Audi Announces 2023 Model Year Updates For the US

2023 Model

The German automaker will be expanding its EV lineup later this year. Audi is now updating its US product portfolio for the 2023 model year.

The Ingolstadt brand is introducing the 2023 model year for the United States. Audi’s 2023 MY lineup will get a slew of minor and major updates across the company’s portfolio. Every single Audi model now gets additional standard and optional equipment. These include the entry-level Audi A3 and Q3 variants and the top-of-the-line A8 and Q8 offerings.

Audi will also be expanding its EV portfolio later this year. The automaker will add the Audi Q4 e-tron Q4 Sportback e-tron to its lineup. For now, the 40 and 45 variants of the 2023 Audi A4 get LED headlights with integrated LED DRLs. One will also find a Bang and Olufsen sound system in the Premium Plus trim of the nameplate, and the convenience package for the entire A4 range now gets the adaptive cruise control feature.

Audi is also updating the appearance options for the 2023 A4, including new wheels. In addition to a wide range of equipment, the Premium variant of Audi A6 and S7 now get adaptive cruise control as standard. As part of the Executive package, Audi now offers the 2023 RS7 with a remote park assist feature and a black Dinamica headliner.

Audi Announces 2023 Model Year Updates For the US

For its 2023 model year, the adaptive cruise control feature is standard across all Q5 and SQ5 variants.

November last year, the 2022 Audi A8 facelift made its world debut. As a result of this, the 2023 update now gets only minor updates across the range. Audi A8 customers opting for the German automaker’s Comfort Plus package will now get HD matrix design LED headlights. Audi will now offer the high-octane S8 version with a Valcona leather interior.

SUVs and crossovers are the best-selling body types in the market right now. Nevertheless, Audi did not refrain from updating its range for the 2023 model year. The automaker’s Q3 nameplate now gets a wireless phone charging pad and LED headlights with LED daytime running lights as standard across the lineup.

The company also offers an optional appearance package for the 40 and 45 variants of the Q3, which gets new wheel options. Perhaps one of the most significant changes for the 2023 model year is a new entry-level engine option for the Audi Q7. The SUV now gets a 2-liter four-cylinder motor which churns out 261 HP of maximum power.

Lastly, Audi’s flagship Q8 and SQ8 models also get HD matrix design LED headlights and headlight washers as standard for the 2023 model year.

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Matte Color Options Coming for 2022 Audi TT and Q3

2022 Audi TT, 2022 Audi Q3

Audi says demand for unique colors is on the rise, and just released photos of some trick matte hues.

While there are plenty of differences between Germany and the United States, when it comes to car color, our friends overseas have similar preferences. According to Audi, 75 percent of their customers choose black, white, or gray for their vehicle’s exterior finish, which basically mirrors what we see here in the States. Fortunately, for folks don’t want to blend into the crowd, Ingolstadt also offers a host of more interesting hues — and the latest additions to the company’s paint box look particularly trick.

For 2022, buyers of the TT, TTS, TT RS, Q3, and RS Q3 will get some killer matte paint options. The TT line will be available in Daytona Gray, Florett Silver, and Python Yellow, and the Q3 will be available in Daytona Gray, Florett Silver, and the model exclusive Dew Silver. These pictures show the TT rendered in Python Yellow, and the Q3 in the Dew Silver, and while I think they both look pretty hot, I can’t imagine these photos do either color justice. Because as cool as it is, matte finishes — by design — don’t really pop in pictures, and how the light plays off a color is a huge component of its appeal.

Now, there’s an obvious joke here about how a press release about new colors is about as interesting as watching paint dry. But I’m not going to make it, because I actually found it to be pretty interesting reading. For example, did you know that the five layers that compose a finish are no thicker than a human hair? Or that it can take up to five years to design a new color? Because I didn’t! Plus it was also interesting to learn that the appetite for more creative color choices, is on the rise. And as someone who thinks that there should be a moratorium on black, white, and silver cars, that’s great to hear. A few years back, I had a R8 press car in Sepang Blue — and I still think about that killer matte finish.

Matte colors are slightly more tricky to care for, in that you’ll want to wash a matte finish more often, and you’ll want to be extra careful not to leave any swirl marks, because traditional paint corrections won’t work to fix minor blemishes. On the upside, you obviously don’t have to worry about waxing a matte car. How popular choices like Python Yellow and Dew Gray will be with buyers is anyone’s guess. But matte finishes have been the “next big thing” for what seems like a decade, so it feels like their due for a breakout year.

If you happen to catch one of these new hues in the wild, make sure to post a pic, as I’m sure all the members here would love to see how they look outside of a studio setting!

Photos: Audi

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