it really that much faster than the less expensive Audi S3? And what about when you throw a highly modified 1991 Audi 200 Quattro in the mix? Where does the RS3 rank in this oddball mix of cars? Jason Cammisa breaks this down in a video posted to the Hagerty YouTube channel. For good measure the video compares the Porsche Carrera GT with the Lexus LFA as well. Let’s consider that a bonus but focus on the Audi models for now.

R You Serious?

Audi RS3

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Three EPIC Audi Drag Races to Get Your Heart Pumping!

epic Audi drag racesgood drag race to lift yourself out of the doldrums. But if you really want to get your heart pumping you might need a bit more. And for those folks we got you covered. We pulled three epic Audi drag races that are sure to get the blood flowing. Between the three races there is a little bit of everything. An overachieving 5-cylinder RS3 going against a massive V12-powered Aventador. An Audi vs. Audi battle with a V10 going against an EV. And finally, a fully built Audi TT RS facing off against a tuned McLaren 720S.

We will get to the specific videos in a moment but collectively they show us something about drag racing. And that is you really never know what the heck is going to happen. Engine size doesn’t matter, price tag doesn’t matter, and tires don’t matter. OK, well maybe those things do matter a little bit, but they alone can not predict the outcome of a drag race. The other thing we learn by watching these videos is that Audi has some damn quick cars, and they can be modified to go a lot quicker. Let’s get to the racing.

RS3 vs. Aventador

Drag raceWheels Plus YouTube channel.

V10 vs. Electric

R8 vs. RS e-tron GTMichal Karpat – Autožurnál TV YouTube channel to see for yourself.

TT RS vs. 720S

TT RSOfficially Gassed YouTube channel to see the little Audi mix it up with the mighty McLaren.

Report: Next-Generation Audi RS 3 to Go All-Electric

Report: Next-Generation Audi RS 3 to Go All-Electric

According to inside sources, Audi’s set to launch the new RS 3 with combustion engine options removed in favor of the latest EV technology.

Audi’s S and RS cars are well-loved for their outstanding performance and iconic soundtrack. Certainly, the RS 3 continues Audi’s tradition of fielding outstanding 5-cylinder engines. But whether we like it or not, EVs represent the cutting-edge of this coming generation. So it comes as little surprise that Audi’s electric lineup takes center-stage for these future vehicles. With Volkswagen’s own (at times infamous) decades-long quest for efficiency and renewable energy, the next-generation A3 and RS 3 combine the best of these lessons into a single, dedicated EV platform. Thankfully for the gearheads, these improvements also bring with them some eye-watering performance figures.

Even by RS 3 standards, this coming model’s gonna be fast. The instant torque these motors create will easily allow an RS 3 to top 60 in the mid-3’s and top 200 MPH. And speaking of range, that’s not too shabby, either. With the latest battery technology, we’re looking at over 400 miles in the A3, plus fast-charging and lighter weight. All told, Audi’s giving enthusiasts plenty of reasons to look forward to their line going electric. Even if it means sacrificing that beautiful 5-cylinder staccato.

And according to sources at Audi disclosing to Autocar Magazine, that’ll all be coming with the next-generation SSP-platform, a brand-new system developed just for EVs. For the A3 and RS 3, it seems that internal combustion is a thing of the past as they spearhead next-gen EV production. This lineup extends well past these ubiquitous models, too. Promoted with vehicles such as the Volkswagen ID.R, electric powertrains are set to dominate next-generation performance vehicles across the board. And Audi’s RS 3 looks to be the finest of these super-saloons to come.

A Truly Novel Approach to EV Design

2022 RS3

The next-generation platform architecture supports a number of key improvements. People tend to ask two main questions when buying an EV. How far does it go and how long does it take to charge? The MEB platform, introduced with the ID.3, marked an important first step toward solving these fundamental issues. And with the next evolution of the sister MQB-platform, the A3 hopes to incorporate the best of both worlds, plus more. The most impressive leap comes from the motor itself. VW’s current-gen electric motor is the APP 310 400V brushless, producing a modest ~200 horsepower and around 300 miles of range. However, the next-generation motor reportedly doubles output to 800V, with a range well in excess of 400 miles. All this coupled with the latest battery technology leads to a far more efficient, streamlined charging system.

Volkswagen’s developing a new platform, called the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), specifically around this new power unit. Concerning Audi, this platform marks several massive departures for the A3 model. Aside from the obvious electric drivetrain, Audi complements this innovation with a new drive and running gear. The next-generation A3 boasts rear-wheel-drive and optional Quattro, a first for the FWD-standard model. Much like the current model, the new A3’s set to debut in a 4-door saloon or 5-door hatch configuration. But dimensionally the newest model’s likely to marginally expand, thanks in part to the latest running gear developed for a next-generation MEB-platform. However, Volkswagen officially canceled further development of this platform in favor of the SSP. After such a short service life, the SSP must be something special to pour all that money into a brand-new venture.

The SSP-Platform Details and More

Report: Next-Generation Audi RS 3 to Go All-Electric

The SSP-platform coincides with Audi CEO Markus Duesmann’s stated mid-term goals. That is, that all new Audi models will feature all-electric powertrains by the 2026 model year. To this end, Volkswagen designed the platform to accommodate a host of body styles, similar to their ubiquitous A-platform and its derivatives. The main centerpiece, as stated, is the brand-new 800V electric architecture. According to inside sources, the claimed range tops out at approximately 435 miles and accepts 80 miles of charge in 10 minutes. As for power, Audi released no official figures as of yet. But we can speculate more based on the next model-year’s statistics.

The 2023 A3 E-Tron, the first facelifted model of this generation, already contains some of this tech. For example, the 2023 E-Tron uses an all-new battery pack for an already impressive 373-mile reported range. So if what’s just around the corner is any indication, the next-gen A3 looks to set a new gold standard for electric saloons. And Audi set their sights even higher than just the SSP. Their new PPE-platform, set to debut at about the same time, brings the big guns. Alongside the next-generation Q-series, this platform hosts what Audi calls a “private jet for the road.” Beginning with the 2021 Grandsphere concept, we may see the next-generation full-size returning to its grand touring-inspired roots.

All in all, at first glance, some motorheads may groan at the thought of replacing those glorious V8s and V10s. But reading in between the lines a bit, this truly appears to represent the next step in automotive luxury bliss. Appropriate, then, that Audi’s not messing around. Between multiple dedicated new platforms and a next-generation powertrain, Audi is set to take motoring by storm in 2026.

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Audi Drag: 2022 RS 3 vs. 1985 Sport Quattro S1

Audi Drag Race

Wonder how a modern performance-tuned Audi stacks up to one of its racing ancestors? Watch this video and find out!

The 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 is — to put it mildly — a wicked-fast piece of kit. After all, it was designed to compete in Group B, the most terrifying era of rally that ever existed. But since time waits for no person or car, the fact that it’s nearly four decades old can’t be overlooked. So it’s interesting to see how this purpose-built racing machine compares to one of its modern, street-legal ancestors — like the current Audi RS 3. And fortunately, thanks to our friends across the Pond at carwow, it doesn’t have to be a bench race.

In this video, host Mat Watson lines up Ingolstadt’s latest ferocious compact sedan with the venerable S1, which is being driven by an Audi factory driver. As fans of the Four Rings know, both cars are packing turbocharged five-cylinders under the hood. But here, the power advantage goes to the older thoroughbred, as the RS 3 is producing 400 horsepower to the S1’s 500 ponies. And that’s despite the fact that its modern mill is up on displacement — as it’s 2.5-liters as opposed to 2.1-liters. Just goes to show that when daily drivability isn’t taken into consideration? Output can shoot into the stratosphere.

Given it’s a street car, which has things like air conditioning, infotainment, other creature comforts, and legions of safety nannies, the RS 3 is also over 1,000 pounds heavier than the race car. That’s a serious delta to overcome, even if it’s sporting a lightning-quick seven speed dual-clutch transmission, as opposed to the S1’s old-school six speed. Honestly, even though it’s not directly applicable here — as the S1 was never for sale at a dealership — one phrase kept running through my head watching this video. And that’d be: “The last days of the old technology are better than the first days of the new technology.”

Hopefully, that little tidbit didn’t spoil the video, because it’s amazingly fun, and frankly, it makes me jealous of folks who get to experience the glory of old race cars. Seeing something like this is a reminder of just how unhinged the performance of these old warriors was, and how frighteningly different it was than the road-going vehicles of the time. So check out the clip, and if you’ve gotten to pull a Ken Block and hammer on some old racing cars? Hit me up and tell me about it!

Photos: YouTube

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