Clean and Serene: Eight-Hour Detail of an Audi R8 V10

Audi R8 V10

Even if you’re not a neat freak, this deep clean of a filthy Audi R8 V10 should prove deeply satisfying.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to admit that I’ve never gotten a lot of joy out cleaning my vehicles. Since I live in Seattle, where rain is as part of the landscape as expresso stands and Mount Rainier, keeping your car squeaky clean is basically a fools errand. So I don’t stress too much when I see road grime on my ride. That said, I do — somewhat conversely — like watching detailing videos where interesting cars get pampered and make to look better than they did when they left the factory. This eight-hour detail of an Audi R8 V10 is just such a clip.

Here, the Top Gear cameras are rolling as detail wizards Joe and Jack are tasked with buffing the neglected supercar to a high luster — and the pair have their work cut out for them. As it turns out, the car was wrapped in the emerald green as soon as the owner bought it. But after being caught in a freak hail storm at an Italian car show, the wrap had to removed so the damage could be addressed. The big question I have, which I wish the video had some insight on, was whether the wrap offered some protection from the “golf ball-sized” hail. Because I’ve always understood that hailstorms can quickly total a car.

Compounding the hail-related damage was some good old-fashioned neglect, as after the wrap was ripped off and the damage repaired, the Audi saw no love for a year. So along with all the leftover residue from the unfortunate weather event, there was grit and grime on every surface — including the lovely quilted leather interior. That meant the entire car needed to be clay barred after the initial wash, which is a time and labor intensive process. Interestingly, the glue from the wrap proved a snap to remove.

As you might expect, by the end of the session, the ten-pot supercar is virtually unrecognizable, and the owner looks to be thrilled. Personally, I’d like to know just what goes through the mind of someone who owns a car this gorgeous and surrenders it to the elements for a year. But something tells me it has to do with having way, way more money than I do. Enjoy the video, and if you’ve got a legendary detail story, drop me a line! I’d love to hear a car you’ve brought back from the brink!

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Audi GT Coupe Mouse House Receives Detailing of a Lifetime

1985 Audi GT

Nearly two decades after previous owner sold their ’85 Audi GT, WD Detailing is called in to clean up the ride before returning it home.

Was there an Audi you let get away? What were the circumstances? Did you ever get it back? Those questions can haunt those who’ve found their dream machine, only for life to decide the Audi needed to go elsewhere. For the lucky few who’ve reunited with their Audis, though, it’s only the beginning of reconciliation.

Such is the case with a 1985 Audi GT Coupe WD Detailing recently cleaned up. The second owner held it in her teens before her mom sold it upon graduation. Alas, the two decades since have not been kind.

1985 Audi GT

“I actually know the history of it, going back to new,” said John MacDonald of NeoClassics. “It was sold brand new at the Porsche-Audi dealer just down the road from here. This car was sold new by the current owner’s father; he was a salesman there. He sold it to a doctor. A couple of years later, traded it in for another car. The salesman guy, he bought it.”

The Audi was then passed down to the salesman’s daughter, who drove it through high school. Her mom sold it once she went to college, which broke her heart. More heartbreaking, though, was what happened with it: nothing. The next owners left it in storage for 16 years, and it looks rough, to say the least. Time to begin the detailing of a lifetime.

1985 Audi GT

“We were vacuuming up under the floor mat,” said RJ Brent, “up underneath the register, and this little guy fell out. He’s just a baby, and we don’t know what to do. This sucks, ’cause he’s alive, but there’s nothing we can really do.”

The baby mouse was one of two mice found in the Audi during the interior cleaning, both of which were humanely placed elsewhere. Aside from that shock to the system, though, Brent and his crew worked their magic upon the car. The result? Just ask the new (old) owner herself.

1985 Audi GT

“Guys!” said Kelsey. “This is how I remember it! Oh my god, this is amazing […] it just wasn’t this clean. It was absolutely fine.”

Amazing what a little bit of cleaning can do.

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