Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

With the help of a pair of GTX 35 turbochargers and a slew of other performance upgrades, Alex Collins’ Audi R8 can achieve a top speed north of 210 MPH.

We recently reported that the Audi Sport Division will soon make the switch to all-electric mobility. However, even today the Audi R8 with its internal combustion engine is one of the best high-performance machines in the German automaker’s product portfolio. As it turns out, the 5.2-liter motor of the R8 possesses unfathomable performance potential. A recent video from the YouTube channel LivingLife Fast reveals what tremendous power one can harness by tweaking the V10 power plant of an R8.

The car in question is currently the ownership of Alex Collins from QS Tuning, which is a leading German tuning and maintenance company based in West Sussex, UK. The Audi R8 seen in the video is the fifth car to receive a twin-turbo treatment by QS Tuning. The British outfit offers AMS and Boost Logic kits for Audi R8s, and the former is responsible for the performance of Alex’s ride. With some minor tweaks, the 5.2-liter V10 motor now generates 1276 HP of power thanks to a pair of GTX 35 turbochargers.

Audi R8 With Twin-Turbocharger Kit Produces 1276 HP

The breath-taking Audi R8 sports a cool white paint job, which is offset by the 20-inch Vossen MX2 forged wheels that flaunt a polished Brickell bronze finish.

Collin also offers his insights on the sports car in the video. “It’s essentially a pretty much stock car, just with a turbo kit on it. It’s got an in-tank fuel pump upgrade, but it’s still stock injectors, stock rails, stock clutches, stock box, stock driveshafts” said Collins. He further adds,” So, on the dyno, on pump fuel, it makes just under 1100 horsepower that’s it. Then on Renegade 109, it makes 1276 horsepower, so we’re capping the mid-range torque on it just where it’s got the stock clutches.”

According to the owner, this Audi R8 with its twin turbocharger kit can complete a quarter-mile with an exit speed of 159.7 MPH. Alex also claims that the top speed of his R8 is somewhere north of 210 MPH. The car rides on a set of 20-inch Vossen MX2 forged wheels, which flaunt a polished Brickell bronze finish. In its most capable tune, the supercar can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in around 2.3 seconds and uses vibrant yellow Ferrari brake calipers for the stopping power.

Image Source: LivingLifeFast, alex_collins98

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Audi RS6 Avant e-tron Might Debut in 2023

Audi RS6 Avant e-tron Might Debut in 2023

Audi might introduce the RS6 Avant e-tron at the same time as the upcoming A6 e-tron electric sedan.

Earlier in March, Audi announced that it will no longer develop IC engines. Since then, the pace of Audi’s electrification strategy has skyrocketed. Most recently, the Ingolstadt automaker’s all-new 2022 Audi A3 made its stateside debut with a standard MHEV variant. Now, according to a recent Autocar report, the German car manufacturer might soon introduce an all-electric Audi RS6.

Right now, the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT are the only performance electric models in Audi’s arsenal. According to the report, the Audi Sport division is also transitioning into the electric-only future along with the automaker. As a result of this, the company is developing an all-electric performance estate model. The alleged offering might take on the Audi RS6 Avant e-tron moniker.

Back in April, Audi unveiled its A6 e-tron concept. Autocar claims that Audi bosses have almost confirmed that this concept will also lay the foundation for an electric estate version. The report also claims that Audi might launch both offerings at the same time, which means we can expect the battery-electric Audi RS6 Avant e-tron to make its global debut as early as 2023.

Audi RS6 Avant e-tron Might Debut in 2023

Audi RS e-tron GT quattro’s 590 HP and 612 lb-ft all-electric drivetrain might propel the RS6 Avant e-tron

It is also possible that RS6 Avant e-tron and A6 e-tron might share Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) vehicle architecture. The automaker is collaborating with Porsche to develop VW’s premium EV platform. So far, we do not have any information regarding the performance figures of the upcoming estate.

If Audi decides to use RS e-tron GT quattro’s powertrain to propel the RS6 Avant e-tron, then the electric estate might get a 93 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Furthermore, the RS6 Avant e-tron might also get a dual synchronous electric motor setup with a maximum power output of 590 HP (637 HP in boost mode) and 612 lb-ft of peak torque.

Audi wants its electrified product portfolio to be responsible for 40% of its global sales volume by 2025. The automaker will introduce 30 electrified offerings by 2025, out of which 20 models will be battery-only products. The German company will also introduce its final internal combustion model in five years. At the same time, Audi America wants one-third of its portfolio to have some level of electrification.

Image Source: Audi

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This Audi Sport Quattro S1 Replica is Breath-Takingly Faithful to the Original

This Audi Sport Quattro S1 Replica Breath-Takingly Faithful to the Original

Auditography’s recent video is a thrilling ride where we see a faithful Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 spitting fire as it dominates the streets of Markdorf, Germany.

In a recent Auditography video, the YouTube channel pays tribute to the legend that is Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2. This automotive icon was reigning supreme across rally stages around the world back in the 80s. The car in the video is a period-accurate replica, which is currently under the ownership of one Mr. Markus. The video itself offers a cinematic and detailed look at the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 replica.

before we discuss the replica, let’s take a quick look at the rich lineage of the Quattro S1 E2. The German automaker first introduced the fire-spitting rally racer towards the end of 1985. The car was a successor to the Quattro S1 variant, which was developed to meet the homologation requirements of Group B rallies. The S1 is also the first four-wheel-drive car to participate in the Group B Competition and set a record time at Pikes Peak with Michele Muoton behind the wheel.

This Audi Sport Quattro S1 Replica Breath-Takingly Faithful to the Original

With its 620 HP engine, this S1 E2 replica has more power than the original Pikes Peak racer.

The Group B rallies were canceled in 1986 because the competition was considered to be too dangerous. As a result of this, the S1 E2 was the final Group B rally car that Audi ever produced. Safe to say this replica has got some big shoes to fill. The video was shot in Markdorf, Germany, and according to Auditography, the motor of the car produces more power than the original race-spec engine.

In their factory tune, the most capable Quattro S1 E2s were churning out 600 HP and 435 lB-ft of torque. Under the hood of this replica is a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, which allegedly produces 620 HP of maximum power. The entire ensemble only weighs around 2,535 lbs. According to the YouTube channel, this S1 E2 replica can also accelerate to 62 mph from a complete standstill in just 3 seconds.

The front-end of this S1 E2 replica is dominated by a set of six Hella lights and the car sports HP design livery. At the rear, we find a large wing, which further enhances the handling characteristics of this all-wheel-drive legend. The interior has been stripped down to keep the overall weight as low as possible.

Image Source: Auditography

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Ultra-Lux Audi A8 L Horch Will be for China Only

Audi A8 L Horch

The Audi A8 L Horch is longer than a Cadillac Escalade, and treats rear-seat passengers to next-level luxury.

When August Horch launched Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau in 1910, he was fresh off an eponymous automotive venture named Horch. That company didn’t do so well — but fortunately the second time proved the charm. Now, Audi is honoring its founder with an ultra-luxurious trim level for the already-luxurious Audi A8 L. Set to debut at China’s Guangzhou Auto Show later this month, it’s the kind of executive transport that’s best experienced from the rear chairs.

To makes sure the lucky folks in the back have plenty of room to relax out, the wheelbase has been stretched by 5.1 inches, which brings the total length of this land yacht to a whopping 17.88 feet long. For those keeping score, that’s even longer than a Cadillac Escalade, which makes this a formidable sled indeed. In the press release, there’s no word on what that means for the turning radius. But given how comfortable it looks in the back, passengers will likely live if their driver has to go around the block as opposed to flipping a U-turn.

Under the hood, the Audi A8 L Horch packs a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. That setup is good for 335 horsepower, and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Honestly, the power figure seems merely — to borrow a phrase from the Rolls-Royce of yesteryear — adequate, especially in an era when the top-spec Toyota Camry is bringing 300 horses to the party. But since it’s basically designed to shuttle Chinese business folks through congested cities? That’s probably plenty.

As the headline says, the Horsch trim level won’t make it to our shores, though it does give US buyers a sneak peak at the A8’s tweaked front fascia, which features updated lighting and a new grille. Look out for more news on the 2022 Audi A8 after the Guangzhou Auto Show kicks off November 22nd, but remember that while American buyers won’t get the extra room in the back, we will almost certainly get a more potent powertrain options to make up for it.

Photos: Audi

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Rowdy, Racy & Rude: Is the New RS3 the Epitome of the Badge?

No-holds Barred Audi RS3 Quicker than Original Veyron Around the ‘Ring

We have covered it already in our Audi TT RS road test, but Audi and promised that it will end internal combustion engine development in its electric quest with a mooted all-electric range by 2033. Somehow, however, it seems not everyone at Ingolstadt is singing off the same sheet. And here’s another reason why. Enter the latest full-blooded gasoline-burning rip-snorting RS3 Sportback.


RS3 is Audi’s Rowdiest Five Pot Yet

Best of all, it is the rowdiest loudest, most powerful version of the company’s turbo straight-five engine yet. It’s so good it that it almost seems that the boys at RS are using their 3 to show the world a giant red finger. Almost!

It’s not hugely more powerful. This latest, could it be ultimate RS3 musters all of 401 horses. Or just one HP more than the last one. But it’s how this all-aluminum port and direct fuel injected and intercooled turbo 2.5-liter twin-cam 20-valve five-pot pulls so hard to its 7000-rpm redline that makes it so different. A new active exhaust really makes it shout. It’s still stereo augmented, that basic soundtrack is so good that worrying about the fake bit doesn’t even matter anymore.

Torque is up too. RS3 Sportback gains a handy 15 pound-feet to 369 lb.-ft through the same 7-speed dual-clutch automatic as the TT RS with its various shift programs. And launch control. We will probably find that Audi’s claimed 3.8 seconds to 60 mph and an 11.8 second ¼-mile claims will be conservative. We managed three and a half to sixty with the old one and they said it’d do four. Let’s see where this one ends up anon. Top speed is limited to 155 mph. Add an RS Dynamic package to up it to 180.


RS3 Dynamic Drive Really is a Hoon

Among RS3’s various drive settings, is one called Dynamic. It really is a hoot and forces you to paddle shift. Best of all however, you can adjust the level of torque you’d like the quattro all-wheel drive to send aft via a new RS Performance mode. A pair of independent clutch packs conspire to shift drive to the rear axle, and to either rear wheel. Just select RS Torque Rear mode in the Drive Select menu. To help RS3 rotate. Get my drift?

To the ends of its new rear slant, RS3 also now runs on a staggered 265/30R-19s up front and a 245/35R-19 wheel and tire set-up at the rear. And a torque-vectoring rear axle that invites far more aggressive driving too.

RS3’s strut front suspension gains exclusive pivot bearings and an extra degree of negative camber over a normal A3. Makes it far more responsive. But likely accelerates tire wear too. What we do for ultimate performance? There’s also an extra half-degree negative camber on the rear wheels. Where the multilink set-up also gains a hollow anti-roll bar. RS3 rides an inch lower than the A3. A little under half an inch lower than the S3.


Beats a Veyron Around the Nürburgring

All of which has conspired to allow a stock RS3 to lap the Nürburgring Nordscheife in 7 minutes 40.8 seconds. To quantify that, it’s quicker than the original Bugatti Veyron.

But wait, there’s more! RS3 of course carries all those latest Audi A3 and S3 updates across in far more premium cabin. Which means there’s 10.1-inch haptic touchscreen integrated to the dash with all the very latest gadgets inside, a 12.3-inch RS configurable digital instrumentation and a RS design package that adds red or green accents across the cabin. Which of course has all the right performance bits like bucket sets, cool pedals, and the rest.

So yes, the all-new Audi RS3 Sportback is a bit of a screamer. That much is for sure. It will be in the US by early next year. Expect to part with a little less than $60K for one. And enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t be long before Audi’s brand architects take that RS finger and… well.


Figure it Out

We’ll leave that one to you to best figure it out. But this rowdy, racy and really quite rude little car may very well be the epitome of the RS3. Sad as that may seem…

Images: Audi

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