Low-Price New Duchinni D977 Helmet Released

While we’d always recommend investing as much as you can in motorcycle protection, there are a number of good reasons for picking up a more affordable lid like the new Duchinni D977 helmet.

You might be on a tight budget, or need a backup crash helmet for winter commuting on a smaller capacity bike or scooter. It’s also handy for occasional pillions, and we’ve even known people who rely solely on motorcycling for their transport to nominate a ‘haircut helmet’ so they don’t end up itching for a week after having their monthly trim. And starting at £69.99, the Duchinni D977 is certainly affordable.

The affordable new Duchinni D977 helmet
  • Duchinni D977 HelmetDuchinni D977 Helmet
  • Duchinni D977 HelmetDuchinni D977 HelmetHalfords. Looking for the latest motorcycle helmets? Check out our latest helmet coverage, here. Or all the products in the Duchinni range we’ve featured, here.