New NEXX X-COM3 Pro Intercom Now Available

Motorcycle communication systems are constantly evolving and improving, with the new NEXX X-COM3 Pro Intercom now adding to the available options.

The system has been co-developed with SENA, and can connect up to 24 riders within a radius of up to 1.2 miles using the Group Mesh technology, or as many as 10 riders via Bluetooth 5.1 Intercom, so you can easily lead tours, rideouts, training groups, or just talk trash about other riders.

Alternatively you can connect to both your smartphone and GPS at the same time. So you could be making phone calls, streaming music and still getting your turn-by-turn directions, thanks to the Dual Device functionality. The sound should also be clear, with the conmbiation of Advanced Noise Control, and high quality Harman Kardon speaks.

The new NEXX X-COM3 Pro Intercom can connect with up to 24 ridersX.WST3, and Y.100 ranges, starting from £109.99.The battery goes into a compartment behind the neck roll, and the earphones and wires go into recesses in the helmet lining. So you can use the full carbon lids around the £500 mark, but have a more cost-effective option for pillions, for example.

The NEXX X-COM3 PRO costs £339.98, although you can save 16.66% if you also buy a new NEXX helmet (which is a saving of £56.54). The standard X-COM3 is also available for £169.99, but you lose the Harmon Kardon speakers, private chat function, the Advanced Noise Control, and the MESH technology, with Bluetooth limited to 0.8km for a group of 4 riders.

You can buy the NEXX comms systems directly from the UK website, or from a range of retailers. If you’re in the market for a fresh lid, why not check out our other coverage of new motorcycle helmets? Including previous highlights from the NEXX range.


New Pyramid Handguards For The Yamaha MT-09 and MT-09 SP

If you’ve ever been hit on the fingers by a stone or various other bits of debris launched at you by the wheels of a vehicle in front, then you’ll appreciate why the new Pyramid Handguards for the Yamaha MT09 and MT-09 SP might be worth the investment.

Produced in the UK, they’re made from tough and durable ABS plastic, designed to suit the angular styling of the SP, and look like they might have been fitted as original equipment. And along with lowering the chance of being injured by flying rubbish, you’ll also be shielded from the wind, rain and insects. Which can make a difference if you struggle when your hands get cold and wet.

New Pyramid Handguards For The Yamaha MT-09 and MT-09 SPPyramid website, along with the other add-ons designed for the Yamaha MT09, included an Extenda Fenda, a Spray Guard and a Tail Tidy.

Originally launched in 2013, find our previous coverage of the Yamaha MT-09 and any relevant products, here. And the Yamaha MT-09 SP followed later in 2018. So if you fancy any older version, you can find plenty of examples for sale on sites including eBay.


Comprehensive New SW-Motech Adventure Luggage Sets

There are lots of options if you fancy adding more storage to your motorcycle, whether it’s for commuting or a round-the-world trip. And now you can get everything in one purchase with the comprehensive new SW-Motech Adventure Luggage Sets, which also cost slightly less than buying everything separately.

Available for popular adventure bikes, you get lightweight and quick-release steel Pro Side Carriers, and an aluminium alloy Adventure Rack, along with two Trax Side Cases and a Top Case to mount on them. Which means you get 45 litres of storage for the left side, 37 litres for the right, and 38 litres on the top, making a total of 120. And if you need more, a pair of Trax Waterproof M/L accessory bags are also included, brining the total up to 150 litres of total storage.

The comprehensive new SW-Motech Adventure Luggage Sets are available for a wide range of motorcycleshere. Or check out all our previous coverage of SW-Motech products, here.


Watsonian Sidecars Can Now Fit The Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

It might not be the obvious choice for an outfit, but Watsonian sidecars can now fit the Husqvarna Svartpilen 401. And you’ll certainly stand out with the single cylinder, A2 license compliant, 399cc naked bike.

First released in 2018, it received a major update for 2024. And the new fitting kit from Watsonian allows you to fit a suitable sidecar to the 44bhp bike. The three choices are the International, Prescott and GP Manx sidecar bodies, with the International suiting the off-road style of the Husqvarna.

Watsonian Sidecars Can Now Fit The Husqvarna Svartpilen 401eBay. An International Sidecar will cost you from £4,895 new in black gelcoat, although Watsonian do also sell used sidecars and complete outfits as well.

And the Husqvarna Svartpilen fitting kit is now available for £995 including VAT. If you don’t fancy putting everything together yourself, Watsonian do offer a full factory fitting service. You can find out more about the Watsonian Squire range through their website, or you can check out our previous coverage of Watsonian sidecars, here.


New Keis J601RP UltraFlex Heated Jacket For Winter Riding

There are some potential benefits to riding through cold weather, but it’s important to stay warm for your safety as well as comfort. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re shivering, so even if you’re using an old winter hack for commuting, something like the new Keis J601RP UltraFlex heated jacket can be a worthwile investment.

The UltraFlex material has been developed by Keis from 85% Chinlon and 15% Spandex to create a mid-layer which is flexible, comfortable, and not too bulky. And as a bonus, Chinlon also wicks away moisture, which is handy. Plus it’s soft, and combined with the stretchy Spandex, you get a snug fit to make the most of the heating without hampering your movement on the bike, or any uncomfortable rubbing and chafing.

New Keis J601RP UltraFlex Heated Jacket For Winter Ridingmotorcycling clothing, here, including a whole host of Keis heated clothing.