7 Benefits of Leasing an Electric Car

Electric vehicles have been available for several years now, but with the UK Government’s agreement to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, electric vehicles (EVs) are really taking over the car market. Leasing an electric car can be a great way to make the transition to driving an EV, so here are the top benefits of leasing an electric car.

  1. Better for the environment

The push to make environmentally conscious changes in our everyday life has grown in recent years. If you’re able, switching your petrol or diesel for an electric car can make a big impact on your carbon footprint. On average, new diesel and petrol cars produce 127g CO2/km, so based on the national average annual mileage of nearly 10,500km/year, by switching to a zero-emission car, you could reduce your CO2 emissions by approximately 1.3 tonnes each year.

  • Low Benefit-in-Kind Tax

Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) Tax is the amount of tax you have to pay on any non-financial renumeration from your employer, i.e. a company car, and is calculated using the P11D value of the vehicle, its CO2 output and your income tax band. However, the BIK tax rate for zero-emission vehicles (EVs) is currently set at 1% for 2021-22 – compared to 29% for the average petrol or diesel car – making EVs a fantastic option for company car drivers.

  • Future-proof

The government will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and hybrids by 2035. There are currently over 100 EV models on the market, and by 2025 nearly as many EV models as conventional petrol and diesel models can be expected.

  • Save on fuel costs

A full charge for a 60kWh electric car can cost less than £10 using a home charger and will provide approximately 200 miles of charge. With £1.3 billion investment pledged from the UK Government to accelerate the rollout of charging infrastructure, improving EV mileage range capabilities and ongoing development to charging points to provide faster charging, driving an EV can be a cost-effective option.

  • Upgrade to a brand-new car every few years

When you lease with Synergy, you can choose a contract term typically from 24 to 48 months and at the end of your lease agreement, simply return the vehicle by free arranged collection. You can then begin a new contract on another brand-new vehicle if you wish. You don’t need to worry about depreciation, a balloon payment or having to sell the car – just hand it back.

  • Free UK Delivery, Best Price Guarantee & 5 Star Rated Service

Leasing with Synergy Car Leasing is a hassle-free way to drive a brand-new car. They offer Free UK mainland delivery, their Synergy Best Price Guarantee and Feefo 5 Star Platinum Rated Service.

They have fantastic lease deals on popular makes and models, including the best-rated EV models, such as the Tesla Model 3, VW ID.3, Kia E-Niro and more.

  • Maintenance Package Option

For peace of mind, you can opt for a fully maintained lease package. EV’s still need to be serviced and diagnostic checks carried out, but with no internal combustion engine things can be a lot simpler.  Adding the fixed-cost maintenance option to your lease agreement covers costs such as routine servicing, maintenance, tyres and roadside assistance, saving to you time and money.

Own a McLaren Elva speedster for just £17.99

Gareth Herincx

4 days ago
Auto Blog

LEGO McLaren Elva speedster with Rachel Brown

McLaren Automotive and the LEGO Group have joined forces to create the new LEGO® Speed Champions McLaren Elva.

The 263-piece replica of one of the world’s most exclusive open-top speedsters comes complete with a mini figure inspired by McLaren’s Principal Development Engineer for the Ultimate Series, Rachel Brown.

Designed for unparalleled driver engagement and ultimate driving enjoyment, the McLaren Elva has no roof, windscreen or windows, making for an unforgettable driving experience.

LEGO McLaren Elva speedster

The Elva’s Active Air Management System (AAMS), uses clever aerodynamics to control the air, creating a ‘bubble’ around the occupants and sheltering them from the oncoming wind.

Just like the real thing, the LEGO set comes with a wide chassis, incorporating the two-seat open cockpit, and authentic detailing including the AAMS vents that make the Elva so innovative and unique.

“It is amazing to have witnessed the Elva go from a boundary pushing concept drawing all the way to final vehicle production,” said Rachel.

“It feels even more special now to see all of that hard work transformed into the LEGO Speed Champions Elva model for us to share with children and fans across the world.

“Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of driving and testing cars and I still can’t believe that it’s a part of my job.

“I hope that it inspires other young people to follow their passions and pursue careers in the automotive or design and engineering industries. There are so many incredible opportunities.”

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Automotive Advice: 4 Tips For Car Care & Wheel Alignment

Guest Blogger

6 hours ago
Auto Blog

In order to make your vehicle’s performance smooth for the coming season along with better fuel efficiency, you need to look out for a few car maintenance hacks. These maintenance hacks can also be done by you saving you from extra repairing trips to the garage. Hence before heading out to work in the busiest season you would require a few check ups on your car. 

Have a look on Car Filters 

Driving continually without having an internal check on it can cause the car to decrease it’s efficiency with time. Similarly the car filters like air and oil filter, may be clogged if you haven’t checked them for sometime. A helpful advice is to clean these filters once in a while before you plan to go on a long route so that you do not face any car problem in between your peaceful journey. You can clean the air filter yourself by taking it out of the engine easily and using a portable vacuum to remove clogged debris. You can also wash the filter with the help of liquid detergent and warm water. 

Are the Wheels Aligned?

It is extremely important to see if your car wheels are properly aligned to avoid any car trouble while you are driving. You can get an idea if your wheel needs to be fixed for alignment by having a look on few signs like, 

  • Tyres tread getting uneven 
  • Steering wheels automatically leaned to either sides even if the vehicle tyres are parked in alignment 
  • Vibration of steering while you are driving 

Having your wheels aligned can also save you from losing control of your vehicle while you are driving that can result in uncontrollable road mishaps. Therefore, if you feel any of the above signs you should straight away take your vehicle to correct the alignment of your wheels. London has many professional wheel alignment centres and it is crucial that you don’t neglect this part of your car. You can also get wheel alignment service in London from Iverson Tyres.

Check your Tyres 

Having a look at the health of your tyres every month is important in order to achieve a smooth drive. Tyres play as important a part in car performance as the engine. In order to make sure your tyres are roadworthy you need to check on the adequate level of air pressure in the tyres to avoid unexpected tyre puncture. Another thing for tyres is looking at the tread depth , as driving your tyres for a longer period on different road terrain can diminish the tread depth causing damage to your tyres without you noticing them on time. For proper tread depth you need to check whether the depth is upto normal level that is 1.6mm for most of the tyres. 

Driving Style 

Lastly, having a good driving style impacts the car performance too. If you are a rash driver there are higher chances that your fuel efficiency will drop and you might damage any internal part of your car without getting notice of it. Your driving style can either increase your vehicle repairing cost or decrease it significantly. It is always better to go with a smooth driving style no matter how much of a hurry you are. 

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Toyota fuel cell technology lights up Paris

Gareth Herincx

2 days ago
Auto Blog

The Eiffel Tower has been illuminated green, using a Toyota fuel cell powered generator.

The striking display took place during the hydrogen and mobility exhibition, Paris de l’hydrogène, organised by Energy Observer – the Toyota-supported, self-sufficient world-travelling boat operator – and the City of Paris.

The exhibition highlights the vehicles, technologies and applications that will shape the sustainable cities of the future and is being powered by a green hydrogen-fuelled GEH2 generator, developed by EODev (Energy Observer Developments), incorporating a Toyota fuel cell.

As well as providing the power for the exhibition, Toyota’s fuel cells can be found in a number of exhibits, including the new Toyota Mirai saloon car, the fuel cell CaetanoBus and a REXH2 maritime range extender – another EODev innovation.

Each of the products is commercially available today, providing real-world solutions for decarbonisation across industry and society.

“Hydrogen fuel cell technology will play a key role in enabling Toyota to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Matt Harrison, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.

“This commitment was made back in 2015 when we announced our 2050 Environmental Challenge and launched Mirai – the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle.

“We also believe that fuel cell technology will play a vital role in achieving carbon neutrality across the global transportation ecosystem. Not just in the automotive sector but also across the bus, truck, rail, aviation, maritime and stationary power sectors.”

As the Official Mobility Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris has a special significance for Toyota. During the Games, Toyota will provide zero-emission vehicles and advanced mobility products to highlight its commitment to zero-emission mobility solutions and “Mobility for All”.

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Extra Cash – Scrap My Car in St Albans

Thinking of downsizing from two cars to just one car is something that many people are considering in St Albans.  There are so many positive reasons too – in fact, you might find that you don’t even need one car!  With a brilliant rail service on your doorstep, straight into London in less than half an hour, who needs a car in St Albans anymore?  There’s shopping galore with the Maltings shopping centre, full of high street favourites along with a number of gorgeous boutiques too and a plethora of delicious restaurants throughout the area.  Lots of people don’t feel much need to drive out of St Albans, it’s well-contained, a beautiful part of the UK with plenty to do.  Those are some of the reasons why you might want to scrap a car in St Albans but there are other reasons too.

No More Costly Garage Visits!

Old cars often need new parts and possibly spend more time in the garage than out on the road.  Getting cars repaired in St Albans is expensive, not to mention inconvenient.  Sometimes, it’s just not cost-effective, so if you’re thinking to yourself “Should I scrap my car in St Albans?” The answer is yes – it is a better choice.  You could end up getting more for your money – especially if you start adding up the amounts you keep parting with every time your car has to go to the garage for repair.  With the recent pandemic, extra cash is always welcome!

Working from Home Means Less Need for a Car

While on the topic of the pandemic, there’s been a big change in people’s work routine.  There’s no need to keep travelling to offices or other places of work, most people are now working from home, if not all the time, certainly for some of the time and this trend is set to continue.  So, there’s less need for use of a car.  That’s another reason why people are scrapping cars in St Albans.

Second-Hand Car Dealers Can End Up Expensive!

It’s often more cost-efficient to scrap an old or broken car in St Albans.  Second-hand car dealers aren’t quite as popular for old, or broken cars.  If you do get an offer for your old or broken car, it’s likely to be less than you thought you’d get – that’s because a second-hand car salesman will take a chunk of the price paid.  That’s another reason to scrap a car in St Albans instead.  Of course, there are other ways to sell an old car.  You could advertise it through the trade, either online or in print but it’s costly to post an advert and if anyone wants to look at your car, you have to arrange a time which might be inconvenient!  COVID-19 has made it riskier too – no one particularly wants someone to road-test a car, despite vaccination status.  Remember, there’s still a need to socially distance.

Car Scrapping is Environmentally Friendly

Another very good reason to scrap a car in St Albans is the environmental impact of keeping an old or broken car on your driveway.  Despite what you might think, just because it stands idle doesn’t mean it’s not emitting fumes.  It is.  There’s the battery and the engine, which is likely to be carbon monoxide fuelled.  Even an idle car emits gasses and if the engine isn’t working properly or the battery is flat, it’s likely to leak poisonous gasses into the atmosphere.  Moving that car off your drive will reduce environmental impact – as well as free up space!

If any of the above resonates with you, start searching for a scrap car dealer in St Albans – maybe you have a van?  You’re thinking “Scrap my van in St Alban’s!”.  No matter whether it’s a car, van or bike, the most important thing is to make sure you choose an ATF registered scrapyard.   This means that the scrapyard is reputable.  UKCarMovement is an ATF registered scrapyard in St Albans.  While you’ll find there are lots of car scrap dealers in the area, they may not own their own scrapyard which means they won’t pass on as much of the profit to you. 

Get Your Favourite Scrapyard to Match Your Best Quote

When you’ve found your car scrapyard in St Albans, get a quote.  You might find you get a better quote at another scrapyard but it’s likely that your preferred scrapyard can beat the quote or at least match it.  Remember, a quality scrapyard is best, even if the quote isn’t quite as good. 

As well as your quote, there are other things you should look for.  Free collection and delivery are great perks!  It means you don’t need to get your car towed to a scrapyard.  You’ll just need to provide the car keys and your log-book – or leave them in a safe place, especially if you choose a contactless collection service (the preference during the pandemic).

Same Day Money and a COD

You should check that you’ll receive your money on the same day as your car is scrapped.  This should be deposited into your bank account, something that UKCarMovement guarantees.  As well as your money owed, you will need a Certificate of Destruction (COD) issued.  This is proof that your car was sold for scrap and is an important document that you should keep.  Unreputable scrap car dealers might sell your car on – if you don’t have a COD, your car could be used by someone else and if it’s involved in an accident, is illegally parked or gets caught speeding, you could be held responsible.

In summary, if you want to scrap a car in St Albans, select a reputable scrapyard that’s ATF registered.  Make sure that you get a competitive quote and that your scrapyard of choice will pay you on the same day as scrapping your car.  Arrange FREE collection and delivery (leaving your car keys and log-book in a safe place for the collection), and check you will be issued with the Certificate of Destruction.  As well as some extra cash in your pocket, when you scrap a car in St Albans, you’ll also be playing a part in helping make the environment a safer place for generations to come.