Electric Police BMW CE 04 and F 900 XR Premiered

Two very different bikes have been adapted for law enforcement, with both an electric police BMW CE 04, and a more traditional F 900 XR both premiered as new models by the German manufactuter.

As an electric scooter, the BMW CE 04 is possbly the more notable of the duo. With the consumer model recently unveiled, it’s been a quickly converted for police operations in urban and metropolitan areas with a maximum power output of 41hp and a top speed of 120 km/h (74.5 mph). The battery has a range of around 130 kilometres, although there’s no research on how this is impacted when you add the special LED flashing lights at the front, the LED beacon at the rear, and a siren, along with an authorities case.

But it does mean the police might be able to sneak up on you with the minimum of noise, in the Eco, Rain or Road riding modes, and with Automatic Stability Contol, ABS and the opton of Dynamic Traction Control to help them handle most weather and road conditions.

The new electic police BMW CE 04 scooter
The new electic police BMW CE 04 scooter

The F 900 XR makes more traditional sense as a police bike, given that it’s a nimble tourer with a relaxed and upright riding position for long shifts in the sadle, and has a 105hp twin-cylinder inline 895cc engine which can propel the bike somewhere above 120mph. Plus it comes with all the equipment options for panniers, heated grips, GPS and electronic rider aids you’d expect from the German manufacturer.

The police-spec BMW F 900 XR
The police-spec BMW F 900 XR

BMW Motorrad produces a range of bikes which can be configured for the police, customs agencies, fire brigade or other uses, with the new CE 04 joining the R 1250 RT-P, the F 750GS-P and the F 850GS-P.

Keep an eye out for the new police BMW CE 04 electric scooter or XRF 900 XR in your mirrors...here. And you can always find ex-police BMW bikes for sale via a variety of places, including a surprising number available via eBay.


Ducati Become FIM Enel MotoE World Cup Suppliers For 2023

Whatever your views on electric motorcycles, it’s clear they’re going to play a bigger part in our future on two wheels. Yet more proof of that arrives as Ducati become FIM Enel MotoE World Cup suppliers for 2023. The agreement with Dona Sports will see them become the sole manufacturer of all bikes in the championship for four seasons, until 2026.

MotoE began in 2019 with Energico Ego Corsa bikes supplied to all teams, offering 270km/h and 157.5 lb ft of torque, from a 120kW engine. It’ll be interesting to see what the famous Italian manufacturer create for the series, and whether they’ll offer more power or a longer running time by the first race of the 2023 season.

Ducati Become FIM Enel MotoE World Cup Suppliers For 2023click here. For the latest Ducati news, or classic and custom bikes, click here. And for everything on electric motorcycles, try here.


New LS2 MX701 Explorer Dual Sports Helmet

If you like mixing road riding and escaping down trails and dirt tracks, then you might also enjoy the new LS2 MX701 Explorer Dual Sports helmet.

It’s fairly lightweight at 1460g, with an outer shell in LS2’s High Performance Fiberglass Composite in three sizes so you don’t just end up with masses of padding as the difference between an extra small or large version. Or end up with a 2XL lid making you look like a bobblehead.

 and remove peak
The LS2 Explorer features an adjustable and remove peak

You also geta micrometric metal buckle and reinforced chin strap, along with an emergency release system to remove the cheek pads after an accident.

Pick your new LS2 Explorer MX701 Dual Sports Helmet from two solid colour options, or three colours for the Alter graphics
Pick your LS2 Explorer from two solid colour options, or three colours for the Alter graphics

The new LS2 MX701 Explorer dual sports helmet is ECE 22.05 certified for road use and comes in XS-2XL in solid white or black for £199.99. Or the Alter graphics design is available in black with high vis yellow, fluo orange, or white for £219.99. A carbon shell version of the Explorer is also available for around £100 more. Or there’s the LS2 Pioneer Evo, which has some new graphics for 2021 at a lower price point than the Explorer.

You can order LS2 helmets online from GhostBikes (or RevZilla in the U.S), including some good discounts and deals. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, why not check out our other Helmet news and articles, or our previous coverage of the LS2 range?


Free Replacement Scheme For Crack-Prone BMW GS Footpegs

Free Replacement Scheme For Crack-Prone BMW GS Footpegs

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There’s a new free replacement scheme for crack-prone BMW GS footpegs. The parts affected are from the accessory selection rather than original equipment, so standard pegs aren’t an issue. Apparently BMW Motorrad has discovered stress corrosion cracks may occur on the studs in certain milled footrests.

So, if you’ve upgraded your bike, or bought a secondhand model and need to check, the part numbers of the parts in question are:

  • 77 25 2 452 958           Footrest adjustable, left, black solid
  • 77 25 2 452 960           Footrest adjustable, right, black solid
  • 77 25 2 465 256           Set of footrests adjustable, black solid

And these footpegs are offered as accessories for the following BMW GS models:

  • R 1200/1250 GS
  • R 1200/1250 GS Adventure
  • F 750 GS
  • F 850 GS
  • F 850 GS Adventure
There's a new replacement scheme for crack-prone BMW GS footpegsnews and coverage on BMW motorcycles, here, including official and aftermarket parts, turning and upgrades. Looking to buy a secondhand BMW GS? There’s a wide selection to browse via eBay.


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