Former S3 IMSA Car Becomes 550-HP RS 3 Pikes Peak Climber

Audi RS 3 Pikes Peak

Piloted by Robb Holland, RS 3 dubbed “The Sledgehammer” brings 550 horses to reclaim front-wheel drive record at Pikes Peak.

Audi is no stranger to Colorado’s Pikes Peak. After the end of Group B rallying in the mid-Eighties, the ur-Quattro and Sport Quattro both took on the 12.42-mile climb into the clouds, smashing records and scoring trophies along the way. Audi even sent up a TTS with autonomous technology in 2010 to prove such tech could make the climb up and down the famous course in the first place.

In more recent times, Robb Holland wields an Audi of his own for Pikes Peak, an RS 3 dubbed “The Sledgehammer.” Hoonigan AutoFocus‘s Larry Chen spent some time at this year’s gathering to learn more about Holland’s Audi, and all that goes into taking it up the mountain.

Audi RS 3 Pikes Peak

“It was an S3,” said Holland. “Full all-wheel drive; that’s how it ran in IMSA. Then, we converted it to front-wheel drive because we set the front-wheel drive record in the TT RS, the one that we won the 25 Hours of Thunderhill with. Brought it here, set the record. Then, two years later, Acura brought their full factory effort, and took the record from us by six seconds.”

The conversion to front-wheel drive also turned the now-RS 3 into an Unlimited-class car. Though it is outclassed by everyone else in said class, Holland’s main goal is to take back the record from Acura. In 2020, they fell three seconds short, due to the bumps.

Audi RS 3 Pikes Peak

“Right now, this is the two-liter motor,” said Holland. “We’d love to run the 2.5-liter […] But for right now, we’ve developed this as a 550-horsepower– it works. It’s designed to work at Pikes Peak. It’s designed to work at altitude.”

To put all the power to the ground, Pirelli Supersofts handle the task at hand. Since it’s already cool in the mornings, though, tire warmers bring them up to a piping hot 200 degrees. That said, the higher the elevation, the harder it is to keep the tires warm. Thus, the softer compound.

Audi RS 3 Pikes Peak

“The guys at Bluewater Performance, who built this car […] they wanted a car that was closer to their customer cars,” said Holland, “as opposed to some one-off prototype or whatever. It’s worked out really, really well. It just goes to show how far you can push a street car, and the level of performance you can get out of it.”

Images: Larry Chen (screenshots by author)

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805 HP E-Legend EL1 is an Audi Quattro-Inspired Super EV

805 HP E-Legend EL1 is an Audi Quattro-Inspired Super EV

Powered by a 90kWh battery pack, the Quattro-inspired performance EV can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH in just 2.8 seconds.

Audi Quattro was not just a motorsport legend but also an engineering masterpiece. The iconic four-wheel-drive sedan helped Audi earn its sporty credentials, and now German atelier E-Legend has unveiled a battery-powered reboot of the glorious rally racer. The German firm’s latest product is an ultra-exclusive high-performance EV which will get a limited-unit production run.

The company has revealed that only 30 examples of the E-Legend EL-1 will make it production, and each model will be hand-built. The car will be powered by a 90 kWh battery pack, which will send power to a tri-motor setup. According to company estimates, the EL1 will be capable of delivering a 280-mile all-electric range. In its most track-focused mode, the company reckons its high-performance EV will have enough power to lap the historic Nürburgring Nordschleife twice.

805 HP E-Legend EL1 is an Audi Quattro-Inspired Super EV

Coincidently, Tesla also employs a 90 kWh battery pack to power its Model S and Model X variants. E-legend claims that EL1’s powertrain will produce 805 HP (600 kilowatts) of maximum power and that the car will accelerate to 62 MPH from a complete standstill in just 2.8 seconds. The entire ensemble is expected to weigh just under 3704 lbs (1680 kgs), and the top speed of E-Legend EL1 is limited to around 158 MPH (approximately 255 kph).

A majority of E-Legend EL1’s specifications remain undisclosed at this point. For instance, the company has confirmed that EL1 will get a carbon fiber monocoque architecture, but the German brand has refrained from disclosing the origins of the said vehicle architecture. The same goes for the car’s powertrain, as the company has not revealed the origins of E-Legend EL1’s battery pack and electric motors.

The design of the original Audi Quattro has inspired several styling elements of the EL1, which include the vents that are found on the tip of the EV’s hood.  The car rides on a pair of 19-ich wheels upfront, and the rear axle gets 20-inch rims. E-Legend has also announced that it plans to introduce other rally-inspired models in the future, and customers can get their hands on a copy of EL1 for the price of 1.26 million (£914,400).

Image Source: E-Legend AG

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