Ginster Yellow Coupe Quattro Holy Grail Hits the Auction Block

Ginster Yellow B3 Audi Coupe Quattro Rare Collectors Car

Near-Flawless Ginster Yellow ACQ is one of only a handful in this rare color. With 64,000 original miles, this is a collector’s holy grail. 

When someone outside the Audi world hears the phrase “Audi Coupe Quattro,” they’re most likely to picture the iconic UR Quattro or Quattro S1 rally car. That’s because its successor, the B3 Coupe Quattro, wasn’t the most successful of sales stories in North America. This is especially true when it comes to the color Ginster Yellow, which we’re happy to admit isn’t for everyone. With only around 1,750 ACQs ever selling among its short run of only 1990 and 1991 model years in the US, it’s estimated only a couple dozen came in this color. To find one is a difficult task. So, if you’re a classic Audi collector, we advise you get out your wallet because this one is for sale.

This rare beauty is currently listed for sale on Cars and Bids. At the time of writing, it’s got about a week left and currently holds a bid of just $4,600. However, we don’t anticipate it’s going to stay that low. Given the rarity and its condition, it’s hard to say what it will sell for. We can assure you, though, we’ll be watching it closely.

Audi 20V Naturally Aspirated five-cylinder engine

Classic Audi Five-Cylinder Power

While the European market did get these cars with turbo engines, we did not. However, they still have some legendary Audi heritage planted under the hood. The 2.3-liter inline-five 20-valve shares the same architecture as the rally icon. Dual-overhead-camshaft construction and a sound that you won’t soon forget, even naturally aspirated. Originally, this engine had an output of 164 horsepower and 157 pound-feet of torque. Of course, power is sent to all four wheels via the five-speed manual transmission.

The Ginster Yellow paint job is far from subtle, which perfectly contrasts how much the underloved B3 Coupe Quattro flew under the radar. Its 15″ Speedline wheels complement this color quite nicely, though. One thing’s for sure; nobody is going to miss this thing driving down the road!

Interior of B3 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale Cars and Bids

A Rare Gem Frozen in Time

The true selling point of this beauty is its overall condition. It has only 64,200 original miles, which is reflected inside and out. Though it isn’t perfect, it’s in remarkable shape for being 32 years old.

Known flaws listed in the article include rock chips, peeling paint on the grille, peeling clear coat on the hatch, wheel scratches, and, of course, some minor electrical issues. The passenger power mirror, driver’s window regulator, and driver’s power seat do not currently function.

It does have plenty of recent service history, though, including control arms, ball joints, and tie rods. Furthermore, it got a new battery, new thermostat, new tires, new water pump, timing belt, and a host of seals replaced, too. Finally, the seller had a new ABS sensor installed, and the air conditioning system serviced within 600 miles.

So, while it may not be Concours perfect, it truly is an ideal car for a collector who isn’t afraid to drive their vehicles. Moreover, it’s ideal for a collector who wants to be noticed as they drive down the road.

Photos: Cars and Bids