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Audi TTAudiWorld Driven series. Once again, we rounded up the hottest Audi news, reviews, videos, and AudiWorld forum discussions from the past week just for you. This week incudes a look back at the game changing Audi TT that turns 25-years old this year. Speaking of milestones, how about a 1973 Audi 100 that has been with the same owner since new? It is up for sale right now. The folks over a Consumer Reports do not think too highly of the Audi Q5. And Audi may have just revealed what EV charging will be like in the future. There is a lot to cover this week so let’s jump in with all four wheels.

Happy Birthday Audi TT!


Must Watch Video: Custom Audi RS 7 is a Matte Black Masterpiece

The Audi RS 7 is a great looking car. And this is the best-looking RS 7 you will ever see. And with the Akrapovic exhaust, it is the best-sounding as well. We know your time is precious and in the digital world of today there are a million things competing for your attention. But trust us, set aside eight minutes and thirty-nine seconds, and watch this video.

Forum Thread of the Week: Consumer Reports Ranks Q5 Nearly Dead Last

Audi Q5HERE.

Original-Owner 1973 Audi 100 LS 4-Speed Being Sold at Auction

Audi 100HERE.

Must Watch Video: Lamborghini Supercar Struggles to Stay Ahead of RS 3

The Audi RS 3 is a terrific machine. And this video is just the latest proof. This time the mighty RS 3 is up against a fire breathing Lamborghini Huracan STO. The Lambo is not just a little bit more expensive than the Audi. It is not double the price. It is not triple the price. That Huracan STO is more than five times more expensive than the RS 3. It is a two-seat full bore supercar. Against a tiny Audi performance sedan? Well, look away Lambo fans. Yes, at the end of the day the expensive Italian put down a quicker lap time. But it was less than 1 second faster than the Audi. And you can complain about different tires and drivers and other factors making a difference. But the RS 3 hung right in there, and it punches far above its weight class.

Audi Cubes Offer Glimpse into Future of EV Charging


Images: Audi; Bring a Trailer; Autoweek

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Audi 2022 Sales Down, Dakar Disaster, Driving an S1 Rally Car & More! | AudiWorld Driven

Audi e-tronAudiWorld Driven series. Just in case you missed it last week this is our new feature where we round up the hottest Audi news, reviews, videos, and AudiWorld forum discussions from the past week just for you. Last week we featured a story about what it is like to take an e-tron on a long road trip. This week we have a similar road trip story but this time it is in an old-fashioned gasoline powered A8. There is some rather unfortunate news coming from the Audi Dakar rally team. A test of the most iconic five-cylinder Audis in history. And virtual reality will become your new in-car entertainment. A lot happened this week so let’s get into it.

Audi BEV Sales Soar by 47 Percent in 2022

Audi SalesHERE.

Must Watch Video: Audi Quattro MEGA Test, Flat Out in S1 Group B Monster

If you watch just one video this week, make it this one. One of the most iconic Audi cars in history is the Walter Rohl Group B rally car. And any chance to see it rip around a racetrack is a treat. That is exactly what we get with this video posted recently on the Auto Express YouTube channel. And as amazing as that is, there is much more to this video as it walks through the history of the five-cylinder Audi’s. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Forum Thread of the Week: 2,200 Mile A8 Road Trip

Audi A8HERE.

Carlos Sainz Receives Medical Treatment After Crashing Out of Dakar Rally

Dakar CrashHERE for the story as reported by Autosport.

Must Watch Video: Audi RS 3 Owns BMW M240i in Drag Race

In our first video above, you got to see a glimpse of the mighty RS 3. In this video the RS 3 is the star of the show as it goes up against the BMW M240i xDrive in a drag race. The Audi runs the quarter mile in 12 seconds flat. The BMW is .4 seconds behind. Although to be fair it was less than a stellar start by the BMW driver. However, the BMW driver had no impact on the RS 3 time and 12 seconds flat is a solid performance. For some perspective a first generation R8 took about a half second longer.

Holoride Brings Virtual Reality to your Audi


Images: Audi; CoinDesk; Autosport; AudiWorld forum

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Audi RS 3: Born for the Track, Fun in the Snow

Audi RS 3 Snow

YouTubers set out to get the Audi RS 3 stuck in the snow… But it turns out Audi’s compact track weapon still has a lot of rally car capability in its DNA!

 TFL Studios recently snagged the Audi RS 3 for review, which is pretty standard for YouTubers and other Auto Journalists. But unlike our track day and drifting adventures in the new RS 3 last year, mother nature had a different plan for Tommy Mica and the TFL team. Nine inches of Rocky Mountain snow. So how does one then properly test and review a 401-horsepower sports sedan with only 4.9-inches of ground clearance?

You try to get it stuck in the snow, of course.

But the RS 3 isn’t just any sports sedan. It descends from a long line of quattro Audis built for Rallycross Championships. And what happens next (which you can watch below) looks like a LOT of fun. Shoed with a fresh set of Pirelli snow tires, the RS3 powers through the snow without issue. Even starting from a stop, the combination of the new all-wheel-drive system and proper rubber made for an unstoppable WRX-in-the-snow rival.

“Dare I say it, [Colorado] feels like the natural home of the Audi brand,” says Roman Mica from behind the camera. “For a few years now, the marketing has been all about the Quattro system, and for a long time, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive was only for unique vehicles like Jeeps and pickup trucks, but it really became a thing of luxury.”

Behind the wheel, Tommy talks about the different drive modes. For him, what worked for the snow was putting it in Dynamic mode and enabling the traction control to a lower threshold to allow a little bit of wheel spin. He notes that the previous Haldex system did promote a lot more understeer from the front, making it not very confidence-inspiring in low traction conditions. But, the new system makes the RS3 feel like it’s now a “rally beast.”

Cars were always a central part of Kristen’s life. It all started with passing tools to her colorfully cursing sailor of a father while he was underneath Chevy Novas from the 1970s. Eventually she was promoted from Tool Monkey to Apprentice – auto mechanics were her first love. Having graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay in 2020 and married a successful mechanic, she spend most of her days reading, writing and talking about what she loves most: cars.

Lightweight AWE Exhaust Suite for Audi RS 3 Unlocks Plenty of Power and Sound

Audi RS 3 8Y AWE Exhaust Suite

AWE now offers 8Y Audi RS 3 owners two compelling exhaust options that provide a big upgrade over OEM in more ways than one.

Exhaust systems have long been one of the more popular upgrades among automotive enthusiasts, and for good reason – they typically provide a huge upgrade over stock pipes in terms of sound, and often unlock a bit of extra power, too. In certain cases, aftermarket exhaust systems are also lighter than OEM units, which is very appealing for those actually concerned with making their cars faster, whether that be in a straight line of around the bends. Luckily for 8Y Audi RS 3 owners, AWE now offers a full suite of exhaust system upgrades that accomplish all three.

Audi RS 3 owners have a couple of compelling choices when it comes to brand new AWE exhaust upgrades – its standard SwitchPath system, as well as the Track Edition exhaust. Both are constructed from T304L stainless steel 3-inch piping, with the former offering a 3-inch valved passenger-side tip outlet and a 2.5-inch driver-side outlet with a tailored resonator. Better yet, the system also responds according to the car’s factory valve behavior and ECU commands based on throttle input, engine speed, and Drive Select.

Audi RS 3 8Y AWE Exhaust Suite

This means that owners can still get all the benefits of the RS 3’s active exhaust, and the SwitchPath setup comes with a plug and play valve assembling to enable easy installation with no valve actuator transfer necessary. As for the Track Edition Exhaust, it’s essentially identical in every way, though it doesn’t have a valve on the passenger side. This means that it’s in a constant “valve open” mode, constantly churning out amazing five-cylinder sounds at all times. Either way you go, these setups sound simply amazing, as we can clearly hear in this clip.

Both of these exhaust systems are 50-state emissions legal, easy to bolt-on, and guaranteed not to trigger a check engine light. Even better, both offer up gains of 9 horsepower and 11 pound-feet of torque, as well as weight savings of 30.5 pounds for the SwitchPath exhaust and 39 pounds for the Track Edition setup. Pricing comes in at $1,645 for the Track Edition, and $2,595 for the SwitchPath, and both can be purchased by heading over here.

Photos: AWE

Schnell on Wheels: The Audi RS 3 Performance Edition Will Be the Fastest RS 3 Ever

Audi RS 3 Performance EditionRS 3 Performance Edition with more power and a higher top speed. Only 300 of these special cars will be made. The bad news is that none of the 300 RS 3 Performance Edition cars will be sold in the U.S. The good news is that we kinda already have it. The RS 3 Performance Edition will pack 401 horsepower. For those of you paying attention you may think that is not news as the RS 3 already makes 401 horsepower. Yes, it does here in the U.S., but the regular European-spec RS 3 has to make do with only 394 horsepower. So, the Performance Edition does offer a slight bump for our European friends but is no more powerful than the U.S.-spec car.

However, the RS 3 Performance Edition does have a couple of goodies that we can’t get here in the land of the free. Probably the top goodie we would love to have is the Sportback version of the car. In Europe the RS 3 and the RS 3 Performance Edition are available in a fantastic hatchback body style. We get only the sedan. But before we get too sad about that, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Performance Edition special.

Lucky 300

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