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3 days ago
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While you may be familiar with the basics of car tyres, there are plenty of interesting and unusual facts that you still may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at some!

Tyres can be recycled into a variety of products!

With the help of the recycling process, tyres can now be recycled into multiple products. Due to this great initiative, the quantity of scrap rubber has decreased in the landfills. Recycled tyres are commonly used for roading, artificial turf and playground mats.

Ever thought of where the word “tyre” came from?

The word “tyre” or “tire” was originated from “attire” as this product was seen as clothing for the wheels. Pretty cool, eh?

What’s a Dot Code?

Tyres actually have the date they were produced, written on their sidewall, it’s called a dot code. The first two numbers indicate the week in which they were produced, whereas, the last two numbers indicate the year they were produced in. Every tyre has a dot code which should be checked properly before buying new tyres so that you don’t get tricked into buying expired tyres.

Run-flat tyres have the ability to work for a while with no air in them!

Reinforced sidewalls of run-flat tyres enable them to travel without any air in the tyre. Therefore, run flat tyre gives an advantage as with them, you don’t need an emergency roadside repair. However, once punctured, it is not advisable to repair a run-flat tyre as that may affect its structural integrity. It’s better to just replace them!

Winter tyres are not only required during snowfall!

Winter tyres are not just required on icy or snowy roads, rather they are suitable for temperature below 10 degrees. This is because their optimal tread pattern and special rubber prevent them from getting stiff in the cold.

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