4 Things to consider before leasing your first car

Thinking about leasing a new car? Knowing what you are getting into financially is an important part of leasing a vehicle and so here are some top tips taken from CarLease UK who suggest customers should be sure you think about these 4 important things before leasing your new car online!

Budget Limitations…

Setting a budget for leasing a car is just like setting a budget for buying a new car. Knowing which car you can afford to lease is a very important part of leasing but, don’t be swayed by on screen prices, there are additional cost considerations to consider when taking out a lease car agreement… Find out more below!

Annual Mileage…

If you are a personal leasing customer then the process of working out how many miles you drive a year can involve a little maths and some averages. If you consider your daily commute, weekly obligations and family outings as well as any particular long distances you can always come up with an estimate, or you can use the Government MOT checking website to see how many miles you do each year between MOT tests. Take an average of these readings and then use this as your basis for leasing a car. Be sure you check out any over mileage penalties which may occur if you go over the agreed mileage.

Servicing, Insurance and Maintenance…

Once you know more about your annual mileage you can then start to think about the length of the lease car agreement and as such any servicing obligations and insurance premiums which you will have to pay on top of the monthly premiums.

Vehicle Practicality…

A car which is fit for purpose is by far the best vehicle which anyone could lease. Choosing between petrol or diesel, electric or hybrid, estate, saloon, SUV or 4×4, even convertibles and city cars can all become factors in choosing the right lease car for you, your families and lifestyle needs. Ultimately choosing the best lease car deal possible at a time in which you want your lease to begin can mean that some cars are more appealing than others when weighing up affordability and user-ship.

Leasing a car for the first time can sometimes involve playing with numbers and most importantly working out monthly budgets, for some people this can be a bit of confusing.  Check out the CarLease UK Blogs to learn more about leasing.

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Top 10 Prestige Cars to Rent

For many people, renting a vehicle is a matter of convenience, whether it’s exploring a foreign country, moving house, test driving a car to get a feel of it before you buy it, or simply getting from A to B.  However, car rental can also afford you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the type of motor that’s out of reach for the majority, such as the latest supercar or a vintage vehicle from the 1930s. Although such vehicles are not typically listed as available for hire there are companies who can supply them on request.

In this article we take a closer look at 10 cars that offer that extra touch of class for your special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a graduation or simply an event where you want to make a big impression.

1. Bentley GTC Continental

Bentley_Continental_GTC_Speed_20090720_front-1One of the most refined and elegant of British cars, the Bentley GTC Continental is a soft top tourer that offers a great driving experience alongside classic looks and elegance. It’s been available since mid 2003, and features a series of different models and configurations.

The twin-turbocharged V8 outputs more than 500 bhp while managing some impressive eco-credentials, but those looking for a car to make a statement will be happy with any of the magnificent machines available. Considering the vehicle’s solidity and size, it can speed to 60 mph in a touch under 4 and a half seconds, placing it firmly in the top bracket of rapid luxury cars. With an 8 speed gearbox and electronic management, the GTC Continental offers a smooth, easy drive with some serious power at your disposal.

The Bentley name often suggests a certain stuffiness belonging to an older era, but this latest offering is anything but bland or dated. It has sporty features and contemporary fittings, such as LED lights and a spoiler, while its internal fittings retain the luxury and class you’d expect from this marque. With elegant dark wood trim and classic leather interior furnishings, the Bentley is a car that offers thrills and luxury in equal measure.

2. McLaren MP4-12C

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, the McLaren MP4-12C may just be the most thrilling rental car available. Hitting the roads in 2011, more than a decade after the F1 concept car was withdrawn from production, the MP4-12C has added to McLaren’s growing legacy as manufacturer of the greatest supercars of the modern era. With a staggering top speed well in excess of 200 mph and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds, the power and visceral impact of this 620 bhp supercar are near impossible to beat.

The two door coupe is blessed with astonishing 21st Century looks too, its carbon fibre shell styled with sleek curves and lines to give it a dynamic kerb appeal. Inside, the manufacturer has created a so-called driver zone that is space age in appearance and functionality. With an abundance of safety features and superlative road handling, the limitless power is well controlled, with great performance throughout the gears. It is built for track days and racing, of course, but to make an impact on a special occasion, the throaty roar and magnificent looks of the MP4-12C are very difficult to surpass.

3. Mercedes S Class

German automotive giant Mercedes has produced many great cars over the years, and the modern S Class is up there with the best. It’s ideal for weddings and special events, either as a fitting alternative or stylish accompaniment to the more traditional Rolls Royce or Bentley. With loads of interior space, luxury finishes and great kerb appeal, the S Class blends German efficiency with elegance and refined touches.

In driving terms, the S Class is excellent. Superb suspension and handling mean that the cars are a pleasure to drive, while the range of engines offers power and precision driving. The German giant has even built a range of frugal diesels that can top 60 mpg if you’re seeking economy to go with the high levels of refinement. While the S Class won’t rival a supercar for speed or acceleration, the wonderful ride and fantastic looks more than compensate. This is a grown up car that will thrill with its drive experience every bit as much as its sportier competitors.

4. Aston Martin DB range

A name synonymous with both the golden age of British motoring and the modern era, various generations of Aston Martin have turned heads as iconic cars driven by James Bond. From the 1960s DB5 to the exclusive DB10, the manufacturer has offered vehicles which scream style and cool from the movie screen to the open road. Hiring a “Bond car” will give you a terrific Aston Martin driving experience and one which is guaranteed to appeal to almost every motorist.

The DB5 boasts classic lines and a kerb appeal that’s hard to top, while the DB9 adds contemporary supercar looks to the range. The latest models boast top speeds above 190 mph, while retaining the instant recognition and stylish touches honed from more than 100 years of manufacturing history. Aston Martin is a worldwide icon, and the chance to drive one of the classic models is hard to resist; with effortless handling and luxurious interior touches, arriving in one of the DB range is a great way to make a superb first impression. You can enjoy an Aston Martin Experience by

5. Lotus Elise S1

The smallest car on this list, the Lotus Elise series 1 punches far above its weight when it comes to striking looks and incredible performance, making it a brilliant car to take out on the open road or track. The car was first released in the late 1990s and yet boasts a look perfectly suited to today’s motorist. It is extremely light, its aluminium chassis and pared down design bring the car in at a fraction over 730 kg.

Unlike many of the other cars on this list, the Lotus doesn’t boast huge power, but it doesn’t need to – the S1 can hit 125 mph from a modest 1.8 litre engine and just 118 bhp. Road handling is magnificent, making this a driver’s dream; it sounds and feels vastly more powerful than its bare numbers would suggest, and offers a stunning visual to boot. It is minimalist inside and offers far fewer refinements than competing vehicles, but then very few of its rivals can offer the sheer enjoyment of the S1 out on the road.

6. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

Supercars don’t come much cooler than this. The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder offers a sumptuous performance and driving experience with a classic Italian look that will turn heads on and off the road. Simply firing up the engine reveals the delights to come, and with a top speed over 200 mph the Gallardo backs up its kerb appeal with all the power and blistering speed you could need.

The V10 engine puts out over 550 bhp, and with a zero to 60 time of less than 4 seconds, the Gallardo is extremely quick off the mark. However, the superb lines and fabulous Lamborghini looks mean that this car will get everyone’s attention even at low speeds. The driving position is perfect, and you’re surrounded with stylish touches and sumptuous finishes at every turn. With an array of safety features, such as stability control, handling the Gallardo is straightforward, and the easy power gives the driver an unmissable experience. This is simply one of the finest supercars ever produced, and one that’s well worth experiencing, even for a few hours.

7. Morgan Plus 4

A remnant of the classic motoring age, when gentlemen took to the roads in style. The Morgan Plus 4 is a beautiful car, with the ultimate in post-War visual appeal complemented by a great driving experience and no shortage of fun. The car was initially produced in 1950, and can top 100 mph with ease. Its four cylinder engine is not sluggish either, capable of reaching 60 mph in under 10 seconds; impressive performance in a car of its vintage.

There have been various models of the Plus 4 over the years, including a version released in the early 2000s. However it’s the older models which offer the most striking appeal; two seater motoring doesn’t come much finer than this. Of course there are few of the refinements of the modern luxury car, but the timeless looks, smooth ride, and surprisingly good performance outweigh any lack of hi-tech features. The on-road experience is excellent, and the car itself makes a fantastic statement, epitomising British motoring elegance.

8. Porsche 911 997 Turbo Cabriolet

The 997 is one of the newest versions of the classic 911 series, and has a power and style all of its own. From the blistering sub 4 second 0-60 time to the top speed above 190 mph, this modern supercar can rival the thrills of any of its competitors. With its distinctive shape and guttural sounds pouring out from the 470 bhp engine, the 997 Turbo Cabriolet is a real eye-catcher. There are few motoring thrills that offer more appeal than taking this classic sports car out for a spin and putting the foot down on a clear road.

As with many cars on the list, the 911 is a car best enjoyed solo or with great company on the open road; its tight interior and low road position add to the enjoyment and make driving this superb sports car an absolute joy. Forget practicality and convenience, this is one rental car that is to be savoured for its driving experience alone. You’ll get plenty of admiring glances to boot, though mainly from drivers trailing in your wake!

9. Ferrari 458 Spider

Another in a long line of superlative Italian sportscar manufacturers, the Ferrari name has been synonymous with driving thrills since the late 1920s. Its founder, Enzo Ferrari, passed on his dream of racing glory to establish what would become one of the world’s premier automotive powerhouses.

The 458 Spider was named as Supercar of the Year in 2009, and with good reason; a top speed of 202 mph and a blisteringly quick acceleration to 60 mph in a fraction over 3 seconds give it class leading performance levels, while the brilliant steering, road handling and ride are as good as you’ll find in any motor car. Its visual impact is stunning, a tribute both to the legions of Ferrari designers and to the added input of racing legend Michael Schumacher.

To fully enjoy the experience, put down the roof on the convertible 458 Spider; the top down motoring afforded by this Italian gem is hard to beat. It is guaranteed to impress on a special event or occasion, and is an equally brilliant car to enjoy alone.

10. Rolls Royce Phantom

Of course no list of prestige rental cars would be complete without the Rolls Royce Phantom, a classic icon dating back to its first model in 1925. Perhaps the most desirable car for British weddings, the Phantom not only oozes style and sophistication but has practicality into the bargain, with acres of room inside and wide doorways making it ideal for a graceful entrance and exit. Whilst many couples and parties opt to pay extra for a chauffeur, the latest incarnation of the Phantom is also a terrific car to drive yourself, with more than 450 bhp at your disposal and a powerful 6.8 litre engine under the hood.

With every possible added touch of luxury, the modern Rolls Royce Phantom is a blissful driving machine, while passengers can relax in the ultimate style and comfort that this magnificent vehicle offers. Each vehicle is hand-built and fitted and no two models are identical, thanks to bespoke features and touches which make every Phantom unique. Few cars make as dramatic an entrance or leave as big an impression as the Spirit of Ecstasy-led Phantom.

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Car Leasing – More Bang for your Buck!

The traditional way of obtaining a new car has always been to visit a car dealer’s showroom in an attempt to try and strike a good deal. Dealers normally accept trade-ins but rarely pay top price for part exchange vehicles, marking down the price for even the slightest signs of wear and tear. In most cases, a credit agreement is necessary to fund the purchase of the new car and, when all of the necessary documentation is completed, it is time to drive away with the new purchase. In recent years, however, there has been a substantial change in the way that people obtain their cars. The majority of new cars are now obtained not by outright purchase but as part of special deals allowing new cars to be driven away with very low monthly payments. There are many different types of schemes on offer but one of the most straightforward and easily understood is car leasing. In the business world, leasing a car has long been recognised as having financial benefits over purchasing including substantial tax advantages but the more recent phenomenon of personal leasing also has many advantages and is often the preferred choice for those looking for a hassle-free way of regularly obtaining new cars with known monthly costs, avoiding the need to sell a previous car at a fraction of its original price.

car leasing benefits

Car leasing benefits

There is no getting away from the fact that cars cost money and in the case of a lease deal the monthly contracted payments only pay for the use of the car, not its purchase meaning that, at the end of the contract period, the car is simply returned. This may at first seem like money down the drain but, when compared to the costs of actually buying a new car and then selling it after a few years (typically three years), the full significance of depreciation can be fully appreciated. At the time when the vehicle is due to be replaced, it is of course fully owned but worth much less than when new. Car buying becomes even more expensive when bought on finance and it is hard to justify paying high-interest charges when buying a depreciating asset. In almost all cases, the value of the old car is offset by the much higher monthly payments required compared to leasing.

Leasing, therefore, is often seen as a way to obtain a new car with very low monthly payments but for true car enthusiasts it opens up a whole new way of taking motoring enjoyment to another level. Some of the most desirable cars can be prohibitively expensive to buy new and show alarming rates of depreciation putting them beyond the reach of many people but things can be much different in a leasing scheme and many of these sought-after vehicles suddenly become surprisingly affordable.

There are many specialised car leasing companies offering a wide range of different makes and models but the franchised dealers should also not be overlooked as they often offer some great deals and have a vested interest in moving vehicles from their forecourts. The leasing process varies from company to company but tends to follow a similar pattern. The vehicle is chosen and the monthly cost is worked out taking into account the estimated mileage for the lease period. In most cases, a deposit payment is required typically of two or three times the monthly payment. In some cases, a larger payment may be required and this will have the effect of reducing the regular monthly payments. Proof of identity and address will be required along with driving licence details. Comprehensive insurance is also needed for the vehicle. As this is regarded as a credit arrangement, a suitable contract will need to be signed and acceptance will be subject to the usual credit checks. It is as well to be aware that a very good credit report will be required in most instances and those with a less than perfect credit history are likely to be refused. A few companies offer sub-prime leasing facilities but these are invariably more expensive making them much less attractive. Once the paperwork has been successfully completed, the car can be ordered, collected and enjoyed. It must, of course, be kept in very good condition and within the agreed mileage limits. Excess mileage will be subject to a charge. There should be no problems in obtaining insurance but some insurance companies charge a little more for leased vehicles so it is always worth shopping around. At the end of the lease term, typically two, three or four years, the car is simply returned. In some cases, there may be the option to buy the car but in general, the emphasis is usually on arranging for the provision of a new leased car.

So whether looking for the cheapest way to be driving a brand new car or a way of moving up into motoring’s Premier League, leasing has much to offer. Just by adding up the figures, most people agree that leasing really does offer more bang for your buck!

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Best Cars to Lease in 2017

Leasing a car is one of the most flexible finance options, as it allows you to change your car every 3-4 years. If you enjoy driving a new car, now is a great time to lease, as from sweet city cars to cool cabriolets, 2017 brings us a variety of amazing deals.

Mercedes E-Class Saloon

Are you searching for a saloon? Look no further! Perhaps the most popular lease car in the saloon market is the classy and comfortable E-Class. This marvellous Mercedes saloon combines supreme interior comfort with a strong and assertive stance. Lovely lines sweep the sides of this vehicle and innovative technology, such as Mercedes Connect, takes pride of place inside the cabin.

mercede e-class 2017

mercede e-class 2017

Toyota Aygo City Car

Perhaps you’re after a savvy city car? The 2017 Toyota Aygo might be small and sweet, but don’t underestimate the power in the practicality of this fun and funky city slicker. If you love to stay informed and entertained on the go, you will love the infotainment system on offer in the Aygo. Fantastic features extend to the driving position of this vehicle, with adjustable steering wheel and driver’s seat, enabling you to create perfect comfort.

Toyota aygo

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Summer is fast approaching, so why not drop the top and stay cool in a Cabriolet? If you love the look of this vehicle, you will be amazed by the AMG lines, sporting wider wheel arches and excellent exhaust pipes. Step inside the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet and you will find that keeps its sleek even with the inclusion of four seats, so we can enjoy practicality as well as style in this cabriolet. Top technology fills the interior of this vehicle and seats standard sport seats are so comfortable. Those of us who love a little style will be pleased to know that 2017 brings us some supreme C-Class Cabriolet lease deals.

BMW i3

If the futuristic feel of the electric car excites you, you will love the all-electric 2017 BMW i3. Power and practicality is not compromised for sustainability in this BMW i3. Proudly, BMW boasts a cool combination of zero emissions and a 0 to 62 mph time of just 7.3 seconds in the BMW i3. The BMW i3 can also travel up to a total of 206 miles on a single charge. The interior is lovely and light, carefully crafted from high strength carbon, an amazing material which is utilised to create passenger safety.

bmw i3

Bmw i3

Range Rover Evoque

Spacious SUV’s are sought after by many and we’re in luck, as 2017 offers excellent Range Rover Evoque lease deals. Drivers of this compact SUV love the generous and comfortable cabin, with height above your head and space at the sides. As well as ultimate upgrades to the interior, drivers of the 2017 Evoque also enjoy excellent engine efficiency with the introduction of the new family of diesel engines.

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